Arista March Update

This update is more of a personal one focused mostly on our family and us as missionaries. We’ve included a few prayer requests in there for you to keep in mind.


Costa Rican Residency
As far as our residency goes, we submitted everything about 2 months ago and now we’re just praying and waiting to hear the results. Having our residency will be of great benefit for us personally and for future ministry plans as well, so we’re asking God’s favor in this.


There are so many blessings that come with serving in another country, just one of many was mentioned above with the ability to obtain residency through our kids being born here. On the flip side, being in another country also has its difficulties, the main ones being the absence of family and at times feelings of loneliness. Through past experiences we’ve come to realize the value there is in having a team sharing with you in the labor and fellowship. We would love for the Lord to bring another missionary family over here, partly for fellowship and also to share in the work being done here! This is something we’re praying about and would love if you would pray too!



Jaime and Jesse
We’ve been told so much to enjoy our kids when their small because time goes by so fast. We’ve found this to be incredibly true! Jesse will be 1 and Jaime will be 3 in the next two months and we don’t know where the time went! Jaime rides his own bike, he knows the entire alphabet and each letter’s sound, he talks your ear off in English and he’s not too bad in Spanish either, According to his 3-year-old self, he’s got life figured all out! 😉 Jesse’ not far behind with all of that even though he waited until 11 months to pop out four teeth in one week!! He’s also just starting to walk and say some words and really is a lot of fun to be around!
Please pray that God would continue to keep them healthy and strong and most importantly, that they would grow into young men that love and serve God!



Thanks so much for taking the time to catch up with us a little!
God bless!
Love, The Aristas