Pavel Family

 Together with his family, the Pavels work together in Oradea, Romania to fill the gap of youth mentoring at orphanages so that transitioning youth have a chance of being strong, well-rounded, successful, and accomplished adults. They partner with local organizations to meet the spiritual needs of children that would otherwise go neglected from a lack of a parental figure in their lives.

They are a family that is following Mark 9:36-37 call to welcome the youth to the ways of Christ, fostering Christian growth and discipleship. Their desire is to develop leaders with character, from among the youth of Romania that would be fully equipped to lead and disciple current and future generations in their country. They are currently living in Romania fulfilling full-time missions work at an orphanage, gypsy villages and churches in our area.

The focus and purpose in Committed to Youth is:

  • To reveal, teach, demonstrate and instill the eternal perspective.
  • To explain how hope in Jesus and in eternity brings hope, freedom, life and joy.
  •  To bring people into a life of worship and glorify Jesus.