Prayer Requests

We need your prayers.

Paul encouraged the church in Ephesus to pray for him, that utterance would be given to him and that he would open his mouth and speak boldly to make known the mysteries of the gospel.

Please pray that God would bless us, fill us and overwhelm us with His Spirit and presence. That He would empower us to be His witnesses.

Please pray for divine appointments and open doors, that God would bring people to us that are hungry for Him, people that need to hear the gospel.

Pray that God would give us faith and wisdom, to know when to move forward and when wait on Him. Pray that God would lead us, guide us and give us vision.

Pray that God would give us boldness and an ability to share Christ effectively.

Please pray for our family and marriage, that God would protect us, strengthen us, and provide for our daily spiritual, physical and financial needs.

Please pray for our walk and relationship with Jesus; we need and desire to hear from Him, we need to meet with Him daily, we need Him in our lives, we need His love, His power, His touch and His peace.

Please pray that God would shower us with His grace and mercy.