Buescher Family

buescherHello there! We are the Buescher family, Romeo, Jessica and our five sweet little ones, Eva, Romeo, Anya, Avalina, and Israel. We strive to live our lives walking in the Spirit and going where God sends us. For now that means serving at Calvary Chapel Bible College in Cajamarca, Peru. God is doing a great work at the Bible college, transforming the lives of many young people. The ministry exists to equip students to serve the Lord and grow in their relationships with Him. As staff, some of our jobs include teaching, building relationships with students, helping in administrative capacities, and leading missions trips. Our desire is to be doing all that we can to facilitate the development of the students into men and women of God, and to be a support to all those on staff. In addition to the many opportunities that we have to serve on campus, we have just as many when we step beyond the walls of the campus and into the city. May God use us as He desires wherever we are!

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