Come Aside to a Deserted Place and Rest a While

I have been delinquent in keeping up with our newsletters. The last two months have been full with back to back groups, visitors, and trips. The Lord keeps lavishing His grace on us in so many ways I would either bore you, make you doubt me, or make you envious of us if I went on and on about all He’s done in this season. It has been the greatest season the Mission has ever experienced. I’ll tell all next time when the school/Season of Discipleship is over.

However, one thing I will share with you is how he blessed the staff. Normally during a school we take the students camping at Bahia de los Angeles (Bay of Angels). We didn’t consider that to be an option considering that we didn’t charge for those who did come down and everyone couldn’t leave all at once. But the Lord just laughs at our limited reasoning and gives us a demonstration of how all of our impossibilities are such minuscule effortless act for Him. Someone provided for two trips so that all of the staff could go. He even provided extra experienced coverage for the Mission while each group was away.

Although I love going there if, it wasn’t for my family I would have opted not to go. I was too wrapped up in all of the “coming and going.” It had been over a year and a half since I’d taken time off, and after getting there the Lord reminded me of the importance of taking a break from the service to readjust and fix my perspective and focus on Him.

He said to them, “Come with me privately to an isolated place and rest a while” (for many were coming and going, and there was no time to eat). Mark 6:31

Another reason I was hesitant to go is because of what we are about to do as a family. Two event coincide this year within just a few months of each other. This Wednesday, April 26th, Corinne and I celebrate our 20 year anniversary. Also, on July 2nd our daughters, Sarai and Noemi, turn 18. After considering that after this summer we may not have another opportunity to have all of us together again for a sufficient length of time, we decided to take a three week road trip vacation and drive around the U.S.. So on May 12th we will hit the road and try to see as much of the country as possible together.

We’ve told our girls that they can stay with us as long as they want, and they will be with us until they finish their homeschooling, but after they turn 18 anything could happen and we don’t want to regret missing this opportunity. Thank you for praying for us and all the other ways the Lord uses you to bless us.


Jeff, Corinne, Sarai, Noemi

God’s Gift of Rain and His Holy Spirit in the Desert

The wilderness and the solitary place shall be glad for them; and the desert shall rejoice, and blossom as the rose. It shall blossom abundantly, and rejoice even with joy and singing… they shall see the glory of the LORD, and the excellency of our God.

Strengthen ye the weak hands, and confirm the feeble knees. Say to them that are of a fearful heart, Be strong, fear not: behold, your God will come with vengeance, even God with a recompence; he will come and save you. Then the eyes of the blind shall be opened, and the ears of the deaf shall be unstopped. Then shall the lame man leap as an hart, and the tongue of the dumb sing: for in the wilderness shall waters break out, and streams in the desert. And the parched ground shall become a pool, and the thirsty land springs of water: in the habitation of dragons, where each lay, shall be grass with reeds and rushes. Isaiah 35:1-7

At a time that we were supposed to receive rain last year it didn’t come. But this year, which was supposed to be exceptionally dry, the Lord has sent rain in abundance, demonstrating it is a gift from Him.

Likewise, He has been pouring out His Holy Spirit on the Mission. We announced the School of Discipleship earlier, but we didn’t get enough students to have a “normal” school, but those that were interested came anyway, along with the Myer family to teach for the three month period. Just over a week ago we started our Season of Discipleship instead, and the Lord is demonstrating His hand and direction in it. Our staff are excited to have daily classes at 10 am and nightly events.

The Mission of course is to care for those who are blind, lame, and imprisoned in bodies that don’t function fully. But along with ministering to those who have those who have those physical limitations we also minister to one another who have those same disabilities in our spirits, souls, and minds.

We never tire of getting to see Luke 7, Matthew 11, and Isaiah 35 being fulfilled in peoples lives the same way that it is always astounding to see the apparently dead, dry, and dusty land of Baja come alive when the Lord sends His rain down on it.

Having grown up in Oregon rain was an unappreciated regular fact of life that I took for granted. But in a dry land it has great significance. Having grown up in a family that is strong in the Lord I now have a greater appreciation for our Father’s gift of His Holy Spirit after seeing so many people pass through the Mission coming from dry, broken, painful backgrounds. When He rains and breathes new life in both ways it produces a beauty that is incomparable and can only be from the Holy Lord God Almighty.

He hath made every thing beautiful in his time… Ecclesiates 3:11


Season of Discipleship

We knew that the time we had to prepare for a “normal” School of Discipleship was short, but we wanted to see if the God had something in works. The Lord did move in people’s lives, but not in our imagined way. The Myer family, Andrew, Melissa, and their four kids, are going to move down for this three month season. They are another couple who met down here during a school, got married and spent time here as a family serving and teaching in the school.

Because of information about the school seven people expressed interest, but because of various reasons some could not commit to the whole school. Please pray for one of them, a young man who had survived cancer but it came back after he had already applied. He is still going to spend a week with us, and we hope that we can be a blessing to him while he’s here. Besides, the Lord is not constrained by one week or three months to do a significant work in a persons life.

All the other’s who had applied still chose to come on as staff in spite of there not being enough students for a school. Also, some of our staff were hoping to participate. So, there will be no charge for those who do come down. They will join and serve as staff.

So, we are making some adjustments for the next three months and are going to focus on discipleship. Every day at 10 a.m. there will be an hour of teaching, and everyone who is available will be invited to participate. A few evenings of the week will have either teachings, koinonea, or Spirit led services. Three of us will be teaching on the fundamentals of the faith, the book of Acts, and a survey of the bible. Miguel will continue to teach Sunday morning church. But ultimately it is the kids who teach the greatest lessons of love, patience, grace, mercy, and longsuffering.

As the Lord leads and according to what we learn through this season, we are hoping to have a School of Discipleship next fall and we’ll be sending out a notice of that in the next couple of months. That way people will have proper time to plan accordingly.

Please be praying for everyone; kids, staff, and teachers during this season.

Thank you, and may God richly bless you.



…I have not seen the righteous forsaken, or his seed begging bread.

Psalms 37:25

It has now been one full year for the Mission / One 27 Foundation opperating on its own. There were moments when we were all wondering if and how everything would work out, and God always showed Himself dependable to make sure that the everyone was covered. Although it’s often a disconcerting situation to be in, it is always exciting and encouraging to see our Lord provide in ways that we don’t anticipate.

Initially we had a figure for our monthly opperating costs, but often times that wasn’t met… but than doesn’t mean we didn’t have enough. In the past there were certain “luxeries” (peanut butter, honey, etc.) that we had to buy sparingly and heavily regulate how it was used. Well, we haven’t had the budget to even consider buying those things, BUT we have been enjoying those indulgences in greater abundance than ever before. We have been spoiled lavishly by caring individuals and visiting groups.

Even though the monitary figure hasn’t been what we thought we needed to pay for all the things we used to, God has shrunk our shopping list to match the budget. He has been supplementing our needs with practical donations beyond what we would have justified to purchase. He has always made sure we have enough to pay the bills and buy the diapers and meds. And now we don’t have to regulate the use of peanut butter.

He always gives us just enough money to cover our “true” needs, and not too much so that we keep coming to Him remembering that it is on Him that we depend, and that we don’t spend it on things He knows we don’t need. Yet He blesses us with elaborate gifts from the body of Christ that we wouldn’t have enjoyed even if we did have the targeted monthly budget.

The many visiting groups have also been exceedingly instrumental in very significant improvements on the facilities. I can’t even begin to recount all the things they have done and bought for the the kids, staff, and the facilities. The infirmary is finished, propane tanks installed, palm awning built on the cocina, pool supplies, ice machine, new freezer, massive clean up, and even more great sacrificial contributions of love, work, time, and money. …And then came Christmas… WOW! Everything beyond what we can give sufficient acknowledgement to.

THANK YOU! We thank our Father in heaven and the body of Christ for this amazing demonstation of His love. We look forward to seeing all the more of God’s great demonstrations of His undeniable existance and presence among us.

God bless you all and many thanks from the whole Mission family!

School of Discipleship 2017


Wow! We have had a whirlwind of the last few weeks. We just had a great Christmas with many visitors, and the kids and staff have been abundantly blessed by so many generous brothers and sisters from all across the country.

But what we are also excited about is something that seems to defy logic, rational thinking, and common sense (sounds like God). A few weeks ago our wonderful and amazing single staff conspired and approached me with a proposition. The reason we haven’t been trying to do a School of Discipleship before is because we have only had three families and one of them has been out of commission. Our thinking was, “If we only just had one more family…” But the staff said they would be willing to take on extra responsibilities to free us up to prepare and lead and school.

They have been such a delightful bunch that get together and pray and worship on their own and desire to be Spirit led. For fear of possibly quenching the Spirit and missing an opportunity that may very well be coming from God through them, Miguel, Caleb, and I decided to venture forward and see if maybe our Father in heaven might just have a group of students ready and waiting. As of today, we have received our first application for the school, and we are all excited and praying repeatedly that the Lord will keep the way open for all who are able to come join us.

The school will run from February 10 through May 11. It costs $1200, which covers food, utilities, guest speaker expenses, and an outing or two. The mornings begin with morning worship and communion and class time till noon. The afternoons are spent either working alongside out staff as they care for the kids in various ways, or spending time in prayer, studying and meditating on the word, or just simply walking with our Lord. The subjects in class are foundational; the fundamentals of the faith, spiritual disciplines, etc..

But the greatest work and revelations are rarely picked up in the classroom. We have long had a saying, “As we are changing the kids, the kids are changing us.” God uses the “feet on the ground” experiences to do the most profound works in peoples lives. And many, many lives have been radically changed for people around the world. The stories of how God met people while hanging out with Juan Carlos, Lupe, Ana and the rest have been preached in Africa, England, Vanuatu, and many other countries.

We are inviting people from the ages of 18 to 29 to come and give the Lord three months of their lives. They will get back a lifetime of closeness to our Savior.

Visit for an application and brochure, or email me at

May God be gracious to you.


Sela was born March 18, 1988 and came to the Mission October 20, 1992. She was born with cerebral palsy and has mental retardation and may also have tuberous sclerosis. There are no records on her files of her history before she came to the Mission, apart from having temporarily being in another orphanage that wasn’t equipped to meet her needs.

Sela is very limited in her abilities. She depends on the staff to do everything for her. She can’t speak and primarily only uses her right hand to hold a rattle or a bottle. She loves being tickled, so much so that if no one else will do it she tickles her self behind her head or on her leg. Depending on the mood that she’s in she sometimes enjoys holding a persons hand (particularly if it’s a boy), or she’ll let you know that’s not what she wants by pushing your hand away. 

She has complications eating and swallowing. Her food has to be pureed, and her drinks are thickened into a paste form so that it doesn’t go down into her lungs. There have been times that she has struggled with various health problems, but she has been generally free of major complications for the last two years.  

Throughout the years all of the wheelchairs have been donations that we mixed and matched to make them fit our kids. They’ve never had custom fit chairs. Last summer a couple of girls who have spent time serving at the Mission did a fundraiser called “Make Sela Smile.” They raised not only enough for Sela, but also enough for a significant portion for a chair for Eddie. On November 6th Sela’s chair was delivered. We had no idea how much difference a custom fit chair would make. She has been happier and laughing more than any other time in her life. The fit of her chair now gives her the confidence to lean forward and appear more engaged with everything going on around her, which she has never done in the past.

All of the staff are really amazed and are enjoying the change of character that it has brought out in her. She’s never been able to express any problems or discomfort that she may have experienced in the past. When she would cry all we could do is guess what she might be unhappy about.

Please pray that Sela’s comfort continues and that the Lord would give insight to the staff when she when she does cry. Also pray that she will be able to overcome her swallowing difficulties.

These are links to the videos related to the fundraiser:

Make Sela Smile