Finally Settled!

Praise God, we are at a point now that we are covered financially, and no longer are in need of donations. We can’t express enough how grateful we are for your generosity, thoughtfulness, and prayers. This will be our last post, and we will cease receiving donations through Saving Grace World Missions by the end of July. We are also exceedingly grateful to them for the service and support that they gave us over the last few years. They demonstrated exemplary and exceptional love of Christ, honor, and sincere hearts of service, always responding very timely to our requests. Thank you!
At last, at just over 5 months after returning to Oregon we’re in a house where we can unpack. Jeff’s cousin, Kelly, has been extremely gracious to give us a break on the rent so that we can get caught up with all of the moving expenses, and getting established. His cousins have been some of the greatest practical blessings welcoming us back.
At the beginning of June, Corinne returned to her old job as an occupational therapist, working for the school district, and is loving it. She also sometimes continues to work at Applegate Christian Fellowship on the weekends.
What we can’t believe is that Sarai and Noemi just celebrated their 20th birthday. They bemoaned that they were no longer teenagers, but we comforted them by telling them that we would help them transition by calling them twenteen. They didn’t find it amusing.
Noemi is in California with Corinne’s mom, working two jobs, and planning on easing into college by starting with a couple of classes this Fall. She’s involved with Grandma’s church, Calvary Chapel South Bay, and has been plugging into their missions team. We keep telling her it’s not too late if she decided to come home to live with us.
We are thrilled to still have Sarai with us. She is growing in her walk with Jesus, and we are enjoying walking with her through new experiences. She’s great at coming up with really deep and challenging questions, and we often have conversations that can carry on for hours. She has been a tremendous help with the multiple moves we’ve made (4 total). She’s becoming quite independent, learning to use the bus system, and walking all over town. We are doing our best to keep her at home as long as possible, trying to persuade her of benefits of being an “only child”.
Again, thank you for your love, prayers, and selfless generosity. We always wish that there was some way that we could return the favor. The best that we could offer now is that if you ever happen to be journeying through Southern Oregon we keep a bed available for weary travelers. Just give us a heads up.
May our Father in heaven richly bless you,
With much love,
Jeff, Corinne, Sarai, & Noemi

…but grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
2 Peter 3:18

Jeff’s contact:

Three Homecomings

We arrived in the Rogue Valley, Oregon on Friday, January 25th. This is where I grew up, where Corinne and I met, and where our home church, Applegate Christian Fellowship, is. Everyone has been so encouraging and accommodating, helping us to get settled back into life here. Our church has been very gracious to give us jobs working on the grounds crew. Corinne is also hoping to resume her career as an occupational therapist.

We’re currently staying with my cousin as we look for a place to live. Right now happens to be a challenging time to find housing for many reasons, but many people, so thoughtfully, are keeping their eyes and ears open for possibilities. There are some potential opportunities coming available in the next month. I can’t help but see that when there are so many closed doors that that means our Father has something very specific for us.

The yearning to continue teaching the Word has been growing. Although I love the book of Job, it’s a book I can’t wait to be done with, because where you’re at in the Word is where you’re at. Whereas we are by no means suffering like Job did, we are eager to move into a season that is more settled.

Unless I feel a strong move of the Spirit within me, I generally wait for the Lord to orchestrate and move me into specific opportunities. Within the first week of being here my cousin Tim and a few others asked if I would be interested in doing a School of Discipleship course, leading a Koinonia (evening home fellowship meeting), and one pointedly asked, “Why aren’t you teaching?” To all of which I am eager to do, and am waiting on the Lord’s perfect timing to bring any of those to fruition.

Last summer, while we were on vacation, I had the great honor of sitting down and catching up with one of our pastors. He asked me if teaching was something that I loved. I responded that I love it like I love air. As I do it regularly it’s not something that I contemplate. But when I don’t have the opportunity I start to missing it… increasingly.

That pastor who visited with me went to his greatest homecoming last Tuesday, February 5th. Peter-John Courson had served and pastored in many different places, including spending a Summer at the Mission when he was younger. After later visits over the years, Laura, one of the kids at the Mission, claimed him as “her pastor”. She always prayed for him, and loved watching his teaching videos. He once wrote her a letter. When we delivered it to her, and told her who it was from, we saw something we had never seen before. She held it to her chest and looked up to heaven as if it was the most precious thing she had ever received.

Pete had struggled and endured all of his adult life with Crone’s disease and brain tumors, all starting from his time on the mission field in Vanuatu. The girls at the Mission prayed faithfully for him during a time when it looked like the brain tumors would take his life. He made a truly miraculous recovery, and the power of God’s Spirit in him was a testimony to many.

We clearly see that the Lord has designed and orchestrated everything that has transpired. Our homecoming to Oregon coincides with others who have recently moved back. Sunday night was a homecoming of particular significance. Many people filled the church for Peter-John’s memorial service. Some traveled from across the country to honor him. Many had spent time at the Mission where they were first introduced to practically serving Jesus. From there they literally spread around the world, serving as missionaries, pastors, evangelists, and just simply loving the people that were around them, in places like Honduras, Burkina Faso Africa, Vanuatu, Europe, and various places around the U.S. On that night, after 25 years give and take, they came home to remember their brother with whom they had served. Although we don’t despair that Pete is gone, his passing has been more emotionally stirring than any I have experienced when considering that such a legacy has come to a beautiful completion

In this season our Father has measured out ample sweetness to offset any bitterness. He is so exceedingly gracious. We give thanks always for our family in Christ all across the country and around the world. In our time of transition all of you have demonstrated grace beyond what we had expected. We always hope that some day in some way we will have the opportunity to revisit that grace back to you in our Lord Jesus’ name.
We love you all. May our Father in heaven bless you abundantly.

Love Jeff & Corinne


The last few months… this whole new year, has been a series of challenges followed by blessings. I had intended to share more about all of that previously, but in the last week the Lord has made His message very clear.

We’ve just finished a spell from the end of June through the end of July with back to back groups. We do have more coming, but with gaps in between. The Rivera family was on vacation during that time, so needless to say, it was a very busy, but fruitful time. Lots of great fellowship, blessed kids, and completed projects. Not the least of which is that our pool finally got cleaned out, our staff got educated on its care, and now the kids are enjoying it on these particularly hot days.

At various times certain groups helped with the chapel. This last week I was particularly trying to free myself up so I could accomplish some steps before our family goes on vacation, so that others can continue while I’m gone. It was seeming like everything had been working against me; the electrician couldn’t come, spontaneous urgent needs arising, etc., etc.. Finally, I managed to get out there one afternoon. A thunderstorm was building (my absolute favorite weather). We were thanking God for the cover from the sun. The rain started to fall. No problem, it was still warm, and as a wiser older block layer once said, “Well, we ain’t made of sugar.” Then lightning and thunder started getting closer and closer… and we all happened to be working right next to a lot of vertical rebar (as good as lightning rods). Still being stubborn, it wasn’t until a bolt exploded right over our heads that wisdom finally entered me, and we all decided that we, or I, were resisting something that the Lord was progressively asserting more clarity on.

It was going to be a few days before I would have another chance to work with the group that was visiting. In that meantime a brother from the ejido (eheedo – small agricultural town) got beat up by a friend on drugs. For the following two days I was gone, and that too, was by our Lord’s design. The first day I was gone the brother who got beat up (Fausto) came, needing encouragement. He’d been getting hit hard by the enemy in other ways recently. A pastor, who had come with the group, “happened” to be the one that met him as he came into the Mission, and they spoke and prayed for two hours for the friend (Julian) who had injured him badly. He felt no animosity toward him, and couldn’t understand why the Lord was allowing all these bad things to happen. When I returned that night I was updated on what had happened, and could see the Lord’s design for having pastor Brad here that day.

The next day our family was gone again. When we got back Brad updated me again on what had occurred that day, “Guess who came today.”
“Fausto?” I guessed.
“Julian. And he gave his life to the Lord!”
I told Brad that when things happen like this, it’s clear that the Lord brought him here for such a specific time and purpose as this. (Esther 4:14)

The next day… Okay, I am going to make this happen. Again, against distractions, I forged my way out to the chapel site to work… and in walked Julian. He was so grateful to be saved, and that he had found people that would receive him. He wanted to help in any way that he could. I told him that would be great, but first we had to go and be reconciled to Fausto. He agreed. Pastor Brad went into town with us, and when we came to Fausto’s house there were immediate apologies, followed by hugging and tears and clear evidence of a new direction and encouragement for Fausto. We later went to the next town to share the great news with Julian’s brother, including “The Great News” of the gospel.

Fausto and Julian. Lifelong friends, and now brothers in Christ.

Later when Brad and I were talking about everything that had transpired, I told him that first of all that day I finally recognized that our Father was trying to get my attention. Next, I could hear Him speaking very forcefully that I had to change the Sunday message that I had planned for the next day (again, God changing my plans), but to what I didn’t know. Again, later, I was thinking about the beauty that God had just wrought from the ugly, and was thinking about I Peter 2:5

you also, as living stones, are being built up a spiritual house, a holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.

Then our Father made it clear to me; while He was using us to build up a physical chapel, at the same time, more importantly, He is building His church. The message was so clear that it only took an hour of study the next morning to put the 12 or so passages together. The Lord had shown me a message for churches in II Chronicles 4 a few years ago, that I always love to share whenever I get the chance, and it was clearly ordained for that day.

Our church services could be a bit disconcerting for new people. All of our kids are there with us, sometimes making all of their loud noises. We have people join us from town, some of which don’t speak English, so we have a translator on stage, sharing only one or two lines at a time. But in light of all of this, the church in Carmen Serdan is slowly growing with people from the ejido. Some by mishap, others purely by tasting and seeing that God is good. (I Peter 2:3)

For me, last week was a clear reminder of Proverbs 16:9 –

A man’s heart plans his way, but the LORD directs his steps.

May I never get in the Lord’s way of building His church because I am trying to build His chapel.

Current status of the chapel

Drawn up by Jose Espinoze from Mision Mixteca


Making Sense Now Of The Things That Didn’t Make Sense Before

Before I try to make sense… I’ll give you all a general update on the Mission. As some of you are aware of the regular cycles of the Mission, we have recently passed from a season of abundant staff to a season of low staff. We call it “Feast or Famine”. There’s nothing to be overly alarmed about when we go through the slim seasons. Many actually really appreciate that cycle. Of course we like the assurance that we will always have enough staff, and we love having lots of people to share the load and enjoy great fellowship with. But there come times when there is a mass exodus and we realize just how busy the atmosphere had been. When we go through the famine season we do work longer and harder days, but it is calmer and quieter. It’s great to see the staff look for opportunities to cover those who are having a particularly harder day. And, when we sit around the table at meal times it feels a lot more like family. As of recently there are people who planning to come and serve at various times.

Apart from a few normal colds and flus the kids have been in good health. Our daughters, Sarai and Noemi, have returned home after spending three months in Oregon with grandpa and grandma while taking their GED tests. Corinne and I were particularly thrilled when they said that they missed the Mission and couldn’t wait to come home.

I am always glad when I can erase another project from our extensive list. Last week a group came and did an amazing job in a short time converting one of the buildings into a dental clinic for Eli who is a dentist that has been serving with us for a couple of years. Now she will be able to treat all of the kids and we won’t have to transport them to Ensenada anymore.

Another group during Spring Break did an amazing job contouring the dirt in front of the chapel. They made it look better than I had envisioned. Later, when talking with the leader of the group, I asked him what he did for a living he said he is a forestry engineer… he builds roads. The Lord sent the perfect person for the job without us even realizing it until after it was done. Praise God. After that a group that comes at the end of every month came and made significant progress laying block on the chapel. Again, we praise God that he has also allowed me to be able to lay block without it affecting my head too much. We managed to get the windows set before I had to leave.

There are a couple of features for the chapel that God had put in motion 11-16 years ago. My brother-in-law had planted a grove of palm trees for the purpose of drying up a septic drain field that was later abandoned. Also, for 11 years, a massive boulder just sat in the middle of our field, left over from when the amphitheater was built. We had tried to move it, but it was too big for the machinery we had. But now the purpose for both of those features had come to fruition. The palm trees are perfectly arranged to shade a patio area in front of the chapel that will be an extension of the quiet place for people to meet with Jesus. Also, we were finally able to move the boulder out in front to be part of the landscaping.

There are often things in our lives that we question, “What was that all about?” or “Why did God allow that to happen?” We may not ever receive an answer, or it may come a decade or two later. Inevitably, it turns out to be for something beautiful.

He has made everything beautiful in its time. Also He has put eternity in their hearts, except that no one can find out the work that God does from beginning to end. Ecclesiastes 3:11

There are even things that we assume that we have the full understanding of what God is preparing us for, but again, it isn’t until years later that more understanding is revealed to us. Currently I am writing to you from my dad’s hospital room in Oregon. He’s had ongoing complications from his hip replacement in the middle of February. Just having the experience of working with the kids at the Mission, along with my mom’s experience working for a care giving company, has contributed significantly to caring for my dad. At this point I don’t know how long I’ll be here, but my hope is that he’ll be able to stand up without assistance before I leave.

Corinne and the girls are helping hold down the fort at the Mission. Please pray for my dad’s rapid recovery and Corinne and the girls while I’m away. Thank you, and may our Father in heaven bless you.

Professor J

In my previous post I asked for prayer for one of the “boys” (he’s actually turning 39 this year). He’s currently doing better, but we still have to regularly monitor his temperature because he still has a hard time keeping it up to where it should be.

Since before my time here at the Mission he has been called The Professor. He has the ability to teach the toughest of men humility. There have been multitudes of men who’s lives have been permanently transformed. There was even one young man who loves him so much that he had his face tattooed on his leg. Girls even find him irrestible, calling him their “One and only”. The Professor doesn’t speak, but everyone knows his opinion on many things. In a split second he can go from raging mad to an intense belly laugh.

Very little is known of his history before coming to the Mission in the early 90’s. What is known is that he had been left at a Red Cross facility. They didn’t have sufficient room, so they had set up a bed for him in the janitors closet.

He has cerebral palsy leaving only his right side functional and severe mental retardation. It used to be when he was mad or overly stimulated that he would punch himself or bite his hand (but never lashed out at anyone else). Now that he has gotten older he has mellowed in the last few years considerably.

What he is most famous for is his love of Twinkies. Even though he can’t speak he does understand certain words that we say… and Twinkie is his favorite. At one time he was actually of some financial worth. When the Hostess company ceased making Twinkies those that remained were being sold for $300 a piece. He had a sizeable supply because every year at Christmas people send him a mountain of boxes of them that last him most of the year.

The other thing that he loves are “J.” jokes. To him words don’t have much meaning, but if you get right in his ear and just make random sounds like “raspberries”, “zurbers”, fffff, or sssshhhhh, he loves it. His absolute favorites are the kissing sound and wolf whistle.

Currently there aren’t very many men on staff, so please pray that our Father would put it on people’s hearts to come and assist in their care. Pray for his health and that he would still have many more comfortable years to change people’s lives for eternity.

End of 2017 Update

Wow! 2017 turned out to be one of the most amazing years, seeing God take command and direct in a way we’ve never seen before. During the first part of the year, I wrote about his direction with the first Season of Discipleship and the chapel. That has still continued through the end of the year. I haven’t been able to write as often as of late due to the Fall Season of Discipleship. Being the sole teacher for most of it had me studying almost all the time. And when I wasn’t studying, the construction of the chapel increased at the same time. The school ended in mid-December and we’ve had four groups visit since then, one of those for Christmas. Christmas was a great blessing and a delight for the kids. We all greatly appreciate and thank everyone who sent gifts down to the kids and the staff.

After the last group leaving yesterday, the Mission is enjoying a quiet peaceful spell until more come in February. A lot of the staff left in December. Over the next few weeks, some are returning and some new people will be joining us too. It’s amazing how the Lord is using the kids to work radical changes in peoples lives. Over and over again, people that only intend to come for a few days to a week are so moved by the kids and the staff that they abandon everything back home to come spend a longer season here.

For a long time, I’ve wanted to share more about the kids, but DIF (the Mexican family services) is now enforcing (rightfully so) that we can’t share names or pictures of the kids over the internet. I’ve tried to find loopholes but they are insistent. I will still write about them by referring to them by their initials.

In general, they have been in good health. Please pray for the oldest boy (J who was born in 1979). Although he is not old, some aging signs seem to be catching up with him. A round of bronchitis went around in November and he still has chronic irritation in his throat and possibly lungs. He’s been tested and doesn’t have TB, but we haven’t yet been able to determine if it’s just a slow recovery from bronchitis or something else.

Our daughters, Sarai and Noemi, finished homeschooling and have gone up to Oregon for three months to study and take their GED (which they like to call their Good Enough Diplomas). Fortunately, they aren’t rushing to leave home and will be coming back after that. But the reality of them moving out is close and looming over Corinne and I. We recently converted all of their old baby videos which we haven’t seen since we shot them. Corinne and I marvel at how blessed we’ve been at the relative ease of raising them. They are such a delight.

Thank you for every way that you all help us and make it possible for us to continue serving our Father in heaven here at the Mission. We greatly appreciate your prayers and support. May our Father in heaven richly bless you.

Making progress as our Father in heaven determines.

Sunday Evenings With “The Mission Family”

October 15th, 2017

Sundays are different from the rest of the week for the mission.  On Sundays shift ends at 6:00 p.m. so everyone can dine together.  This last Sunday, Belo grilled carne asada and made tortas for dinner.  He made his homemade salsa with roasted tomatoes, onions, chilies, and spices.  Delicioso!!!  The night continued with a hike up to “Shark’s Fin” (a favorite climbing spot in the hills behind the orphanage) for an evening of worship together under a clear, star filled sky..  There were candles set up on the rocks and a couple of the single staff played their guitars.  What a wonderful evening with “The Mission Family”…

Dining together as one big “Mission Family”!

Belo grilling the carne asada.

Belo’s homemade salsa was amazing! The roasted ingredients brought out wonderful flavors!

The tortas are a type of sandwich made with the special bread, mayo, carne asada, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and Belo’s salsa!


Ground Breaking

“Therefore whoever hears these sayings of Mine, and does them, I will liken him to a wise man who built his house on the rock: and the rain descended, the floods came, and it did not fall, for it was founded on the rock.” (Matthew 7:24-25)


Day 1

Preparing for the backhoe

Belo, Daniel, & Isaiah helped Jeff measure the outline of the area for the chapel to determine where to have the backhoe dig.

Ground breaking!
The first dig with the backhoe!!! Prior to this, many people from visiting groups throughout the summer have volunteered to manually dig out the foundation. The ground is very hard making progress very difficult and slow.

A meeting of the minds – Jeff, Miguel and the backhoe operator…A little hiccup with the backhoe… the water pump broke, but the backhoe operator was able to fix it.

Staff watching as the backhoe easily carves out the foundation. Everyone is excited about the chapel. Many are wanting to be help with the building of the chapel, learning to do the block work, etc.!


































Day 2

Digging Continues!

This a view from the road above the mission after the digging was done for the day.

        A hole was dug for the indoor baptismal!













Day 3

Digging complete!

Hopefully you can get an idea of the area that the backhoe was able to dig out. We can’t even begin to calculate how long it would have taken to dig this area out with manual labor…

More manual labor!
Right after the backhoe left, Izzy began moving the mound of dirt. It will be used for landscaping the grounds around the chapel.

Just one more thing before the backhoe leaves…
There was a big boulder in the middle of the field that the backhoe was able to move. The operator was able to maneuver the backhoe so easily to position the boulder exactly how Jeff & Miguel wanted!


















The backhoe operator
It was amazing to watch the operator skillfully execute the functions of this powerful machine!













Day 4 to present

The manual labor continues…

Jeff & Miguel meet with Jose who is an architect. He will help with the electrical plans.

Preparation for the next phase. The rebar & wood for the cement forms arrive.

Isaiah & Belo continue digging out the draining ditch for the baptismal pipes.
















Belo, Daniel, & Spencer worked all day digging the footer for the foundation. This is extremely hard work as the ground is like rock!



We are thrilled to see God’s hand consistently moving on this project, inspiring people who visit and also those who don’t to contribute to all the various steps. We are even more excited to see the ultimate purpose and designs that our Father in heaven has that would have Him push this project through with such urgency. Thank you for your continual prayers and support for our family and The Mission.


The purposed image for stained glass (in progress).

A few years back when we were living in Oregon the Lord was working all sorts of amazing things in our lives. It was the product of a very trying time. We spent a lot of time at our church. It was an amazing season with one sort of church service or another every night of the week. Almost daily there was morning worship, evening service, and sometimes evening worship. There were a number of things I was coming to the Lord about and every day out of desperation I would just sit and pray and read and wait… and wait… and…

Then the Lord started moving and answering prayers in ways with results that had His signature all over it. As I kept returning to my seat to continue to wait on the Lord it was so awe inspiring to see the power, perfection, and beauty of the work that God does with precision, that all I ever want to do from now on is just wait on the Lord to see the great works that He is orchestrating. That season taught me the beauty of waiting. Now I underline any verse I come across that that speaks of waiting and being silent before the Lord.

“…Behold, heaven and the heaven of heavens cannot contain You. How much less this temple which I have built! Yet regard the prayer of Your servant and his supplication, O Lord my God, and listen to the cry and the prayer which Your servant is praying before You: that Your eyes may be open toward this temple day and night, toward the place where You said You  would put Your name, that You may hear the prayer which Your servant makes toward this place. And may You hear the supplications of Your servant and of Your people Israel, when they pray toward this place. Hear from heaven Your dwelling place, and when You hear, forgive.”

II Chronicles 6:18‭-‬21

I had never been one to put much importance in a church building, but that changed when I was in need of a place where I could daily get away to a place design and dedicated to seeking the Lord. The image came to mind of a “waiting room” where people were waiting to hear from the Great Physician who was working healing in their lives. I thought that, although the Mission is already a quiet place set apart to seek and  serve the Lord, it would be great if it had chapel specifically for that. Upon our return (which was another of those answered prayers) it turned out that Adam Hulstrom, John Wencl, and Miguel Rivera (and maybe others) also had the same vision for a chapel.

In the last year, after finishing the last building project, we decided to finally start moving in that direction. We thought that we wouldn’t request any money for it until some other projects (seemingly more important… hahaha) were covered. That’s when the Lord intervened and readjusted our priorities according to His priorities. A man who didn’t know the Mission approached a pastor who was bringing a group and asked if we had a chapel (not a gymnasium or pool or other random thing). The pastor said, “No, but they want to build one.” The man said, “Every orphanage needs a chapel,” and proceeded to write a check for a $1000. The Lord spoke, and it was clear. Without daily coming and talking and asking Him we can do nothing.

We have made it repeatedly clear that this is purely a freewill offering. If someone wants to give their time, labor, materials, or money, it’s all by the Lord’s Spirit as they feel led. So far $6070 have been given towards it. A person says they have a bell for it. I’m astounded weekly when I give visiting groups options for projects that guys and girls, younger and older, choose to go out in the near 100 degree weather and pick and dig. Yesterday a guys that visits monthly “happened” to have a jackhammer in his truck and has loaned it to us for a month. There is so much more to this already long story that I will spare you. But this is the work that God has ordained for this season and will be excited to share in the coming years to see and tell the great things that Jesus is waiting to do when people come and ask and trust and wait on Him.


The front facade and floorplan to seat 72.

Fall School of Discipleship

In May our family had an amazing vacation in which we drove almost entirely around the U.S. in two weeks and then spent another week with our family in Oregon. We were all blessed to get to see and briefly visit many places and friends along the way. Two weeks obviously isn’t sufficient time to do any of those visits justice, but it was a great introduction.

As is the norm for the Mission, it cycles through seasons of what we call “feast and famine” of lots of staff followed by a mass exodus to few staff. Those cycles are actually greatly appreciated. When lots of people come we make lots of new friends, get a lot of projects done, and the kids get a lot more attention, therapy, and love . And then about the time when we’re overstimulated and in need of some quiet time people all seem to plan to leave at the same time. During those times we enjoy more of a family feel where we all sit around a single breakfast table, work a bit harder together, and sleep a bit deeper at night after longer days of work.

While we were gone the Mission had gone through one of those mass exoduses and almost seemed like a ghost town compared to the 20 single staff and 4 families we had before we left. That last Season of Discipleship was an amazing time in which the Lord really did “take the reins” and take control. Whenever He does that everything works out far better than if we try to dictate or design how we think things should run. There has been much interest expressed for another School of Discipleship and we want nothing other that to just let the Lord have the reins again. But the dilemma is how to make plans without getting in the way of our Father’s plans…

A man’s heart plans his way, but the LORD directs his steps. Proverbs 16:9

Fortunately the Lord gives us the freedom to choose a direction and start moving in it, while yet guiding and directing us along a pathway that He sees is even better. Therefore we are putting together our plans for the school excitedly awaiting for the Lord to step in and start making adjustments.

The school will run from September 12 to December 14 for anyone from the ages of 18-29 who either are new believers, want to build a strong foundation for their walk, or are looking for an opportunity to live out what they believe. The cost will be $1000, and depending on the turnout there may be a couple of scholarships available for people with financial challenges.

The morning will be spent in class and the afternoons will be a mix of serving the kids alongside the staff or time dedicated to prayer, studying and meditating on the Word, and walking the desert roads with our Lord. The classes will revolve around the simply profound foundations of what it means to be a born again believer in Jesus the Christ. They will include:

THE FOUNDATIONS OF THE FAITH: the preeminence of Jesus, salvation, the deity of Christ, baptism, the trinity, the relation of faith works and righteousness, the Holy Spirit, the church, and much more.

SPIRITUAL DISCIPLINES: prayer, reading God’s Word, communion, fasting, fellowship, evangelism…

THE WORD: Jesus is the Word, the Word is living, studying the Word, sharing His Word, principles of His Word…

There will also be days and times dedicated to corporate prayer, questions and answers, and students sharing.

There will soon be more information available on the website:, but in the meantime you can contact myself:

Jeff Moody

619-729-7277 (Mission business phone from Sunday noon to Friday noon)

To apply fill out an application found at, and indicate that it is for the S.O.D..

Most of all, please pray that the Lord provides for the Mission and the school, and that He holds the door open for all those who He wants to come for that time. Thank you, and may our great Father in heaven richly bless you.