Big News! – Varga Update August 2023

Hello friends!

On Sunday we celebrated the foundation of the Hungarian state (more than 1000 years ago) with friends. It was a reminder to me of God’s kindness and love towards the Hungarian people, one thousand years ago and today. Then and now, He has loved them and his desire has been and continues to be for them to be reconciled to Him, to be saved. What a faithful and merciful God who generation after generation pursues and draws mankind to Himself! And this is true, not just of the Hungarian people, but those of all nations. I’ve seen that so clearly these past five years in Pécs as I’ve built relationships with people from all different nations—Hungarian, German, Indian, Jordanian, Angolan, Kenyan… the list goes on and on!

What a joy, what a privilege it has been to witness and be a part of God at work in lives around us! And what a blessing it has been to partner with you in that work! I’m humbled and so grateful for each and every one of you who have stood with me through these years and blessed me with your faithful prayers and financial support. You have been a vital part and I could not have walked these past five years of ministry here in Hungary without you. What can I say except THANK YOU and may God be praised!


That being said, Johnny and I are entering a new season of change/transition. After much prayer,  conversation, and consideration, we will be transitioning out of the role of supported missionary with Saving Grace World Missions. We still feel called to serve and invest in our church and ministry here in Pécs as we have been, but my time working with SGWM in a supported missionary role will be ending. As we shared before, Johnny finished a degree this Spring in Electrical Engineering, and these past few months as we have considered and prayed about next steps, we’ve seen the Lord leading him to work in his vocation, and subsequently the Lord has made it clear that this is the right and natural time to transition out of receiving financial support.

I’m humbled and thankful to have had a front row seat to God at work in Hungary these past five years, in Pécs, in our church, in the lives of dear men and women, young and old. I’ve witnessed our women’s ministry blossom and grow, from a once-a-month women’s gathering when I first moved to Pécs to multiple discipleship groups meeting each week, led by different women. This has been one of my greatest joys in these years, digging into the Word of God with other women and seeing the work of the Holy Spirit shaping and transforming them, and also seeing other women raised up to lead and invest in other women. Our “revolving door” church ministry, has seen many people come and go, who have been impacted, deeply affected by the Lord during their season in Pécs and time in our church, who have gone out all over the world. And those who remain, Hungarians and others for whom Hungary is their long-term home, seeking Him and growing in the knowledge of Him, salt and light in their workplaces and families, in their spheres.

As we make this transition, as I remember these things, I pray the Lord will continue to do all of this and more in the coming months and years! May the Lord continue to work mightily in the hearts and lives of people here in Hungary! Faithful He has been, faithful He will be! Of this I am confident.


Johnny and I will be arriving stateside to Washington in a couple weeks! During our time there, we desire to connect with as many of you as possible! My hope is to connect with each of our current supporters either in person or via zoom or phone to express thanks for your investment in the ministry in Hungary during these years and to celebrate all God has done and continues to do.

For those of you in Washington, we are designating the first couple weeks of our visit to stay put in Vancouver to be available to meet and connect. If you are available between September 8 & 22, could you send us an email so that we could arrange a time to meet? We also plan to attend Glenwood Community Church on the Sunday’s of September 10th and 17th, we’d love to see you there!

We will spend two months stateside, after which, in the beginning of November, we will return to Hungary to look for jobs and step on into this new season.   

As far as logistics go, we will continue to receive a SGWM salary through the end of December to help with this transition. As of December 2, 2023, all credit card and electronic donations will be automatically discontinued (this means donations posted on and before December 1st will go through, but nothing after).

Current Prayer Requests:

  1. Praise God for His faithfulness, and for all of the blessings and fruit that have come in these past five years of ministry!
  2. Pray for continued direction and clarity from the Lord as we step into this new season.
  3. Pray for provision of a good job for Johnny and also direction and wisdom for me in navigating work in Hungary and what that should look like.
  4. Pray for me as I process these past five years of ministry. Pray for good closure!
  5. Pray for safe travels to Washington. This will be Johnny’s first ever trip to the states, pray the Lord will help and sustain him through the many new experiences and introductions to come! Pray that this time in the states will be a blessing for us, my family, and all those we are able to spend time with! 
  6. Pray for our church here in Pécs: for our pastors and church leadership team, that the Lord will continue to give wisdom and discernment; for our church to grow in faith, love, and unity, and be a beacon of light and hope in our community.


Again, we are beyond thankful for your partnership and contribution to the gospel going forward into all the world. May you be richly blessed in return for all that you have poured out. May the Lord continue to sustain you and lead you as you walk with Him!

Love in Christ,

Brenna & Johnny