Tippie August 2020 Newsletter

Craig and Daisy Tippie are ministering in Huacho, Peru and utilizing surfing as an outreach. Their vision is to reach, teach and disciple. They have one son named Ryan. Through their skating and surfing camp outreaches to the youth many have come to know Christ. Huacho is the capital of witchcraft in Peru, and they have great opposition and many spiritual battles over the souls of the people of Huacho. “But if God is for us, who could be against us.” Craig and Daisy also started a church which has grown into a fellowship that has families that have come to the Lord, because their teenager got saved through an outreach. They have several families in their church and their focus is not just youth, but all lost people.

August 2020 update from Huacho, Peru

Hello, everyone, we just want to keep y’all updated on how God is working in and through us in Peru. Despite the pandemic setbacks, we see lives being changed, we have our School of Ministry up and running, and this has been a vision for almost two years that has become a reality! We are offering Ministry practices 101, Personal discipleship by me the pastor, the study of Adoration, Romans, and Hebrews. The students have an overview of the Old Testament by listening to expository teachings, through the scriptures, book by book, chapter by chapter, and verse by verse!

Thanks to our ministry partner who is helping us by providing weekly groceries to families in need within our ministry. Were back under nightly lockdowns, and all day Sundays nobody can leave their home. We found these cool Hazmat suits to help us be protected during these pandemic days! Keep us in your prayers, specifically, for health and protection against the Coronavirus, pray for strength as we continue with all of our online ministries and the SOM program. Pray for God’s provision as we continue to be obedient to the Call.

Last weekend in May

Well we had a great weekend of ministry, we are still operating on Facebook Live, YouTube, and Zoom Pro. Last Tuesday we had our one on one discipleship, then we had group studies with the ladies at 5pm, then the guys at 7pm. Wednesday evening we were on FaceBook Live with worship, a devotional, and cooperate prayer, praying for the needs of our church. Thursday night was fellowship night, and we took time to just share on how to do a family devotional, and just spent time together on Zoom. Friday night live, we are going through Galatians, and in Chapter 3 we explained simple ways to now the difference between the Promise of God and the Law. Saturday we had our Calvary Kids ministry as we are going through the highlights of the Old Testament. In the evening we had a Zoom study for the youth, and at 9pm our youth joined in with Atrevete (Dare your Self) youth ministries in Lima for a youth after party via Zoom! Sunday we had our 11am service and we are going through chapter 24 of Exodus. We have had great attendance on our online services, but there is still a portion of our church who do not have internet and it has been really difficult in these quarantine days and they only way we can stay in contact is through a simple phone call.

New and exciting things this summer!

Hey everyone, we are trying to communicate more with the ones who care about what the Lord is doing here in Peru. We want to begin with more updates and weekly blogs so everyone can pray more effectively! Please pray about our newest adventure as we begin the the school of ministry June 1st, 2020. Stay tuned to our weekly blog for more, and our newsletters! Contact us direct: craigydaisyperu@live.com

The Tippie’s 2020 Newsletter

The last three months have been full of amazing stories of how God is working in and through our lives and ministry. First of all, many of you have been praying for Flavia, an 11-year-old girl in our church who was in a serious car accident just after Christmas, she was in a coma for 14 days, she had three fractures on her skull, and God saved her life! She is now out of the coma, she is back in Huacho, and she has full function of her arms and legs. She is still going through some therapy to help her regain her full eyesight, but she is a miracle. Praise be to God.  

From November to the beginning of February, it was non-stop action. The Church of Viera sent down some ladies to help us with our Thanksgiving outreach as we fed 160 people. We enjoyed giving thanks to God with the people in our church neighborhood. These ladies had been to Huacho several times, and they focused on the children in our church and in the local orphanage! We had an amazing time with our English Second Language ministry and relationship building during their time in Peru. Over the Christmas holiday, we had two more children’s outreaches since it was the Peruvian summer. We had one at the church with hot chocolate, fruitcake, prizes and lots of fun. Then we started a new ministry two blocks behind the church in a very poor neighborhood doing the same kind of outreach! This has now turned into an every Sunday afternoon Bible study as we have seen such a need to share Christ and His love with them.

We were privileged to host a team of students from Carmel Christian School at the end of January, and they were instrumental in reaching youth in our area by hosting several sports events, and activities at the beach. Our youth were encouraged by having other teens come and share their testimonies and see how youth live in Peru.  

We not only started a new Bible study in the streets behind the church, but we are launching a brand-new ministry as we are officially opening up the School of Ministry (SOM) and are offering dorm rooms for students. This will be mainly open for the youth in Peru to get better equipped for the ministry and provide for their basic needs like food and shelter. We have 4 students signed up and will be starting classes at the end of March. There will be an exciting aspect of this ministry as it will be open enrollment for students from the USA who want to come and learn cross-culture ministry and serve with us in Huacho.             

We want to thank everyone for praying for Daisy’s citizenship, she has passed her test and has been approved for her Naturalization ceremony, she has not received an appointment yet! We are praying that it will be ASAP so we can all return to Peru and serve together just as God meant it to be! Ryan is still studying and serving with us and we are excited to see what God is going to do in 2020. Once again, we are so grateful for all of our partners and for all the prayer warriors we have interceding for us.  May the Lord bless you all. 

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Personal Budget information

Minimum monthly budget needed is: $3,000.

Personal monthly support received: $2,400.

Church Café: $9,000

Men’s disciple house – SOM:  $550. a month extra

Immediate needs are for our home missionary assignment, Citizenship fees, funds for our church Café, & Men’s discipleship house!

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Tippies Summer 2019

Some seasons in our lives are not by choice. We first arrived in the States February 20th of this year on a Home Missionary Assignment. Our goal is to obtain Daisy’s US citizenship. This has become an issue for us to be able to minister in Peru and travel back and forth from the USA. Well, we had to be here for 90 days before filing, and once filed, Daisy could not leave the States! This is a unique time for immigrations, so this immigration process required legal assistance! We appreciate and need your prayers and support! 

Taking advantage of our time here in the States, we have made ourselves available to share in several church venues, such as life groups, Bible studies, and main services about what the Lord is doing in Peru. We have had the opportunity to participate in some mission training meetings with the teams that came to Huacho this summer. We have been amazed about how the Lord has allowed us to share with many new churches on the West Coast of Florida, and seven churches in Southern California! And we want to say thank you to our host families! 

As our hearts ache from being away from our church and ministry in Peru, we can see God’s hand in all this. We have met a lot of people who have a heart for mission’s and we have been sharing that it’s not just a partnership with the Tippie’s, but participating in the Great Commission, and they are really partnering with the Lord. Normally we are never away from Peru for more than 5 weeks, and one of the things we are doing while in the States is encouraging people to come alongside us to raise mission awareness and see the need for faithful missionaries. One of the blessings from all of this is to see our church in Huacho take ownership and responsibility for forming new ministries in the local Rehab Center, English classes, and a rotating teaching schedule for our young Timothy disciples. This is a stretching time for them and for us as we see them mature! 

Ryan, my son and I went back to Peru to host three summer teams. We had the youth of Calvary Chapel Saving Grace partner with CC Yorba Linda, and CC Fullerton to host a youth conference and a surf camp! We had 85 campers and great surf. Erick, a Venezuelan refugee gave his heart to Christ at camp. We had a team from Youth Summer of Missions, and CC Lima that came to serve us by helping us prepare for and serve our summer teams. Our last team for the summer was from the Church at Viera. We were able to fully launch a new ministry using English as a second language. The team from CAV came to Huacho really prepared to go right into action as we hosted a weeklong event called Open Spanglish! The first night we had a very fun interactive game called “Name that Tune” and we ended that evening with an ice cream social to get people to come back! The next few nights we used practical ways for people to learn basic English using everyday experiences. This method was passed onto us by some missionaries from Malaysia. The last evening ended with a bang as we hosted a game show called Huacho Has Talent. Each team was given a choice of songs to sing, and this exceeded all our expectations and we had many new people wanting to learn English. Our English ministry is going to continue on Thursday evenings will complement our vision for our church café as we merge it with our new ministries. We have several new people attending our church because of the summer outreaches, and we ask you all to pray diligently for us! 

Tippie Update: Peru

We are super excited to share with you that we are ready for our three summer teams!  We have a 38 person team coming from the Orange County area of California consisting of brothers and sisters from Calvary Chapel Saving Grace, Calvary Chapel Yorba Linda, and Calvary Chapel Fullerton. Their objective is to hold a ministry conference, nightly concerts, facility improvement project, and host a surf camp so we can equip our young leaders, and draw new youth into the church.

At the same time we have the Youth Summer Of Missions (YSOM) team coming and serving in our church. This team is organized by Hosanna Bible College in the Andes, and they are traveling around Peru assisting and serving in many churches for 3 months.  We are fortunate to have them come and spend a week with us.

We are also really excited to have the Church at Viera, Florida come and strategically assist us in our efforts to start a brand new ministry using English as a second language.  This team will be hosting nightly events centered around English activities, concerts, and social events to help us reach the young adults who are studying English and giving them a place to practice their ESL.  This team will also be assisting us in some facility improvements!

We are very grateful for these summer teams, and would appreciate everyone praying for their safety and health. 

Please, keep Daisy in your prayers as we have filed for her citizenship and are waiting for her appointment to take her picture and her naturalization exam. 

In His Grip,

The Tippie Family

Romans 10:15 And how shall they preach, except they be sent? as it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things! 

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