As a Season Passes, Another Begins

“To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven:” Ecclesiastes 3:1

Cleaning windows at church as part of my internship

Another season of life for me has passed and a new one begins as we finished the last week of the School of Missions and I begin my intersnship. Time and time again I’ve been amazed and left in awe at the grace of God. Our last week of outreach was probably the most encouraging, and joy- filled of them all. It’s been amazing  to watch as our team has grown so much closer and stronger than in the beginning, serving alongside one another, using the giftings that God has given to each individual was incredible. God truly blessed our time at School and I am so grateful to have been a part of it. To be able to see God work in the lives of the students, teachers and leaders during our time in Mexico was incredible. Please keep praying for all of the students and what God has planned for them now that the school is finished. They need wisdom and guidance on how they are to continue to serve the Lord and prepare to be sent out as full time missionaries. 

Serving in Kids ministry
Sharing my testimony with the Young Adults
Teaching at a senior care site

For five of us, me included, we will be working together yet again. Brian, Nancy, Andrea, Lacey and I will be starting an internship with Saving Grace. Please be praying for Aleah and Lili, two of the other students from School Of Missions. God called both of them to return home to get ready for what God has for their future.  For us interns we will be taking classes on the Bible and on principles of ministry as well as preaching. The classes will help to further strengthen our foundation in the Word of God and our understanding of who God is as well as help us minister to and teach others. In addition to this, we will all be serving in various ministries around the church. All of this is to help us be prepared to serve wherever there is a need so when we do go to be full time missionaries we will have been trained and prepared for a variety of situations. We will also be discipled by pastors, leaders, deacons and elders about ministry. For me and Brian who feel God is calling us to the pastoral ministry, we will be discipled by the pastors here specifically for pastoral ministry. The plan for now is for me to do this internship for a year or until the Lord calls me to go into full time missions. 

With that in mind I wanted to let you all know that there is an opportunity for me to go on a vision tour to the country of Jordan. What this means is that I believe God may be calling me to be a part of starting a Bible College in the country of Jordan. The plan for the Bible College is to raise up pastors and disciples of Christ that will be able to reach countries and people that I as an American never could because of my little knowledge of their culture and my passport. So at the end of January or beginning of February I will be going with a group of people who all believe God is calling them to be a part of starting this new work. There are two main reasons to go on a vision tour. One is  so we can see the country, the people and the location and spend time asking the Lord if this is where He wants us to serve Him. The second is so that we can begin to think about and plan the logistics that would be required to move to Jordan, live there and to do ministry there. Until then I will be serving as an intern at the church and raising funds both for the internship as well as the vision tour to Jordan. During my internship I will be working at the church full time as an unpaid intern. I believe God has asked me to trust in Him for all that I need and focus on serving the church and being prepared for missions. Once I am sent out I will depend on God and those who have decided to partner with me to sustain all my needs. I believe God has asked me to start living by faith now living as a missionary now so I will be prepared to go when God calls me.  So if God puts it on your heart to partner with me as I am equipped to be sent out or to help with the funds I will need to go to Jordan, please, whether financially or spiritually in prayer, join with me in the work of the gospel. Let us work together to bring glory to God and bring the good news to those who have never heard the name of Jesus Christ so that they may be saved and share in the hope of heaven. 

Prayer Requests

  • Please continue to keep me and my friends in prayer as we continue to serve the Lord and to seek His will. 
  • That I would be teachable and continue to grow and be prepared to serve the Lord.
  • That God would provide for all that I need as I simply put my faith in Him to provide.
  • That the finances will come for me to visit Jordan, and that God would make it clear if He wants me to move there in the future. 

Praise Reports

  • God has faithfully brought us through the School of Missions safely and we all have been changed for the better because of it.
  • God has answered my prayers to be discipled and prepared for pastoral ministry.
  • God has given me a group of like minded friends that love God and desire to serve Him as I do.
  • The Lord has opened a door for me to go to Jordan and find out if this is where He wants me to go.

As always I thank you for taking time to read my update. I pray that it has been a blessing for you to hear all God is doing and that you are encouraged by the ways God is using His people.

Your brother in Christ,

Jorden Skiles

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