South Asia 2019

2019 South Asia Team

In less that a week, P Trent and I will be leading a team to South Asia. All of us on the team would appreciate your prayers.

The country we are going to is one of the top 10 worse countries to live in if you are a believer. A vow has been made by the leaders of this country to eradicate Christianity from within their boarders.

While we are there, we will be visiting 3 of the 4 Bible colleges, some of our remote church plants, and we will be holding 3 conferences for leaders and workers. Because of the current climate in the country, these conferences have to be held securely and somewhat secretly. There is a certain danger for those who are attending.

This picture was taken last year. It is a picture of a couple I met in the middle of the jungle. That is their house behind them. This man and his wife had been living there, with not another soul in sight, no running water, zero creature comforts, for the last 40 years.

One of the things I think the Lord has been impressing upon my heart recently is, “How far it too far to Go?” How far is too far to go to bring the gospel to someone who has not heard that there is Salvation in the name of Jesus? What inconveniences to us are too many, too much, that would keep us from going to those who are lost? What price is too high of a price to pay to see souls saved and our Lord glorified?

Isaiah wrote, “Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying: “Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?” I am certain, without any doubt in my mind, the Lord is still asking “Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?” Just like Isaiah, my heart immediately cries out, without hesitation, without a second thought, “Here am I! Send me.”

Would you please be praying for us?

Of course, we need you to pray for us for traveling mercies, that each of us on the team would not get sick during the trip, that would would have God’s protection as we travel. But would you also please press in for us and pray for divine appointments, the ability to speak into the lives of those we will meet. That each of us on the team would have a unique anointing that would allow us to minister effectively and prophetically to those we meet, in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.

You may have noticed Tina in the team photo. She is going with me on this trip. It will be her first trip to South Asia. She is a seasoned servant, but like most people going on a trip like this one, she is wondering what the Lord has for her, what her role will be? I am looking forward to seeing Jesus shine through her like never before. You may be aware that Tina has had some health concerns recently. I’d ask you to hold her up in your prayers. Pray for good health, strength, and for that special ability to minister to women the way only another woman can.

One thing I am looking forward to the most may not be what you think. I certainly enjoy teaching the word in a conference and classroom setting. That is always great. I trust the Lord will show up and speak His heart through me. But what I am looking forward to the most is hanging out with the students I have been teaching via Skype for the past 2 years. I looking forward to spending time with them, playing games, getting silly, having fun and loving on them in the name of Jesus. I am looking forward to those one-on-one discipleship moments that are God appointed.

I am also looking forward to sharing with you great things that God will accomplish on this trip. I’m looking forward to bring back fruit we all will rejoice over. I want to thank you for your prayers in advance, knowing that you are with us in spirit.

All for His glory! No matter the cost.

Gary and Tina

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