Faithful Even in the Little

Hi friends and family,

First of all, thank you! Thank you for praying and partnering with me this summer. This is just the beginning! I think I speak for the whole school when I say this has been an amazing time of learning and growing in my walk with God. I’m excited to take all the things I have learned and the skills I’ve gained into the future mission field God has for me. 

Outreach with a Calvary Chapel in Primo Tapia! It was their first service back since COVID, which was such a blessing to us to be a part of! 

A constant impression on my heart this summer has been to be faithful in the small things. God has put me in certain places for a reason (the school I go to, my church Calvary North Shore, my family and my friends). I want to seek Him in those places, and ask Him why I am there and what to do with my time. Luke 16:10 says ‘“Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much’. 

This week we had the amazing opportunity to attend the Calvary Chapel Church Planters Conference here in Rosarito. As I glanced all around the room I thought: WOW! Here is a room full of people faithfully obeying God and making disciples! The coolest thing for me was that just about everyone was taking notes. Nobody was ‘too good’ because their church was doing better than the church of the guy who spoke, everybody just wanted to be filled up and fellowship. The church planters were there to share their life and their love for God with each other.

Campfire worship. 

If you ever have a chance to go to one of these conferences, I must warn you: you will be convicted to go plant a church! GO!! We are commanded to ‘Therefore go and make disciples of all nations’ (Matthew 28:19). 

I you feel led to partner with my financially or in prayer for this trip and many more in the future, here is my online giving link:

Thank you for praying for me!


Games with the kids! This is one of my favourite games: ‘water-balloon-towel-toss‘. Yeah, I have no clue what it is actually called, but I like ‘water-balloon-towel-toss’!!!

Prayer Requests:

#1: As we move into this last week of the School of Missions, pray that God will be guiding my next steps and making those clear to me. 

#2: We have one last outreach this week. Please pray that we will be a light to the people we reach!

#3: Pray that our team will finish off this last week strong!

Praise Reports:

#1: Thank the Lord for unity in the team! I have been encouraged by other members of the team, and have made some lifelong friendships. 

#2: The encouragement from older church planters at the conference really got our team fired up to go out!

#3: The Spirit is directing my paths and preparing me for long-term missions! It is a great adventure, and I am so excited to see what He will do!

Vision Beginning to Form

Update #5

Friends and family,

Greetings from Mexico! Going into week 5 here! This week at the outreaches I was challenged to go and talk to the adults. Normally this is no problem for me, however, trying to talk to adults in a different language is hard! At our last outreach at the Chumeya Reservation, I was encouraged to eat lunch with the ladies. The Lord used this to encourage me through Julia. Julia is a quiet 20-year-old woman who lives in the Chumeya Reservation. The conversation I had with her was important to me because I was way out of my comfort zone, and this random lady was able to encourage me and show me that even though I barely knew how to talk to her, we were still able to connect by laughing together and have a decent conversation! 

VBS with the kids!

I was impacted this week specifically in the classes about the unreached people in our world! It was interesting for me to learn that for a people group to be considered ‘unreached’ they need to have no access to a Christian or the Bible. I am only one person, but God has put this desire in my heart to reach them, and bring the love of Christ into the dark places. There are 7,000 unreached people groups in the world. That is a total of 3 billion (THREE BILLION!!) unreached people. My vision is starting to form on how God wants to use me to reach these people…if you want to join me in reaching the nations with the gospel, you can partner with me in prayer and finances. I have a secure online giving link at the bottom of this page, and pray that God will continue to define my vision and direct my steps!

Spencer preaching to the people!

A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.

Proverbs 16:9

Thank you all so much for your prayers and support, 



Handing out COVID Relief packages!

Prayer Requests:

#1: Pray for the Chumeya people that we visited on Saturday. They live in a dark place and need the love of Jesus! 

#2: Pray specifically for Julia and her family; that God will bring a full-time pastor into her community to encourage her!

#3: Pray for our outreaches this week: for boldness in the team and open hearts of the people.

Praise Reports:

#1: Thank the Lord for unity in the team! We all get along and work together well.

#2: Encouragement from people like Julia and the conversation we had. 

#3: The Spirit is directing my paths and preparing me for long-term missions! It is a great adventure, and I am so excited to see what He will do!

Blessed Are the Flexible

Update #4

Hello friends and family,

I am still here and extremely thankful for all the people praying for me! As we go into week four, everyone is more comfortable with each other as far as working together goes. The ‘newness’ of everything has worn off and people are settling into who they are. The unity of the team has actually been amazing…sometimes trips can be really hard when the team doesn’t work well together, but thankfully that hasn’t been the case. Despite these people all being complete strangers to me four weeks ago, we’re all great friends now. There is something about 10 people sharing a bathroom that draws you closer!!! This is missions (as the leaders are always saying) and I love it!

Missionary testimony with Pastor Mike and Sarah 

This past week has been filled with practical classes on what to do once you get to the mission field. I know it will be a few years before I can actually get out there full-time and start working, but for now, it’s awesome to grow in my understanding as I read about the psychology behind cultures and how this affects missionaries. We’ve had some amazing missionary teachers coming in, so we can learn from their mistakes! 

On Saturday we drove out to San Vicente, a ranch town 2 hours out, to do kids ministry. In this place, we learned how beautiful being flexible is! Upon arriving, we realized not only were there not any kids out of quarantine, but the ministry would consist of digging holes and helping a ministry build a rock wall by hand.

Missionaries, Carlos and Pilar, are preparing the property that includes a women’s ‘transition’ home. So, we helped dig holes and break apart rocks all day. We visited with women who grew up in a women’s home with their single mothers. The quote of the day was: ‘Blessed are the flexible for they shall not be easily broken’ (Pastor Chuck Smith). It was actually really fun! If we had held onto the fact that we had come to do kids/youth ministry, we would have missed an amazing opportunity to bless this place so that it can bless many more people!

Moving rocks and digging holes at the ranch.

Thank you especially for partnering with me financially and in prayer as I’m down here…it is such a blessing to have you all! I am now halfway through the school of missions; I can’t believe I’ve been gone for 26 days already, and still have 22 left to go! 

Until next week,


Praise Reports: -Praise God we were able to help at the ranch to give their workers a break!

Prayer Requests: -The whole team to stay unified!

Praying in the Park

He Must Increase, I Must Decrease

Update #3

‘If I am something, then God is not everything; but when I become nothing, God can become all.’

-Absolute Surrender, Andrew Murray. 

Hi everyone!

I am still alive! Week 2 was another awesome week here in Mexico, filled with lots of classes and street ministry. The classes this past week have been all about the Holy Spirit and how important church planting is. Thank you to everyone who has been praying for me and supporting me financially these weeks! It is such a blessing to be here learning, and I’m so excited to be able to learn so much before heading out to the mission field for myself in a few years!! I have so many notes, and I’m excited to share what I’m learning with you when I get home!

Thank you to everyone who has been praying for me. As we get deeper into the school, sleep becomes more uncommon so prayer is a must when it comes to having the energy to serve!! I love it, but have been learning especially this week to lean on the Holy Spirit to keep me a nice person! It is too hard to do all on my own…I need Him! I also need Him to give me the strength to not completely lose it every time one of these Americans makes fun of my accent. I’m kidding, I don’t mind them laughing at it because theirs is pretty hilarious too.

The girls of the team!

This week we read a book called ‘Absolute Surrender’ by Andrew Murray. It is cool how all the books have been linked to the topics we’re talking about. That was not planned!

 One of the best quotes is about being nothing: ‘If I am something, then God is not everything; but when I become nothing, God can become all.’ It resonates with me because our world shouts at me to be everything. The world says I am all I need. THIS IS NOT TRUE! If this were true, then why is there so much pain and depression in our world? Lean on God, He wants you, and He loves you more than anything else in this world, and He will take care of you! It is ok to give it all to Him! 

Outreach this week was amazing. I had a great conversation with some girls in grades 6 and 7 on Saturday. We talked about farms, school, and Jesus! Our team was serving at their church to give out more COVID relief bags. Sometimes while doing things like this, I think ‘why would they want to talk to me? What can I do?’ Then God reminds me, I can encourage, I can pray, and I can bless. Maybe that looks like taking care of kids while they talk to the pastor. Maybe that looks like writing down their name and praying for them in my devotions, or maybe that means directly sharing the gospel with them! 

Until next week!



Praise Reports:

-Several people came to Jesus this week!! Pray that they will get plugged into the local church so they can be strengthened and encouraged!

Prayer requests:

-Spiritual warfare is very real! Please pray that the Lord will keep me strong and hold me tight.

-For the whole team to stay healthy and safe!

-Please pray for me when it comes to street witnessing – I get scared and am not sure what to say. Please pray that I will have peace of mind when it comes to sharing Jesus!

CSOM Update #2: Learning to Surrender

Hello family and friends!

I am so blessed to have you as a community praying for me as I’m learning about missions in the school! I’m so happy to be here, with likeminded people who are also dying to get out on the mission field and proclaim the name of Jesus to the nations! This week the classes have all been about looking at the biblical command of missions and what that looks like. The best (and most frustrating thing!) is that God has been telling me to slow down, surrender, and get the education I need before heading into the field. It gives me peace to know that God is making a way, and it may take a few years before I can be out there full time. I know I’ll get there and when I do, I’ll be equipped in His Word! The Bible is my handbook for missions and life in general! Surrendering to His plans for my life is hard, and a constant struggle. It is necessary in order to be a useful tool that doesn’t burn out! 

Serving kids chips in a park in a town called HomeX. At the point the picture was taken all the kids were laughing at my Spanish!!

I titled this post “learning to surrender” because that is the biggest thing I have been learning this week. I need to surrender my plans and hopes so that God can use me in amazing ways. He can’t use me as effectively as long as I’m stuck in my ideas and my plans. It is hard, but there is unbelievable freedom that comes with knowing God is holding your life in His hands, and no matter what happens, He is going to be right beside you. 

My highlight of this week was street evangelism. We handed out tracts and invitations for a new church, La Gloria, in Tijuana, Mexico. I think this was my highlight because it is the hardest and most uncomfortable part of missions so far. I have to talk to adults about Jesus! It can be frustrating because I just want to be excited and pour out Jesus’ love, but I’m still Acacia…the most important (and hardest) thing is to step back and let God do the talking. He knows what He’s doing, but I want all the credit. God has been teaching me to step back, let the One who created the people deal with the people, and just abide in His Spirit. 

Group prayer for the pastor of the new church in HomeX! 

Aaron was in charge of us minors, although he kept forgetting. He will tell you that I ran in front of a moving car in the street to give a Bible and invitation to a lady on the other side. He’ll probably tell you I almost died. I didn’t! I knew the car had stopped; besides, taking risks to bring the gospel to people is good right?! Well, not unnecessary risks! I’m still learning! I probably should have made sure Aaron knew what I was doing before running across the street!

This week please pray that the whole team stays healthy and remembers to drink lots of water! We can’t be very effective in telling people about Him when we’re sick! 

Thank you all so much for partnering with me in prayer and financially, and joining me on this crazy journey God has for my life! To see my blog with other posts about my vision and calling in missions visit