Arista Family, July Praise & Prayer

Praise Report

One of the things that we saw as a need for the church, was for other churches and ministries to come alongside and partner with Palabra Viva. We are so grateful for the two groups that have joined us and for the ones that are still to come! God has used them to enable us to reach out in a greater way to our community and edify the members of the congregation.

We want to give a big thanks to The Father’s House Church, Reaching the Hungry Ministries, and Calvary Chapel North Grove. You guys were a huge blessing to us and Palabra Viva!

Prayer Requests


– We are hoping to apply for our Costa Rican residency soon. With the tourist visa that we currently have, we are required to leave the country every 3 months which means driving to Panama or Nicaragua. This residency process includes us taking a trip to California to be physically present for our FBI background check. There are some hefty expenses involved in getting the residency as well as traveling and we are praying that God would provide for those needs.

– Almost a year ago, God provided for us to purchase a vehicle here. Shortly after we purchased it, we began to have mechanical trouble. We ended up having to rebuild the transmission along with other repairs. Vehicles and parts are extremely expensive here and we don’t want to continue investing in a vehicle that won’t last as long as we need it to. We’re asking that God would provide a reliable vehicle for our family.


– The church is full of spiritually young believers. One of the things we’ve been praying for is that God would mature these believers in their faith in the Lord and mindset towards serving.

– We’re asking the Lord to bring people alongside us that can share in the work here. Whether that means Missionaries coming here to serve alongside us, or someone local from the church. There’s much to be done and we definitely can’t do this alone.

Thank you so much for keeping updated on what’s going on here with us and especially for keeping these things in prayer!



The Aristas