Breaking the Mold

We began the Spring 2020 semester with one of our largest group of students ever!  Beyond blessed to be pouring into 30 students through the teaching of God’s Word.  Many of them come from different backgrounds and have experienced many things, and all have one thing in common: their love for Jesus and their desire to become more like Him.

Revolving Door

There have been many teams and guests who have come to visit the Bible College, form relationships with the students, and serve alongside us while doing ministry in places like the slums, leprosy colony, or traveling to the village to visit CC church plants and help the pastors with outreach and/or any projects they would be blessed by.  Our home has become a revolving door for those we have been able to host personally, or even having our friends over for fellowship and worship times.  

Construction at CC Dumre
Fellowship with our college students

This month we were able to host a team from CC Monrovia who came to spend time at the campus as well as visit Pastor Milan at CC Dumre.  We travelled outside of the valley and were able to introduce the team to our brother who has been laboring for Christ and ministering to his people.  The team was prepared to help with some construction on CC Dumre’s building project and helped further the work that was being done.  It was really great to see the relationship being formed between the team members and Milan while we all served alongside one another.

Visiting friends at Leprosy Colony
Ladies Worship Session

Two of our friends, Gerry & Nicole Kizitaff, who were representing CC South Jersey came to spend time with us for a week.  Gerry taught a block class through Titus, and Nicole was able to teach the girl students how to bake everything from scratch.  We went to visit our friends at the leprosy colony that we usually see throughout the month.  The students prepared worship songs, dramas, dances, and someone to share their testimony.  Gerry had been there many times, and it was a sweet moment as Nicole was able to meet many of the people that we’ve shared about.  The leprosy colony was gifted more hygiene packages to help them with some basic necessities to get through the month, since many of them have no source of income nor a way to do personal shopping themselves.

Double Jeopardy

Aaron teaching at CC Nakkhu

We Garcias have taken over Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for our classes we’ve been able to teach.  Aaron taught through Leviticus and then Hebrews to the students.  Every semester, we’ve noticed the students test grades continue to get higher and higher and show their apparent hunger for God’s Word and their understanding of it.  

Jena teaching English class

Jena has been teaching two levels of English classes and has thought of creative and helpful ways to get the students to learn more easily.  Recently, to help review everything that has been taught, both English classes joined together in a game of Jeopardy, which showed the students’ eagerness to learn as well as to win!  It was a fun and encouraging way for the students to see how much they have retained in just two months.

Breaking the Mold

Recently, one of our students mentioned something that we’ve unfortunately heard before, that they only knew pastors or church leaders that don’t do any work or even teach through the Scriptures and don’t allow younger men/women to interact with the pastors or leaders.  This is something that we are very aware of and are intentional to lead by example by breaking the mold of what the students have experienced traditionally.  Throughout our time, we serve and do outreach together even if that means just simply walking with the students to get them out of their comfort zone and sharing the gospel in the streets.

Men’s Prayer
Preparing Hygiene packages for the Leprosy Colony

With our relationships that have continued at the leprosy colony, some of the college students have seen the opportunity go on a weekly basis to have a Bible study with those who want to learn more of God’s Word.  Some college students that have been attending CC Nakkhu at the college approached us saying they had some friends who also wanted to learn more about the Bible but

Friday Night College Group

couldn’t attend the college due to their other school schedule, so the Lord opened a door for the start of the our Friday night college group!  It was amazing to see more and more college students coming to learn, worship, and fellowship with our students.

Many graduates, go back to their homes and start Bible studies that later grow into church plants.  This past semester, some of our 3rd semester guys, who have had a heart for their people, have already been doing Bible studies on their own during the semester holiday.  In the past few weeks, those same students have been given the opportunity to continue those studies in their hometowns by going back home during the weekend to revisit with the fellowships and then return back here for classes.  This is a way for them to gain practical experience that they will need when they graduate to start a church.

Spring 2020 Semester Students

In Christ,

Aaron & Jena Garcia

Prayer Requests:

  • For the students, that they would keep following Jesus and grow in His grace and knowledge of the Lord.
  • That we as a staff would continue to love and serve the Lord faithfully.
  • Pray that we would love each other in our homes, in the churches, and on the field. 
  • That God would provide financially for us and for the ministry in Nepal & South Asia.
  • For those divine appointments to share the Gospel with people.
  • Endurance to be faithful in the work of the ministry.