CSOM Update #2: Learning to Surrender

Hello family and friends!

I am so blessed to have you as a community praying for me as I’m learning about missions in the school! I’m so happy to be here, with likeminded people who are also dying to get out on the mission field and proclaim the name of Jesus to the nations! This week the classes have all been about looking at the biblical command of missions and what that looks like. The best (and most frustrating thing!) is that God has been telling me to slow down, surrender, and get the education I need before heading into the field. It gives me peace to know that God is making a way, and it may take a few years before I can be out there full time. I know I’ll get there and when I do, I’ll be equipped in His Word! The Bible is my handbook for missions and life in general! Surrendering to His plans for my life is hard, and a constant struggle. It is necessary in order to be a useful tool that doesn’t burn out! 

Serving kids chips in a park in a town called HomeX. At the point the picture was taken all the kids were laughing at my Spanish!!

I titled this post “learning to surrender” because that is the biggest thing I have been learning this week. I need to surrender my plans and hopes so that God can use me in amazing ways. He can’t use me as effectively as long as I’m stuck in my ideas and my plans. It is hard, but there is unbelievable freedom that comes with knowing God is holding your life in His hands, and no matter what happens, He is going to be right beside you. 

My highlight of this week was street evangelism. We handed out tracts and invitations for a new church, La Gloria, in Tijuana, Mexico. I think this was my highlight because it is the hardest and most uncomfortable part of missions so far. I have to talk to adults about Jesus! It can be frustrating because I just want to be excited and pour out Jesus’ love, but I’m still Acacia…the most important (and hardest) thing is to step back and let God do the talking. He knows what He’s doing, but I want all the credit. God has been teaching me to step back, let the One who created the people deal with the people, and just abide in His Spirit. 

Group prayer for the pastor of the new church in HomeX! 

Aaron was in charge of us minors, although he kept forgetting. He will tell you that I ran in front of a moving car in the street to give a Bible and invitation to a lady on the other side. He’ll probably tell you I almost died. I didn’t! I knew the car had stopped; besides, taking risks to bring the gospel to people is good right?! Well, not unnecessary risks! I’m still learning! I probably should have made sure Aaron knew what I was doing before running across the street!

This week please pray that the whole team stays healthy and remembers to drink lots of water! We can’t be very effective in telling people about Him when we’re sick! 

Thank you all so much for partnering with me in prayer and financially, and joining me on this crazy journey God has for my life! To see my blog with other posts about my vision and calling in missions visit www.sgwm.com/scott/