Brazil Update January 2020

“…and ye shall be witnesses unto me…” Acts 1:8

Greetings in Christ!

So we head down to the docks, with the top of our van fully loaded with crates of food and supplies, suitcases and bags from floor to ceiling inside, having already brought most of our group to the boat on a prior trip, and we find the docks crowded and bustling with all types of people;  those with good and those with nefarious intentions.  There is no place to park, as cars and trucks are already tripled parked, the sounds of the marketplace behind us and those of the docks in front, cars honking, and people calling out various commands and orders.  Where will we stop and slowly carry our stuff down the long staircases and across the floating docks to the passenger boat we are scheduled to travel on?  We quickly formulate a plan: First, we must unload the stuff and park the van at some distance away, then one of us, the largest and most intimidating, will watch the stuff we unload on the street and the others will carry everything down one or two items at a time.  Everyone wants to help, honest people and those others who frequent the docks, living in the alleys and streets, thinking they have an awesome opportunity to make a few extra dollars off of the strange people who have just arrived.

And another village trip starts…..

At some time in the past Melissa and I both realized that here, too, on the streets in front of the docks, God wants to use us as witnesses.  Being a witness for Christ is usually not on my mind in these situations, guarding against thieves and robbers is.  But God has plans for us in every place where our feet shall touch the earth.  So, as I am the gnarlier looking person, taller, wider, and much more intimidating when I stand at full stance among these shorter people of the Amazon Jungle, I am watching the stuff, guarding the stuff, and staring with looks of intent at all those who seem to have evil planned out, when I find myself in a conversation with a man who was standing there waiting for a friend.

Are you from the United States?  What do you do here?  Me, “We share the Gospel.”  Really?  What is the Gospel?     And so my heart starts to melt and I realize once again that God wants to use us in every place we enter.

The Youth Share the Gospel

On this trip, we took 3 seminary students with us.  We were filled with excitement as Melissa and I watched these youth minister among the Apurina, people they had never known.  What a joy it is to see each of them nervously open their mouths to teach something, wondering if the people will be receptive.

VBS at Calvary Aldeia Nova
Vacation Bible Study Calvary Aldeia Nova

Then, as they continue to share, perceiving that the people in the villages have been eagerly awaiting for them to come and share truths from the Word of God with them, these same youth become encouraged as they share and see the reactions in the eyes of those who are listening.  What a joy it is to minister in such a place as this!

Mixirica, Simone and Naice all were on “Fire” from our perspectives, having planned for Kid’s Club, women’s reunions and a shortened Vacation Bible Study program for each of the two Villages.

Want to know more?  Click here: Apurina.

We continued with our School of Ministry classes.  We had a new young lady come to the classes this time, Estiane.  She accepted Christ last February.  What a joy to see the changes happening in her life as we clearly see the joy of God in her heart!  We talked with her and 3 other young ladies about being baptized in March.  Let’s pray for them: Estiane, Jovanete, Giucilene, and Alizandra.

School of Ministry

We held 8 Church services over the 5 days.  Mixirica gave one of the messages and on one night we had Testimony Night.  What an awesome time.

Testimony time in Aldeia Nova
Simone giving Testimony

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There is always more happening than what can possibly be written about here.  God is at work making new opportunities and opening doors throughout the whole area as our disciples continue to share the Gospel in the many surrounding villages.

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Mixirica Preaching

God bless you all in Christ,
Brad and Melissa Miller and family


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