Blessed Are the Flexible

Update #4

Hello friends and family,

I am still here and extremely thankful for all the people praying for me! As we go into week four, everyone is more comfortable with each other as far as working together goes. The ‘newness’ of everything has worn off and people are settling into who they are. The unity of the team has actually been amazing…sometimes trips can be really hard when the team doesn’t work well together, but thankfully that hasn’t been the case. Despite these people all being complete strangers to me four weeks ago, we’re all great friends now. There is something about 10 people sharing a bathroom that draws you closer!!! This is missions (as the leaders are always saying) and I love it!

Missionary testimony with Pastor Mike and Sarah 

This past week has been filled with practical classes on what to do once you get to the mission field. I know it will be a few years before I can actually get out there full-time and start working, but for now, it’s awesome to grow in my understanding as I read about the psychology behind cultures and how this affects missionaries. We’ve had some amazing missionary teachers coming in, so we can learn from their mistakes! 

On Saturday we drove out to San Vicente, a ranch town 2 hours out, to do kids ministry. In this place, we learned how beautiful being flexible is! Upon arriving, we realized not only were there not any kids out of quarantine, but the ministry would consist of digging holes and helping a ministry build a rock wall by hand.

Missionaries, Carlos and Pilar, are preparing the property that includes a women’s ‘transition’ home. So, we helped dig holes and break apart rocks all day. We visited with women who grew up in a women’s home with their single mothers. The quote of the day was: ‘Blessed are the flexible for they shall not be easily broken’ (Pastor Chuck Smith). It was actually really fun! If we had held onto the fact that we had come to do kids/youth ministry, we would have missed an amazing opportunity to bless this place so that it can bless many more people!

Moving rocks and digging holes at the ranch.

Thank you especially for partnering with me financially and in prayer as I’m down here…it is such a blessing to have you all! I am now halfway through the school of missions; I can’t believe I’ve been gone for 26 days already, and still have 22 left to go! 

Until next week,


Praise Reports: -Praise God we were able to help at the ranch to give their workers a break!

Prayer Requests: -The whole team to stay unified!

Praying in the Park