Changes in Ministry

 In January we were able to visit some friends and family in the states and had the opportunity to see many of you and share the new things the Lord has been dong here in Costa Rica. Unfortunately, there were also many of you who we were unable to catch up with and that’s why we wanted to write and update you on what’s been going on in our lives and ministry. We hope you have a few minutes to read what we have to share! 😀

We know this update is long overdue and we apologize for that! These past months, we’ve been praying and seeking God’s direction about future ministry plans and we’re excited to share with you how He has responded to us.

Since closing the Bible College back in August, our plans have been to move to San Jose around mid-year to pursue planting a church. Currently, those plans have been postponed due to changes in our involvement in ministry at Palabra Viva, the church we’ve been serving at over here.

As of the beginning of this month I’ve started pastoring Palabra Viva. The previous pastor and his family who have been missionaries here have decided it’s time for them to move back to the states. This wasn’t something Rachel and I planned for or even something that had entered our minds, however we know that God doesn’t always direct us the way we think or plan. It often seems like He likes to surprise us. 🙂


As we’ve prayed our heart and vision is to be here for about 2 years in order to train up a Costa Rican who would eventually pastor the church. The church currently has about 40-50 consistent members who we have grown to know and love and we are very eager to continue the vision of equipping them for the work of the ministry!


Apart from that news, Rachel and I are also expecting our 2nd son due the second week of April! It seems like this pregnancy has flown by and we’re really excited about welcoming this new addition to our family not long from now!

So with all these changes we really appreciate your prayers as we step into these new adventures.

We plan on sending out monthly prayer requests and would love if you guys joined us in prayer for the church and also us personally.

Many blessings!
The Aristas

Prayer Requests

1. Pray for the Church body during this time of transition.

2. Wisdom to lead the church

3. That God would give the members of the church a heart of love and service

4. School of Ministry that we have every Thursday night

5. Continued healthy pregnancy for Rachel and also financial provision for the delivery coming up in April