Christmas in the Summer!

Merry Christmas from the depths of the Amazon Jungle!


It may be winter there in the U.S., but it is Summer here, and very warm!  Nonetheless, we still celebrate Christmas with the love and Cheer we always do, but with just a little sweat mixed in!


We decided to open Christmas presents on the 16th of December this year because we will not be in the city over the holidays. You can see pictures of our Christmas here:


This is a quick update as we leave tomorrow morning, the whole family, going once again deeper into the jungle, away from Cell phone towers, Electrical lines, all roads, dirt and asphalt, street lights, Christmas lights, and all modern conveniences.


We will spend Christmas and New Year with the people in the village. We are also taking in food baskets that you all supported and bought, enough to hand out to each family in two villages. We have 30 altogether.


We leave on the 19th of December and will return on the 6th of January.


Please pray for the people and for the blessing of the Lord! We will continue our focused teachings on Christ, what it means to be a Christian, and what our part or role in the plan of God is.


Look for pictures and videos upon our return.


P.S.  It is not too late to be a part of the blessing of God for this Christmas season upon the people where we minister! Yes, we already bought the food baskets, but there are still great financial costs involved with ministering back in the jungle and every dime counts. Join us today by clicking on the link “Become a Financial Partner” to start getting connected with people halfway around the world, producing heavenly fruit that rust and corrosion will not touch.


God bless you all!
Brad and Melissa Miller and Family