A New Creation! – Keeler Update May 2024

Here is a May recap video to watch before you read!

A Poem comparing a life of a butterfly and being a new creation in Christ!

When I am cocooned in a wrap of silk

You begin to feed me more than milk

Your word so fulfilling

It’s creating every wing 

So that one day I may fly

And I won’t feel the need to ask why

This new life I couldn’t have known

Without my God, in whom I have grown

A new creation more beautiful than before

I can’t wait to fly, and learn about Him more.

Women’s Spring Event

New creation! That was the theme of the Women’s Spring Brunch we had here at CCSG. It was themed around butterflies and how they transform from a caterpillar to these beautiful butterflies with such a new look! A few ladies shared their testimonies and it allowed me to reflect on my own transformed life and the lives of those around me. The poem in the beginning references the process (metamorphosis) of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly! And I love the idea of how all the food the caterpillar eats is saved for later, so that when they are cocooned they use that food and energy to grow into a butterfly. It may not look like much is happening in that cocoon, but so much is being grown. And although I know I am already living in that new transformed life, the Lord showed me another way to look at this analogy. All the studying and preparing I am doing here at CCSG has a huge purpose! And when it feels mundane, or may not “look” like a lot is happening, the Lord is doing some awesome stuff in my life and to those around me and it’s all to prepare me to fly(literally and metaphorically) somewhere else one day! To live in that transformed life unrecognizable to my old self. And because of that foundation of trust I have in the Lord, I won’t feel the need to ask “why this, or why that?” Because I know He has a perfect plan for my life and I can trust in that.  I encourage you to take a moment today and reflect on how God has transformed your life! And let it evoke worship, because our God is so good!! And so worthy!!

Any other pictures come to mind when you think of a new transformed life? Baptism. Oh how beautiful it is. I was beyond blessed to witness our baptism we held this month. Every baptism brings me to tears, but this one was quite special. One of the youth girls I have been discipling had gotten saved during our last winter camp. And her desire for the Word and a relationship with Jesus has been growing rapidly. Her parents were actually baptized at the last baptism as God has been moving in this family’s life like crazy and I have been blessed to walk alongside her during it. I have always been convicted with the saying “if you aren’t doing it here, you won’t do it there” regarding discipleship and sharing the Gospel. And if we are not doing it where we are at now, we won’t do it when we move overseas either. And that has stirred me recently to spend more time with these youth girls one-on-one more often, and share the gospel whenever I can in conversation. It’s been awesome and encouraging just getting to know the girls and study the Word of God in a deeper way with them.

Baptism of one of our Youth Girls 🙂

Ultimately, that is making disciples. Living life with people and encouraging them in the Word. All Christians have this call to make disciples. As I mentioned in my last newsletter, I was starting a Young Adult Girls bible study! And it’s been AWESOME! I was so nervous wondering who would show up…and how would my teachings go…and what if I don’t have time? And the Lord has led the whole thing and I’ve been blessed to watch this group of about 6-7 girls consistently come and study the Word of God on their Saturday mornings. God is moving! Some have shared how timely the teaching has been, and just expressed how they had been hoping for a study just for the young adult girls. So I am beyond grateful for God’s hand in this study. God has really been moving in our young adults group overall and I see those my age around me becoming more bold in their faith and just in love with Jesus!! So please continue to pray for me as I teach God’s Word that I would be sensitive to the Spirit’s leading in topics to teach on and how I can best serve those around me through the study and display the powerful love of Christ! Maybe God is leading you to step out in faith somewhere a little intimidating? I pray this testimony of God’s leading hand in this step of faith would encourage you to go out and take that step today! You never know how God wants to use you in the lives of others.

Me teaching the Young Adult Girls Bible Study

Sometimes stepping out in faith includes a hair straightener. Allow me to explain. I was given the opportunity to head over to Watts, Los Angeles to help do 5th grade girls’ hair for a “Daddy Daughter Dance”. At the end of the school year, this school will host a dance for the girls graduating to get dressed up and bring their dads and celebrate. The school recognized that many girls didn’t have a dad to accompany them, so the police officers of that community stepped up and escorted the girls to the dance! It’s an awesome outreach that has been running for about 7 years and in that time, the church that helps run this dance “Hope Central Watts” (which is who I served with) has seen father figures in these girls’ lives be provoked to jealousy! Brothers, grandpas, uncles, or cousins started to step up and take these girls to the dance because they realized, “why should a police officer have to take my niece, granddaughter, or cousin? I can do that.” And the church has said it has brought great fruit in that regard of families stepping up for one another and they have had many opportunities to share the gospel at these events and with the families. With that said, I made a friend! Luckily when you are doing someone’s hair they can’t walk away, haha. I was with her the whole time, and because she had a ton of hair all we did was chat it up! I was able to explain how I go to church and work there and love Jesus! She was a sweet girl and we clicked really well. She was willing to hear and I pray that it made an impact in her life. The girls were shocked we would just come out of our day to do hair and nails for them, and I think it really displayed a sweet side of the love of Christ to them.

Me doing her hair:) She is so cute!

Above anything else you think I may need, always begin and stay praying. I want to invite you to come alongside me in this work. We have an enemy. He is real. But, our God is greater. And life gets busy, but just as you have taken the time to read this newsletter, I ask you to take time to pray for:

  • The finances needed to attend the Calvary School of Missions in July ($2,700 still needed).
  • Staying focused on the Missions Training Program.
  • Wisdom and discernment on what to teach the young adults girls each time we meet.
  • Continual opportunities for me to disciple/connect with the Youth Girls.
  • The salvation of my family and that I may be a bold ambassador for Jesus.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read all about what God is doing in my life recently! Please feel free to check out the rest of my pages on my blog for poems and more about how God is speaking to me through His Word in the “hear when near” tab. God bless you! Have a wonderful day!