July and August Update

Greetings to you all,

“This summer went by so fast”, said one of my children when they heard school starts again in a week or so. Isn’t it the truth. When we’re busy with all kinds of things, days go by and then weeks before you realize, oh…school starts next week. It’s a bummer, for most kids. But this summer has been very different for the kids at the orphanage. Because you support my family with the capacity to be here for them full time, I’ve been able to impact them in a way that honestly hasn’t really been seen around here.  When most men are working through the summer and making child-care arrangements, I’ve been able to plan days of work and days of just fun with them.

What have the kids from the orphanage and I done together this summer? I’ve been able to bring them over to my house and we learn how to take care of yards, how to manage a garden, how to take care of equipment that we use. We’ve been able to sit at the table and talk about why God is so good to my family, demonstrate how my relationship with my son and daughters honors God, and how good God is to the orphans. Most importantly I’ve been able to model how to demonstrate gratefulness through care and love for our possessions and our relationships.

This summer has had some very deep heart to heart conversations with the children and other young men and with leaders within churches. The Lord has used me to share His Gospel and its application with love and grace in very difficult circumstances. I’ve explained how God expects fathers to treat their children and their attitudes towards their family. I’ve explained how God expects to be honored when entering into relationships with boys and girls. I’ve ministered to young men who are facing break-ups and broken off engagements, men addicted to drugs and pornography, men depressed with loneliness and young boys shattered because they don’t want to trust others and have broken expectations of people just to name some of the discussions. The word of God has been brought into every discussion because the truth is He created us and knows us. He designed us and knows what we need to hear from Him. The ultimate truth is that we have an enemy that hates God’s children and will do whatever and say whatever until he sees God’s work destroyed but Jesus has prevailed. That’s what’s happened to these children and others who even live with their families. We all struggle with brokenness. It’s God who raises us above our brokenness into Holiness and His power and authority.

Thank you all for your prayers,

  • Pray that Doru finds work that secures $1000 a month to cover the budget deficit.
  • Pray for the spirit of the children in the orphanage that God sends his Holy Spirit every day and night into their hearts and ministers in their pain.
  • Pray for the workers at the orphanage that they would see their vocation as a calling from God.
  • Pray that the director of the orphanage communicates to state officials the anguish they are causing the children and that they would decide with wisdom and care for the children.
  • Pray that the children who have families will be allowed to be reunited with the children and that those parents would live in a Godhonoring and responsible way and raise their children to do so also.
  • Pray for our son Tzuriel who’s having issues eating and processing proteins.

Pavel Family January Update

Greetings to everyone who is witnessing God’s love over us in Romania.

When we got here we knew things would change but we couldn’t imagine how much change occurred. While we were gone the Romanian government conducted some audits of the leadership and holding them accountable for the lack of policy governing the partnerships and NGO’s that serve the children of the state. Well the fall out of that has been a major push to license institutions that want to work with the children. In order to do that many foundations needed to know what the standards were to meet in order to meet them and get licensed which costs money and our favorite here ‘stamps’. That’s right, bureaucracy. So when we arrived we checked in with the orphanage and found out that we couldn’t just dive right in to our relationships with the kids. So we began getting in touch with people who for the last few months have been getting their contracts renewed with the Ministry of Child Protection. After a few conversations with some local expats who work with the children at the orphanage we began the process to get an individual contract on January 8th. Today, January 29th I signed my contract and now have my access with the children reinstated. Praise Jesus! He loves these kids and our family and the workers trying to reach these kids.

I can’t wait to sit down at the table and open the last chapter of Genesis with the children and recap where we left off. Then talk about all the people we met in the U.S. who are praying for them to see the Love of Jesus.

But while we’ve been waiting on the application process we’ve gotten a chance to sit and meet with some of the older boys who’ve been integrating into society. One young man that I’ve sat and discipled for many months when he was still at the orphanage shared with me his deepest struggle. Loneliness. The time after work is hard for him while he’s on his own. So I’ve committed to meeting with him regularly and showing him how Jesus has so much to show him and prepare him for. Pray that our next meeting is one that is productive and allows this man to see how time doesn’t have to be wasted but profited in.

Other young men around town have been really busy with work and haven’t gotten the time to sit down for a dinner but I run into them while running errands through town often enough that I’ve been able to encourage them to make some time to speak with more depth on some of the difficulties they’re facing.

My discipleship group is starting the first week of February so pray for this group of 13-16 year old youth from our local church. They are tackling some heavy issues and I’m focusing on their identity in Christ as they navigate this difficult set of years ahead. I really love this age group because it’s an opportunity to fill in what they lack in experience with timeless wisdom found in scripture. The parents are great and are really working hard to see their children grow into who God is molding them to be. I pray this group really gets the Gospel down these next months. I really want them to know what is worth giving up your very life for if it should be for the Glory of God.

Please praise the lord for our answered prayers.
1. Contract established for two years at the orphanage
2. Relationships with the children is still strong regardless of the blocks in our path.

Pray for these matters.
1. Registration of our new Van is finalized without incident.
2. My wife is not feeling very well and needs strength while we seek a diagnosis. Pray that I can support her recovery by taking the children as much as possible and she rests.
3. Pray for the youth groups discipleship.
4. Pray for the children at the orphanage and their hearts are eager to commune with the God of the bible.

Pavel Family Update

Greetings friends and ministry partners,

Hello and welcome!  My family and I have spent a year and a half bringing the gospel message to the youth of Romania but are now in the United States on furlough. We have been sharing with missions groups, pastors, churches, and friends about how the Gospel is changing the lives of children in Romania. We are reconnecting as a family and strengthening our relationship to the Lord as we worship him in our beloved Christian family.


While in Florida, we’ve been able to share with our sending church’s missions group the depth of our ministry and the personal moments we’ve seen Christ work in. We will have another opportunity in November to share with the Calvary Chapel Saint Petersburg body. We also had a wonderful time sharing with Calvary Chapel Tampa during an interview session and as well with their youth. We encouraged the youth to see Christ as a true king and sovereign lord over our lives. We also met with friends and family in the area and shared with anyone we could about the work we do.


While in Colorado we have been blessed by Calvary Chapel South Denver with transportation and it has allowed us to accomplish things we couldn’t have imagined. We have spoken with the missions group there as well as deepened our relationship with the body as we reveal the work the Lord has for us in Romania with our new acquaintances. Our time in Florida has been doubly blessed because it’s been with the grandparents of our children. We have been able to enjoy the mountains, hiking and the changing colors of fall as we make new connections with the Romanian community in Denver’s Romanian Church of God. We’ve also been lead by the Holy Spirit into new relationships with local pastors and other churches and I am allowing the Lord to bless these new relationships in any way we can.

Prayer Requests

Please pray that the Lord would reveal the financial supporters in the places we speak! This is vital to our ministry and no amount is too small.  You can help us so much by just $5 per month, really! That’s all it takes. We’re currently $2,000 dollars a month short of our total expenses and so we pray that the Lord would give us the opportunity to bless people as they give.

Pray for us, we need it and it is the top priority to continue to minister out here to the kids. These funds would allow us to reach the children in deeper and more profound ways and show them the faithfulness of the Lord in their situations.

A van to strategically impact the children

Raise two thousand a month in funds

For additional help with the ministry

Discernment in opening up a “business-as-missions” coffee shop

Blessings and Prayers,

Doru and the Pavel’s

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Checks can be mailed to:

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The Pavel Family Ministry In Romania

Hello and welcome!  My family and I have spent a year and a half bringing the gospel message to the youth of Romania. We have taught, discussed, and have been spending many hours speaking the life giving message of hope to children that never see living examples of a Christ-centered life.  We are glad you are here to share in our message, life, and experience of discipleship to the youth. Recently, we along with Saving Grace World Missions have decided to join together for missional support.  It is our desire that you will be blessed by our ministry and mission. Please continue bless us with your messages, encouragement, and prayers.

Thank you,

The Pavel Family


Sobolciu Gypsy Village

Over the summer my team member and I have begun to do some much needed renovations at the church in Sobolciu. We have been painting the church, gathering material to build a fence, to keep children from causing any more damage to the building.  Jeremyah and Emerald have been helping with much of the work, as well. In the meantime, I continue to hold weekly meetings with the gyspy children as we focus on who Jesus is and why knowing Him is important for their whole lives. We are consistently building relationships with them and want to see them be successful in school, with their families, regardless of  extreme poverty. It’s very hard to witness and understand that this extreme poverty is a cultural/generational condition and only the grace of the Lord will be able to set them truly free from its’ grasp.

Orphan Mentoring

The children at the orphanage have been wonderful to know over the last year and a half. I’ve really begun to understand their situations as they unravel a little more of their stories with me and I peel back the layers of their lives over our devotions. Their stories are tragic indeed. A pastor I like to read and listen to says, life’s a mess but Jesus is real. I think that’s what these kids need to see. The reality is life is a mess and Jesus is in it with us. I want the children to overcome their messy lives and conquer their circumstances but it’s all up to them to choose the power that can do that in their lives. Right now we want to do so much more with the kids but are held back by resources and limitations. We continue to pray how to maximize our time, resources, and energy to impact the kids for the Kingdom of God.

Prayer Requests

We want to be real with you. Things cost money. I know you’re probably thinking, “Duh!?” But, it’s true. We don’t want you to think that we are just out there to make money. Our family has given to the mission and we continue to contribute monthly.

Please pray about being a financial supporter! This is vital to our ministry and no amount is too small.  You can help us so much by just $5 per month, really! That’s all it takes.

Pray for us, we need it and it is the top priority to continue to minister out here to the kids.

This is what we need to move the ministry to next level that we are praying about. Would you pray specifically for these:

  • A van to strategically impact the children
  • Raise two thousand a month in funds
  • For additional help with the ministry
  • Expanding into youth center for children

Blessings and Prayers,

Doru and the Pavel’s