Piles! Here, There, and Everywhere!

Piles, upon piles, upon piles. Everywhere I turn, there are piles! Piles of clothes to be sorted and given away, piles of papers to be organized, piles of toys to be donated, piles of toys the kids hope to keep. I can’t quite find my house anymore because it is so full of piles — the reality that we are making another move around the world is daily more evident. In some way, it is exciting to see things getting finished, but more often, it is overwhelming how many things are still left to do.

Romeo, Anya, and little Romeo were blessed to be able to take a trip to Moyobamba and teach on discipleship in the Awajun community of San Rafael. It is truly a blessing to see the work that God is doing in the jungle amidst the indigenous people. Please pray that a passion for God and His word would continue to grow and that those from San Rafael would be able to bring the gospel to the tribes further in the interior that have little to no contact with the outside world.

The semester has already begun, and there are several new students, most of whom I have hardly been able to meet, let alone have a real conversation with. Along with the new semester came a stomach bug, followed up by a head cold. Romeo is scheduled to teach Self Confrontation in Spanish, as well as Christ in Prophecy in English this semester. It is his first time teaching either of these classes, but he is already really enjoying preparing for them. 

Despite sickness and many piles, we are really enjoying this semester. You can join us in praying that God would grow each of the students, interns, and staff to a new depth in their walks with Him. And also for us that we would be able to quickly finish all the organizing that needs to happen so that we can fully enjoy and soak in these last months in Peru and be fully committed where we are.

This month, we would love if you would join us in praying over the details. You can be praying for wisdom and clear direction, provision for vehicles, furniture, housing deposits, quick acquisition of the Russian language, etc. Our children have asked repeatedly for specific prayer for their hearts and attitudes related to the move. They regularly pray that God would give them a joyful heart in regards to moving, despite how sad they are about it.


Until the beginning of October, we anticipate being “offgrid” in a sense. We need some time to really focus in here and step into devoted prayer for the coming months. We are going to take a break from social media for this time. We just wanted you to know it is a temporary “disappearance” and we will be back responding to messages in no time. 

Thank you for your continued prayers and support for our family. It is an indescribable blessing to have so many people who are “behind the scenes” partners with the work God is doing here in Peru, and around the world. We would never be on the field if it weren’t for all those who partner with us in ministry. Thank you!

With love,

The Bueschers

Bittersweet Beautiful Life

An Important Update from the Bueschers

The things that once felt different, the foods that seemed strange, the various sights and smells of Peru, they’re no longer foreign. In fact, they’re quite familiar. 

Let me share a quick story… On a recent visit to the States, I was driving along a small town highway. I had borrowed a van during my trip and the gas light came on, but on top of this, my phone had no cell service. I began to feel nervous, then borderline panicked as I was already late to a get together and the next gas station was still miles down the road. I said to myself, “I have no way to contact anyone, I don’t know how many miles I can drive once the gas light comes on, and I’m in a foriegn country with no way to ask anyone for help!”

Now, let me fill in a couple little details… I drove down that very same small town highway every school day for years. If you blind folded me, even today, I could tell where I was on the road simply by the curves. I know the town like the back of my hand. Yet, somehow the very town I spent all my school years in, felt like a foriegn country. Despite the familiarity, it was no longer “normal” it felt new and uncomfortable.

Peru has become our home. Which is why no matter how excited we are for the doors that God is opening for us, this news is extremely difficult to put into a newsletter. The bittersweet reality of God opening doors, is that it means He is also bringing other chapters to a close.

Many of you know that Russian Jewish ministry has been a call on our hearts since before we were married. Yet we committed to the Lord to stay in Peru for as long as He would have us here. Over the last several months, we have continuously had it impressed on our hearts that we need to get ready. That now is the time to get rid of our things because this season is drawing to a close. Through much prayer, this will be our last semester serving at CCBC Peru. We aren’t coming off the mission field, but this will be a big time of transition for our family. At the close of this Fall semester we will be moving back to the United States for a full time Russian language training program in Washington state. The language program will begin the following Fall semester, which will give us one semester to find a house, get our kids enrolled in school, and of course, welcome a new baby into the world.

Friends, we are so excited for the incredible things the Lord is doing in our lives. But as I said, the opening of a new chapter means the closing of another. It’s like when you get to the end of a really good chapter in a book, a chapter so good in fact that you don’t want it to end. You have no idea what the next chapter holds, and this one has been so good, you wish it had just a few more pages. That’s how it feels to come to the end of this season in Peru. We know that God is faithful, and the next chapter will be full of great things, but it’s still hard to say goodbye to this one.

Please pray…

  • For the kids, as they have lived in Peru the majority of their lives, and this will be a big transition.
  • For us as we need to sort through and give away nearly everything we own in the next few months. It just feels overwhelming.
  • For wisdom about enrolling the kids in school in Washington. There are several options. 
  • For a vehicle large enough to hold all of us when we get back to the States.
  • That we can start making connections in Spokane area even now to help make the transition as seamless as possible.
  • That in the busyness of sorting and packing we don’t miss any opportunities to pour into everyone on campus this semester. That it would be the best semester yet, and the Lord would be at work in every little detail of it.

Christmas List!

Hello friends!

It feels a little funny to have a grown-up Christmas list. However, many have expressed a desire to bless us with one time gifts and have asked us to please share when there are opportunities to do so.

The airline that we are traveling when we head home to Peru in January has a generous baggage limit, and we are able to take back a lot of things to make our house feel more like home. So this is a great opportunity for those of you who would like to come alongside of us in this capacity.

We have set up a “Wish List” on Amazon, please click here to view our list. After you add it to your cart, you will automatically have the shipping address option, “Romeo and Jessica Buescher’s Gift Registry Address” everything will be mailed to Pennsylvania, which will be our last stop before heading home to Peru.

We just wanted to say thank you, we have been so blessed by how each of you plays a unique roll in this ministry, whether through prayer, financially, encouragement and words of wisdom; it is such a joy to be in ministry when you have a support system. So, thank you!


The Bueschers

The Bueschers Family Update


This year is so quickly coming to a close. We are now stateside, and currently in Pennsylvania. It has been such a blessing to be here! Romeo has had the chance to teach since being here, which we hadn’t planned but it has been a real blessing, he taught at a graduation, at a rescue mission, and at church on Sunday. He also was invited to pray with a group of the pastors from the city here, and a group of pastors from a neighboring county as well. We were invited to have lunch and play board games after church last week with a couple of other families, and it was so much fun. We’re making a Christmas list of all those board games, as we would love to take some back to Peru! Those are the sort of things that we really love to be able to be a part of as we travel. So we are really thankful that those opportunities came about.

Our friends here in PA have a bilingual school where they are teaching the kids Spanish. It is really neat to see the school as it is just beginning and to imagine where the school will head eventually. I just wish I could be in more than one place at a time so that I could enjoy all the places we go, all the time. Haha We have only a couple more days left here which is so sad to me. It has gone by way too quickly for me, and I am definitely not ready to say goodbye.

Unfortunately, we have all caught a cold these past couple days, and so we’re trying to recuperate before hitting the road again. You can be praying for a quick recovery for all of us.

For those of you in Colorado, we will be heading your direction soon. But as we have so much family to visit in that area as well, and a very short time there, please let me know if you would have time to get together. We want to see as many of you as possible. But the only way for us to do that is to plan ahead a little to make sure that we organize our time well. (December 13-20)

We have gotten responses from California and will make sure to respond to those soon if we haven’t already! We look forward to seeing all of you in January though!

Thank you for the blessing that each of you have been to us, and to our ministry in Peru. We are so thankful for you all.

-The Bueschers

Stateside for the Holidays!

It’s incredible how often I sit down to write an update and find myself saying the same words… Graduation is upon us, and once again I am both so proud of the students who are graduating, yet sad for us, as we have to say goodbye to the many students we have grown to love.  We’re pretty excited that some of the students will be coming back as interns, what a blessing to see them put to work what God has taught them, and step into leadership. Please be praying for them, that God would continue the work that He is doing in each of them.

This semester our kids have been in school, and they have grown to really enjoy it. Their last day, they insisted on buying something for each of their classmates to express how much they loved them and that they would miss them until the next school year. I must admit, we weren’t enthusiastic at first at the thought of buying enough gifts for the different classes. But we saw how important it was to our kids, and were blessed that they have really begun to embrace the Peruvian culture and generosity.

Now that Jessica has been feeling better, we have had many chances to have all the students and interns to our house these past several months.  The students are typically busy studying and so it has been a blessing to have some fun nights of fellowship thrown into the mix as well. Just the other night, our fridge stopped working, and so we had a Mario Kart and “Eat all the Buescher’s food before it goes bad” party. ?

Romeo has tried to make it to the skate park here in Cajamarca once a week with the kids (though it doesn’t always happen) and through that, he has been able to form friendships with some rollerbladers in Cajamarca. A couple of them Miguel, and Edward have been coming to English Conversation Club on Tuesdays at the church, and a couple weeks ago Miguel committed his life to Jesus! Please lift him up in prayer that he would stay committed to going to church while we are in the States. Please also pray for Edward, and Omar that they would come to know the Lord.

We wanted to share with you all that we are officially going to be stateside for the holidays. Our desire is to meet with as many of you as possible during our time there. Please check out our schedule and see when we will be in your area.  If you would have time to get together for a coffee, or to share a meal, we would be so blessed! Please email us as soon as possible so that we can make sure to plan time into our schedule for a visit with you. Our time in each location will, unfortunately, be quite limited, and we already have some commitments in the various areas. So please, the sooner that you are able to set a time, the better, as our priority for this trip is to share with all of you what the Lord is doing in Peru! If you would be willing to invite others over to your house or church and allow us to share with everyone at the same time, that would be wonderful as well. Some of the following dates are subject to change.  We are waiting for confirmation from those we may be staying the night within some areas.

21-30: Pennsylvania

1-5: Pennsylvania
6: Kentucky
7-12: Kansas
13-20: Colorado
21-24: Missouri
25: Kansas
26-31: Colorado

2: Idaho
3-5: Washington
6-7: Oregon
8-11: Northern California
12-15: Southern California
16: Arizona
17: Kansas
18-19: Missouri
20: Kentucky
21-23: Pennsylvania

Looking forward to seeing many of you soon!

-The Bueschers

Buescher Family Update August 2018

Dearest Friends,

I hope this update finds you all well. For us, the break is over and things are back in full swing here at the Bible college. The month of June was a blessing for us, we put the older two kids (Eva and Romeo) into school and we are all still trying to get adjusted to fitting the time for public transportation (1 hr minimum each way) into our schedule.  They are still struggling to get adjusted to waking up at 5:30 in the morning. It has been challenging but they are both progressing rapidly in their ability to speak Spanish. We really enjoyed getting to spend time with the scholarship students as they stayed and worked over the break. Most of them will be graduating this semester so we are trying to take advantage of every last moment we get with them.

July was also a blessing but in a much busier way. We spent the month going on a mission trip with our church Rocky Mountain Calvary to Cusco, to work with Darwin and Annie Torres and their young church there. It was amazing to see how God is working in a city that is totally saturated with pantheism and idol worship. Pastor Darwin shared with me that converts are hard to win in Cusco, but when people commit their lives to the Lord they are truly all in, and they remain faithful. The church had a baptism while we were there and our son Romeo decided that it was time for him to make a public confession of his faith. I was so thankful to be able to baptize my son, and I look forward to seeing what God has in store for his life. Along with the mission trip, we also spent a couple weeks in Lima, Chiclayo, and Ecuador finishing up Jane’s paperwork and going through the process for Jessica and I’s residency. Once we are approved we will need to make two more trips to Chiclayo before we receive our residency cards. Please pray that the process goes smoothly. We also were able to spend a few days at the beach on the Ecuador – Peru border and take some much-needed family time which was very refreshing for all of us.

August saw the start of the new semester along with a few new students. Please pray for all of them that they would be able to adjust quickly to life here. Many of them are straight out of high school and it’s a big change from living with their parents. Having new students is a very obvious demonstration of the work that God is doing here. It is amazing to see the growth in maturity, and understanding of the Word that God brings to these young lives in just a couple short years. One student in particular who will be graduating this semester brings me so much joy when I see who she is now compared with who she was when she first got here. At first, she was extremely loud, and would often interject very blatant heresies into the class discussions claiming that they came from the Bible but she just couldn’t remember where. She was also in a long distance relationship with an unbeliever. Over the course of her time here she broke off that unhealthy relationship and has matured into a surprisingly wise and perceptive young woman. Now when she has something to add to the class or a question to ask I am pleased to call on her instead of cringing at what she might say. After this semester, with the support of her home church, she plans on going on to complete her Bachelor’s degree at Calvary Chapel Bible College Hungary before heading back to serve in her home church. I am very proud of all the students who will be graduating this semester and I am super excited to see what God does with their lives as they continue to seek Him.

Needed Prayer: 

  • Please pray for the classes that I am teaching this semester, Marriage Talks, Inductive Bible Study, and the book of Hebrews.
  • Pray that God would speak truth through the classes and that the students would learn and grow.
  • Pray for wisdom and discernment for me as the dean of men that I would truly be able to help these young men grow in their relationships with Christ.
  • Pray for Jessica as she raises our kids, and is involved with mentoring various young women on campus.
  • Pray for her health as it seems to be taking a turn for the worse again.
  • Pray that God would heal her, and/or that we would be able to get an accurate diagnosis so we can find a treatment to help her.
  • Pray for our kids that they would be lights in their school and that they would learn Spanish quickly.


We love you all, thank you so much for all the support.

May 2018

Between having a new baby in the family and the rush of the final weeks of the semester, this month has passed so quickly.  We are now into our “Summer Vacation,” though here in Peru, it is not summer, nor is it really vacation. 🙂 But it does on the other hand mean that the majority of the students have returned to their homes in various countries and the campus feels rather empty.  We are already missing the students who have left. Graduation week, despite the great blessing of seeing the students finish strong, always comes with a weight. We always feel sad to see them go, and are praying that they continue to be a light, as they return to their hometowns.

While the campus is on break, homeschool is now in full swing.  We are doing much more now, and will continue to through the “summer” months.  Here in Peru the school year runs from March through December unlike the US schedule.  We have been doing a homeschool co-op with friends for the younger girls. We look forward to starting a co-op with some homeschooling friends for the older kids as soon as all of our schedules settle in a bit.

We finally were able to get baby Mírabel’s birth certificate registered.  We are waiting for her Peruvian National Identification card so that we can get her Peruvian passport, and we will be going to the US Embassy in Lima as soon as we are able, in order to get her US documents. The below picture is the location that we had to go to in order to finally get her birth certificate (on the seventh attempt).

We also need to make a trip leaving the country in order to renew our visas, prior to starting the residency process.  We have had a hard time timing when to start the process for residency. So the next potential opportunity will be in July.  We will likely make a trip to Ecuador prior to the next semester, so that we can start the process.

We have the opportunity to join our church, Rocky Mountain Calvary on a missions trip to Cusco from July 5-15.  We would really love to go and serve alongside those from our church and to finally meet the other missionaries that RMC has in Peru.  Cusco is the opposite side of the country from us so we have never yet made the trip to visit them. Would you prayerfully consider giving an additional gift this month and contributing toward the cost of our missions trip?  It would be such an encouragement for us to be able to join them.

As a follow up from the last update, it looks like the specialist appointment in New York will need to be postponed until maybe next year.  Things haven’t come together in order to make the trip to the states. Also, the testing is a rather long process, so it seems that it will perhaps be better to plan a couple months back in the US in order to complete the testing process.  The necessary tests are extremely sensitive and often come back with false negatives several times. Due to this, it can be quite a tedious process. It would feel like such a waste to fly to the US for a quick trip, and after returning to Peru discover that all tests came back with what could very well be false negatives.  Please continue to pray for wisdom for the timing of this important trip.

We are so thankful for those of you who have reached out to us, poured into us, and just loved on our family from afar.  We are so blessed!

Please pray for all those on our support teams, that the Lord would be growing them and working in them.  Pray that the Lord would grow their hearts for the work that He is doing in Peru. We get the blessing of seeing first hand what He is doing here, and we want to see others blessed by seeing Him at work as well.  Praise the Lord for His faithfulness, and that He uses broken people like us to accomplish His work. We are so humbled and honored that He would choose us to serve here in Peru.

With much love,

The Buescher Family

PS – If you pray for us on a regular basis, would you please send us a note and let us know?  We really would like to see our prayer team grow, and we would also like to send out more specific prayer requests to those who are committed to praying for us.

April 2018


After a very difficult pregnancy, both physically and emotionally, our precious little Jane “Mírabel” is finally here! She arrived after a very quick labor and literally minutes before the midwife was supposed to leave to catch her flight back to the US! She is doing great, and I am recovering well.

Jane Mírabel Ashalee Buescher Buescher

That’s right, Buescher Buescher. ? Here in Peru, children are required to have two last names, the mother’s and the father’s first last name. But of course like many Americans, we only have one last name. And in the states when we marry, the wife doesn’t keep her maiden name. ?

There is now less than one month left until the end of the semester. The end of the semester always comes with some sadness as it means saying goodbye to some of the students that we have grown to love. So hopefully we will squeeze in some extra game nights over the next month and make the most of the time we do have. We are so thankful for the great group of students we have had here. It’s been a blessing that many were returning students, so we have had more time to get to know them. Lord willing we would love to see them return again next semester.

Romeo has finished teaching his Proverbs class, and only has one more class of Isaiah left to teach. So things are wrapping up really quickly. Fortunately the transition into having a newborn has gone smoothly. Romeo didn’t need to skip or move around his class schedule at all, so that was a blessing! This is definitely also due to the incredible amount of help we have had from friends who came from the states. My mom is here now and staying for the next few weeks as well. The help has kept our household running while we were able to take it slow.

You can be praying for us as we apply for the many documents we need to get Mírabel’s dual citizenship. Romeo lost his passport while traveling back from Lima a couple weeks ago. So in order to get the birth certificate, her identification documents and passports, he needed to get a new passport as well. So this week he and Romes took a trip to Lima. Praise the Lord they were able to get an emergency passport issued immediately, and we will be able to pick up his full passport in three weeks. Mírabel’s documents have proven to be very difficult to get. Her birth certificate alone we have already visited three different offices and have had five visits, and still no one has been willing to help us get her birth certificate filed. They haven’t registered foreigners in our town before, so everyone seems nervous that they will do it wrong.

Please also pray for wisdom for us. Right now, I (Jessica) have an appointment set up with a specialist in New York in June. Most of you don’t know, but I have been dealing with an illness that has become very debilitating since last May. We didn’t want to share while we didn’t have definitive answers about what was going on. In fact, I’m hesitant even to say this now, as we still don’t have answers, we just have some ideas. But there were a couple months that I could hardly walk without help, and some days were even worse than that. I have been more stable since January with only a few weeks throughout where I suddenly had severe symptoms again. Please pray for us as we make the decision about whether or not I should keep my appointment. We have insurance that will fully cover the appointment itself, but still the trip will be quite expensive due to all the travel expenses.

Please also pray that the Lord would stir hearts and more people would partner with us and get behind the work that He is doing here in Peru.

If you are not already on one (or more) of our sending teams, would you prayerfully consider stepping up and being part of our sending teams?  Visit www.bueschersinperu.com for more information about our sending teams or to sign up for our newsletter.

We are so thankful for all of you who have poured into us, encouraged us and have been there for us through the transitions of this past year. We have had a lot going on, and we know that we haven’t been as faithful at communicating as we want to be. Please pray for us as we try and get better in this area. We know it isn’t a strength of ours and we apologize if ever you feel that we haven’t communicated well enough with you. Always feel free to reach out to us as well, we would really love to know how all of you are doing and how we can be praying for you.

On that same note, we are planning to begin sending quick updates and pictures using WhatsApp (it’s a very handy app to stay connected) so please send us your phone number if you would like to receive messages via WhatsApp.

The Bueschers

Winter Break Has Come to A Close

Hello to all of our faithful supporters! We are so thankful to have you all lifting us up in prayer, giving, and communication. 

The semester break is over and things around here are back to full speed… Well to be honest things didn’t really slow down that much over the break we just had less people on campus. Many of the students are here on a work scholarship, and so over the break there were no classes going on, but the construction projects and ministries at the church had a boost in productivity. We were able to finish the new women’s dorm which was a huge blessing. I expected to see things really slow down at the church as it is new, and two thirds of the regular attenders are students of the Bible college. I assumed that many of the people from Cajamarca would stop coming, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. God was faithful and not only did the regulars continue to come but we actually had more people every couple of weeks. Please pray for Carlos who committed his life to the Lord at our Tuesday night english conversation club. Pray that the Lord would continue to draw him into a more intimate relationship with Himself and that Carlos would resist any negative backlash for his decision to follow Christ.

    Through God’s grace Jessica and Eva were able to go with the students on a tour of Israel a few weeks back. Neither of them had been to the Holy Land before, and it was a huge blessing for them to be able to see the places where the events of the Bible took place. As many of you know Jessica has been struggling with health issues the past few years that at times make going up to lunch, or going into town for church seem like running a marathon. That being said God was faithful and even though she had to push herself every day of the tour she felt better for the two weeks while she was there than she has for the past six months.

While Jessica and Eva were in Israel I took Romeo, Anya, and Avalina to Ecuador so that we could renew our visas (a visa is good for 6 months after which you need to leave the country and come back to get it renewed. This year we will be applying for residency which will eliminate the need for this process.) After getting our visas renewed we were able to stay at the beach in Zorritos for a couple of days. The kids and I got some real quality time together away from the busyness of life here.

This semester I have been given the privilege of teaching two classes, Isaiah and Proverbs. Please pray for the truth to be taught through these classes, and pray that the students would grow in their knowledge of the Lord and in their relationship with Him.

Pray for Jessica that her pregnancy would continue to go well, and that the Lord would continue to give her wisdom in homeschooling our sweet kids. Pray for our kids that they would continue to be a blessing to the other kids on campus, and that they would be prepared for life with a new baby around. Pray for all of us for fluency in Spanish, and that God would do His perfect will in the life of each and every student here this semester.

Thank you all once again for all your support God bless you all!

-The Bueschers

Fall Semester 2017

We honestly cannot believe how quickly time has flown.  We want to apologize first of all for how long it has been since our last update.  We are going to put forth a greater effort to update more often.  We would encourage you also to add us on facebook and instagram if you have accounts on those.  I, Jessica, try to update the facebook account often, and we generally are able to respond to messages within a short period of time. The messages come to both of our phones and so they are one of the quickest ways to shoot us a text.  Romeo has been really good about posting pictures of where we live, and captures our day to day life really well on Instagram, and of course, photos can speak so loudly without any words at all.  

The past months have been packed, both with blessings as well as challenges.  The semester went so well.  The group of students here were just great.  We were so blessed by them, and are praying that a large percentage of them will be able to return for next semester.  During the semester we had groups of students over for an occasional game of Settlers of Catan.  (One of our personal favorites.)  And it was a really nice chance to get to know them more.

The classes went smoothly and the students papers reflected a real understanding, as well as a desire to implement the things that they were learning.  Romeo was able to meet on a weekly basis with several of the male students and has been keeping in contact with those students by phone since they left for the holidays.  I think those relationships have been mutual blessings.  For a few weeks leading up to the end of the semester Romeo told me almost daily that he was so sad to see the semester coming to a close.  He wasn’t ready to see such a great group of students go home.

The kids have adjusted back to being here really well.  I’ll let Eva tell you about that though in a little update she is writing. 🙂

We were really excited to find some Christmas decorations on a good sale.  The kids were so excited as this was the first time in years that we got to have our own Christmas tree.  I’m not sure if the younger three would have even been old enough to remember our last one! So it has been really sweet to decorate together.  Okay sweet, and a little intense if we’re going to be honest.  Growing up, my family had the tradition of popcorn garland on our Christmas tree.  (Look it up, it’s a thing. lol) So of course, my tree wouldn’t be complete without popcorn! But I may have yelped, “STOP pulling the needle out of my hand!” about one hundred times as we all worked together to move the popcorn down the string.  I tried to explain the correct method several times, but let’s be honest, preschoolers (or one really cute one in particular) complicate things like stringing popcorn.  Of course, now that it’s on the tree, I think it was cute to do it all together. haha

We have managed to learn in the past month how to replicate both French’s Fried Onions as well as Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom soup for our green bean casserole.  To make cranberry sauce out of a bag of Craisins and some brambleberry tea. As well as to make homemade eggnog!  

We have made Christmas cookies, but learning to bake at close to 10,000 feet above sea level, in ovens that don’t hold consistent temperature is apparently a little tricky. 😀 So we’re still working on that one.  And relying on things like gingersnaps that taste good flat and those green cookies in the shape of wreaths.  It’s hard to ruin a stovetop cookie!

Alright, I will close before this gets too long, but we would love to hear how you all are doing and how your Christmas prep has been. Isn’t it hard to believe that we’re only two weeks away already! Wow!