Brenna Kulla- July Update

Dear friends,

I hope this email finds you well! Time slips by quickly and somehow three months have already passed since Johnny and I were married! April 16th, our wedding day, was so beautiful and special. God’s faithfulness and love was knit into every detail. Though a long journey for them, my parents and most of my siblings were able to make, all of Johnny’s immediate family as well. It meant so much to us to have so many of them here together at one time, sharing the time with us. We are thankful to God for His kindness and we are thankful for all those who encouraged and supported us, helped us with the many details of preparation, and loved us so well along the way. Especially our Pastor Balázs and his wife Leah, who gave of so much of their time and energy. They walked with us through pre-marital counseling, which was a tremendous help and blessing to us, and helped us put together a wedding. With both of our families far away, unable to help with the practical details, we couldn’t have done it without them! Here are a few photos to enjoy from the wedding 🙂

After our wedding in April, we enjoyed a week long honeymoon and then returned home to settle into our home together and get back to studies and work. May was Johnny’s exam period, so it was an intense month for him studying and preparing for exams. Praise God, he was able to complete the semester! I continued with teaching, language study, piano lessons, meetings, and the like. Summer arrived, which brought another shift to routine and responsibilities. With traveling less restricted now, many of our international students have traveled home and many Hungarians are also traveling more, so church ministry is much quieter these days. Our Pastor and his family, as well as one of our assistant Pastor’s and his family are taking time stateside this summer, so Johnny and I have stayed present to serve the church and help keep things going. So these summer months are full and yet slower in a way. Johnny has had a lot of opportunity to serve as a sound technician this summer. He serves the church each week this way, and he has also been able to come alongside a couple churches in other cities as sound technician for outreach concerts they are doing. I love to see God giving opportunities for him to use these gifts he’s been given. I helped with a week-long English camp earlier in July, a mix of Hungarian and Ukrainian children, the theme Noah’s Ark. Though challenging with three languages operating in one space, it was a great week and I pray the children grew in understanding of the love and kindness of God towards them. We continue to serve with our worship ministry, children’s ministry, and desire to love and care for those around us well. Johnny has his final semester of university studies in the Fall, which will be demanding with classes, internship, and thesis work, so we are trying to enjoy the time and spend it well!

Thank you for your continual support and prayer!

  • Pray for Johnny and I in this new season of marriage, that our hearts will remain soft to the Lord, that we may continue to grow in love, patience, and understanding of one another.
  • Pray for our Pastor Balázs and his wife Leah, that their visit stateside will be refreshing for them and their children.
  • Pray for us as we prepare for our women’s discipleship groups for the Fall. We are preparing a study through the book of Colossians, pray that God will give us wisdom and lead us in preparing the study.
  • Thank God for the understanding and progress He’s given with language learning! Pray for continued learning and deeper understanding.
  • Pray for my friend Gitta to grow deeply rooted in Christ. Pray that I will have wisdom and opportunity to walk alongside her and help disciple her.
  • For our Ukrainian brothers and sisters in our fellowship, pray that God will give them peace, rest physically and emotionally, wisdom to lead their families, provision, healing, and hope. May God grant us wisdom to love and serve them well.

Much love,

Johnny & Brenna Varga

Extra photos 🙂

English Camp
Growing our first garden!
A few photos after our civil wedding ceremony
civil ceremony
Another story of God’s faithfulness & another hard goodbye <3