Brazil Update October 2020

Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember the name of the LORD our God.
Psalm 20:7

Greetings in Christ!

Reminiscing to March of 2020, before anything was shut down, before there were “mandatory” rules of masks and isolated distancing, we had just come back from the villages high on the blessedness of God and His exceeding abundance and goodness to His people.  During our March trip, we saw the effect and culmination of several years of strong Bible preaching and teaching under the influence and guidance of the Holy Spirit being manifested in the lives of the people.

New Believers from a new village

Having several different villages being represented in our Church services, we saw many give their lives to Christ and others recommitting to Him.  These “new” villages represented in our Church services were not so much because of our teachings to them, but were the direct result of the witness from those whom we have trained.

Victor Getting Baptized

Raimunda, along with Valdeci, Elsimara and Guerlermi, had held her own discipleship classes for the prior year in these other villages where, although I knew them and had visited them, I had not sensed a conviction or leading to hold regular teaching times there..

So on my return to the villages in July, after wondering how these new believers were getting along during and after the COVID restrictions, I found them to be growing in Christ and even more on fire with even more people seeking the Lord because Raimunda and her crew had never stopped their voyages and Bible teachings.  We started our first Church service in one of the villages and are ready to look at more full time work in another.

In September, as I was buying last minute supplies to embark on a boat that very day and return to the village, I jolted my right hip coming down some steps.  We had to cancel the village trip and seek immediate medical attention. We found out I had pinched and consequently torn the tissue between my hip ball and socket.  Glory be to God, this is something that has already started healing and with physical exercise will be strong again in no time.

We now look to the future.

This coming week, I will fly out to Recife, a city on the eastern coastline of Brazil, and attend our 1st Northeast Pastor’s Retreat.  I had become part of a new group of like-minded Pastors in November of 2019.  We have had weekly fellowship through Zoom where we organized what we hope to be an Annual Conference.

During the COVID isolation times, I also worked on a full translation into Portuguese of a doctrinal book called Calvary Chapel Distinctives. I will be one of four teachers during the retreat and will have the honor of going through the first three chapters of the translated material, the other three Pastors each teaching part of the remaining chapters.

That trip will be from October 6-12.  Immediately following the retreat, I will pack up and return to the village, planned for October 21st-November 20th.

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God bless you all in Christ,
Brad and Melissa Miller and family