February Update

What a whirlwind couple of weeks it has been. The final count is forty-one students this semester. The first week we got back we were getting everything ready and then we had Orientation week.  

Spring Semester 2021 

Our theme this semester is Run With Endurance from Hebrews 12:1. We had a local pastor as the keynote speaker during Orientation Week and he gave us six tips for running the race that is set before us. I never thought about how God has a special race that we each must run. You cannot run my race for me and I cannot run your race for you but we are all called to run with endurance or patience. I took notes so Pilar suggested that I share the six points with you. 

Here they are: 1: Look back and look around you – we are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses. When we look at those who have gone before us and those we know who are in the race with us we can find encouragement from them as they cheer us on. 2. You might have to let some things go – lay aside every weight and the sin that easily ensnares you. 3. Run with determination – the race has been set before us by God and we should determine to finish well. 4. Keep your eyes on Jesus – He’s the author and finisher of our faith. Take your eyes off of Him and you can get distracted and even go off course in the race.  5. Don’t get discouraged when God is correcting you. He wants to get you back on course in the race you are running. Verse 6 says for whom the Lord loves He chastens and scourges. That is how He corrects us when we go astray.  6. It’s time to get up and get back in the race if you’ve gotten discouraged or may have dropped out.

We were encouraged by his tips and hope you will be too.

When we got back from our Florida trip there was a big surprise for us . We had heard there was a fire on Christmas Eve and even saw a few pictures online. We found, living here in the dessert, that fires are not that uncommon. We have seen several fires over the years but none really close to the Bible College. It was amazing to see how much property burned in that fire. Even more amazing was where it burned. It did come on the Bible College Campus but just around the edges. Some of the staff here told us of how they prayed and the fire just stopped burning in some of the areas. What a testimony and blessing that none of our buildings were harmed at all. It has rained a couple of times since the fire and things are already turning green again.

The Christmas Eve Fire

I wanted to get this newsletter out early because we have an urgent need for prayer at the Bible College. Though we have been blessed with no Covid related illnesses on campus until now, this week several of our students and staff have had symptoms and have tested positive for the virus. Most of the cases seem to be mild and we are praying for God’s help and healing during this time. We have quarantined all the students on campus and we are working from home. I’m thankful for technology that allowed me to teach two classes this morning.

All this in the midst of some of the most exciting times that we have ahead for us that I’ll share with you next month.

God bless you and thank you for your prayers for us.

January Update

The Grays/ CCBC Ensenada Mexico

     We had a wonderful holiday visiting with our boys and their families.

We started out in Florida spending time with Jacob, Alex, and Oliver and their families. We have three grandkids there, so we got to watch them and give their parents a break to go shopping, go on a date night, or just be there to have a good time with the grandkids. Ollie’s wife Jenifer has a brother who passed away from cancer while we were there.   He was only thirty three years old.  Please keep them in your prayers.  Last June her father was killed in an automobile accident. 

It has been a hard year for their family.   Also while we were in Florida we had the chance to visit with Leo’s mom and sister, Angie for a few of days.  Granny is doing well. She still walks a mile every day and can still play a mean game of Skipbo. 

     Last stop on our trip was Hattiesburg, MS. Our youngest son, Elliott and his wife Kaci live there. He turned 29 this year while we were there.  His father-in-law took us fishing down on the Mississippi coast for a day to celebrate the occasion and we came home with a cooler full of fish.  The Lord was good to us as always.

     It looks like this semester we will have forty-four students on campus.  A handful of students arrived early and are helping make everything look good for orientation starting next week.  While we were gone, a team from California came down and built a pergola for outside dining.  The one we had previously was starting to cave in because the bougainvillea bushes got so big and heavy.  It was a shame to have to cut them down, but this new pergola looks beautiful and it won’t take long for them to grow back. 

     Leo will be leading the Operations team and teaching two classes this semester, Growing Strong in God’s Family and Bearing Fruit in God’s Family. Pilar will be working in the Campus Store and managing the students who work with her. We are both looking forward to having the students back and being a part of what God is doing in their lives.

     Thank you so much for supporting and praying for us. We really consider you as partners with us in the gospel as we train the students to reach the world for Christ.  Drop us a note or email some time, we would love to hear from you. Email addresses: Pilar@ccbcmexico.com or Leo@ ccbcmexico.com or you can write us at: Leo and Pilar Gray   3621 Vista Campana South Unit 75     Oceanside, CA 92057.

If you would like to support us financially you can send a tax deductible gift by check to: Saving Grace World Missions    

17451 Bastanchury Road  Suite 203  Yorba Linda, CA 92886

write Leo and Pilar Gray on the memo line or click the Become a Financial Partner button on our web page for credit card or bank transfer at www.SGWM.com/gray.

April News

Pray for peace the peace of Jerusalem, they shall prosper that love thee. Psalm 122:6

March 23, 2018

Dear friends and family,
It has been a hard couple of months for Leo and me. There’s been joy and tears.

Our middle son was married to a sweetheart on December 29th. It was a joyous occasion and we are delighted to have Jennifer as part of our family! The Lord gave them a beautiful sunset, but what made it even more special is Leo’s father officiated the wedding.

As some of you know, Leo’s father passed away in February. He was a wonderful man, and he loved large. Not only his family, but his community and those he came in contact with. He fought the good fight and was a faithful servant.

Thank you for all of your prayers and support for us and all our family. We see God’s grace in all of it. Part of that grace was being there when normally we would have been back in Mexico for the start of the semester. But the Lord gave us a trip to the Holy Land with some wonderful people from Hattiesburg Community Church and so our stay was longer. And in the midst of the turmoil he gave us time to walk where He once walked and be with fellow believers whom now we call friends.

Thank you Hattiesburg for taking us and sharing in our suffering.

Leo is still in Florida helping his mom. He plans to come home in a couple of weeks. Please pray for him as he makes the drive back. I came home a couple of weeks ago because I needed to renew my Mexican visa, and I am happy to say that I now have my permanent residency card paperwork in!
The semester is at its halfway mark, and there are around forty students going on the spring missions trip next week. Please keep them in your prayers for traveling mercies and protection along with the Spirit of God to use them as they share in service and giving people the Good News.
Thank you again for all your support. Please continue to pray for us and for Mexico ?

God Bless You,

Leo and Pilar

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Oliver and Jenifer Gray

Mom and Dad /  Ed and Agnes at the reception