“As I Have Loved You” – Pastor 6 Update November 2023

Dear Family in Christ,

There has been a standard set by our Lord Jesus Christ that we must love as He has loved the disciples. Daily it has been our constant prayer to love one another, care for another, encourage one another and, if God wills, die for a greater cause in serving the brethren. Below are a few testimonies of how God has graciously allowed us to visit our brothers at various mission fields to join together in their new journey, joy, suffering and tribulation. Brace yourself to see what it is like to travel with us for about 2,000 kms around in two states. 

1st Stop – Two Villages that are Strongly Anti-Christian

These two strongly anti-Christian villages have attacked many who have come there. One time they even plotted to catch and attack us and almost beat us! Both villages warned us not to come and talk about Jesus. In the past, they burned a pastor alive when he came to preach the Gospel! SINCE THEN NO CHRISTIAN HAS DARED TO GO THERE AND TALK ABOUT JESUS AGAIN. They also burn Bibles. So it has remained unreached since then. I have already told in a couple of my letters how God led me to that village to begin His work there. No government, no religious authorities, no skeptics, no scientists, no philosophers, or no book burners have ever been able to stop the work of the Word of God.  

Praise God, we have now started a Bible Study in that village, and 4 people are attending! They come very secretly, while hiding their Bibles. I even have to hide my Bible from anyone seeing it when I go there. Please pray that everyone in these two villages comes to know Jesus. Yes, they rejected Him, but one day He will be the Cornerstone. 

In my last newsletter, I shared about a woman named K* who is 23 years old. Her husband has caused her a lot of suffering. Because he would not allow her to have the food she needed during her pregnancy, she became so malnourished and full of infection that she had to be hospitalized. After she conceived, because her husband would not allow her to eat what she needed, she actually became so hungry that she ate sand. She was readmitted to the hospital. The doctor said her life was in danger because her womb was so infected. Our church tried to help her all through this difficult time while praying for her and strengthening her with the Word of God. God amazingly healed her form from all of the infection just as He promised in His Word! Now she has been blessed with a beautiful baby girl! She has come to believe in Jesus and has accepted Him as her personal Savior! She asked to have her baby dedicated during our church service. I am so blessed to see how happy her family is now. We are even having our Bible study in her home each week in this village! 

2nd Stop—An Ancient City 

This Ancient City is recognized as one of the best heritage cities of our country. It is 150 km away from the state capital. It is also the second largest city in the state. It took nearly 4 hours for us to get there. This is where one of our dear brothers— Pastor 7 labours and serves in the region. He received us with utmost love and affection, the love of Christ was reigning our hearts. This mission field is scores of villages where the Gospel of Christ has never been preached. All these villages are heavily involved in witchcraft, black magic and sorcery. Our hearts leaped out for joy upon hearing the great things the Lord has been doing through this humble servant.

We then were introduced to a sister in Christ who gave her life for the service of the Gospel. Though she’s in her 40’s, she never ceases to take every single opportunity to share the Gospel with anyone and everyone. She has been accused, questioned and mistreated for being a witness of Christ by fanatical groups. Nothing stops her from spreading the Good News of our Lord. Even though she is older than most people who attend college, she is even ready to join our institute to study God’s Word. God-willing she will join us next semester in unpacking the treasures of the Word. We then bid them farewell until next time. It was a time of great importance for all of us because we were reminded that we are not alone in this great task the Lord has given us. He is there but we need each other too. 

3rd Stop- An Unreached Village Area Where Our Friend was Sent to Minister

Seventy-five percent of the people in this district are tribal. Thus the majority of city people will communicate in a tribal language. This language has no script and is sustained on spoken words. This is literally a no-man’s land. Traveling to the area, it was so distressing to not see even one Christian community. All these communities, villages, and people are untouched by the Gospel and have no witness to the power of grace. It is to this unreached people group that our brother C* has been called. Brother C* is a man of faith, prayer and servitude. We were more than happy to come alongside him in word and deed.

We then visited a school where children are being taught English and mathematics everyday. It was a joy to see the kids grow— providing schooling is one of the doors of outreach to the villages. The village of K* needs to be under strong consideration. There’s a temple. There is also a stone they worship. Every year a feast is celebrated by offering goats and sheep in front of this stone. The blood is spilled throughout the village land. Sometimes even human children are sacrificed without people knowing about it. May Lord help in each and every possible way to expand the mission in and around these villages.

4th Stop: Serving in the Village with Brother A*

Another sudden blow hit one of our dear brothers, A*. A few weeks ago, brother A*, was on his way to a nearby railway station to drop off his brother-in-law. When they were about to do a J-turn, an out of control bus (that had been hit by a car), came from the other road and hit this bike. Immediately, they all were thrown through the air and fell next to the road.

Brother A*’s leg was heavily injured and broken. Without any delay, he was taken to a nearby hospital and doctors conducted a medical evaluation of his leg. He was then taken to the surgery department. His leg was fractured and he was told not to walk for another two months.

All throughout this period, God was protecting A*’s life. We were so glad to see and encourage our brother who has been affected with a sudden accident. While visited with A*, his father gave a testimony of God’s goodness over A*’s life. Brother A* had not smiled for a long time, until we came to see him. We do not always know how God works and even sometimes miraculously functions His will. Nonetheless, all things work together for good for those who love Him. A lesson can be learned from the words of Jesus Christ, that He’s the greatest friend who has laid down his own life for his friends. 

5th Stop – Sent Out to Serve God in the Village

Brother AV* is serving in our neighboring state, where God has called him. It was a great joy to see him working hard and teaching people the Word of God. I was able to see his ministry and got an opportunity to teach in his church. He is serving in a village where there are a lot of idol worshipers and black magic. Please pray for him and for the ministry.

Women’s Ministry and Conference: My Wife’s Update

Hello dear family! I thank God for His grace and mercy over all of us. I am really thankful to God for His amazing grace in moving forward with women’s ministry. Thank you for your prayers and support! It is such a great joy to serve the women in and outside the church! I am learning and teaching the Word of God to them. Please be in prayer for me to be more equipped to teach women by learning and obeying God’s Word increasingly. Also, please pray for the special needs of many of the women who are single parents.

God put it in my heart to teach and have fellowship with them every other month. Through this they can learn, grow and be strengthened to endure the suffering they endure in their daily lives. Most of the sisters that are married have husbands who beat and harass them. They are domestically abused for choosing Christ and attending fellowship. Even though the cost is high, the Lord is strengthening them to take a stand for the truth; and to lead their families to saving faith.  


  1. Please pray for my family and I to grow more in the Word of God, and that we will be in good health.
  2. Pray for the Bible college students and the staff.
  3. Pray for K* and her baby
  4. Pray for our upcoming outreach in the month of December 
  5. Pray for our students who are going to be graduating this semester to obey God’s calling on their lives.
  6. Pray for a good means of transportation for Brother C* and Brother A, since travel is very difficult as there are no transportation facilities. 
  7. Pray for our brothers who are sent out to serve in the different areas where God has called them. 
  8. Pray for Sister R* and Sister A*s’ families. 
  9. Pray that we find a new place to move our campus as our landlord told us to vacate this place.
  10. Pray for the construction of our ministerial building. 
  11. Pray for God’s will in our upcoming state elections in November. 

Thank you,

Pastor 6* and Family

*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.