Buddha Got Born Again

The Power of God for Salvation

Ravi turned to Buddhism to find peace, and became fully involved even to the point of wanting to become a monk.  He was so devoted, and through the help of an evil spirit he was attracting a lot of attention from those around him who were convinced that he was a reincarnation of their lord Buddha.  Ravi was being worshipped by so many, that he even made it on local news stations.  He suddenly became sick and had severe back pain.  Nothing was relieving the pain, not even his Buddhist faith he followed.

It was a very hard season in Ravi’s life when his mom shared the good news of Christ.  Unknown to him, it was Jesus whom Ravi had always been longing for.  He determined in his heart that whether or not he was healed, he would believe and follow Jesus.  Ravi was completely set free and left all he was involved in with Buddhism to follow Jesus.  Ravi literally went from being worshipped, to becoming a worshipper of the true and living God. The Lord led him to church and then to our Bible college.  It was so much of a transformation that at times it took rejecting everything he had previously known to now take in what the Bible taught.

Ravi became zealous for the Word of God and he longed to preach the gospel to anyone who would hear it.  He traveled across his country, evangelizing throughout Asia and being invited by migrant workers abroad.  This led to an enormous following on facebook where Ravi resolved to teach the bible verse-by-verse online so that his friends who worked abroad could listen too. Since then, he’s been graced with a wonderful wife, Mahima, who shares the same zeal for the Lord.  Together, they have planted a CC church in their community.  They’ve remembered the poor by traveling and doing ministry among some of the most impoverished people we’ve ever heard about in Asia.  Ravi and Mahima are a part of our Bible college staff, teaching and leading the students to share their faith.  Ravi serves as an example of the power of the gospel to bring anyone to salvation, even Buddha.  Please pray for this couple, and for Ravi’s mother who is always facing chronic illness.

Coming up 2021

We are excited to announce the start of a new Bible college in South Asia!  Our heart has been to invest the Word of God in national pastors who will then go on to begin the next wave of church planting that will reach the areas where the gospel has never reached.  Over the recent years, God has been assembling a team, slowly establishing the right foundation for another Calvary Chapel hub in Asia.  The team consists of six young leaders we have personally been able to disciple and have seen the obvious anointing of the Lord calling them into the ministry.  These men approached us in July with their desire to have a Bible college in their city.  Right now, the team is working on setting up the new school in the midst of this pandemic.  Please pray for the Lord’s direction, as the team is eager to start the school. Pray also for all the finances they will need to begin this great and exciting ministry.

Consider the Lilies

            We have been so blessed these past couple of months with our little Lily!  She is 3 months old and has already applied for her first passport to travel to S.Asia!  Lily enjoys behind held facing forward to see everything that is going on around her.  She has been “cooing” so there have been many fun, baby conversations.  Recently, she’s been wanting to stand up with her little legs on our lap.  Becoming Lily’s parents is one of the greatest joys in our life and we are learning much more about being reliant on the Lord for His wisdom and grace.

            While we are still waiting on God’s timing to travel back to S.Asia, by faith we are trusting Him with all of the details on getting our passports renewed and preparing for Lily’s first time abroad.  As parents, of course you’re concerned about every circumstance that could happen, or the what ifs of traveling during a pandemic with your first baby but God always brings us back to a portion of scripture that we’ve held on to in our life through our marriage and now as parents: Matthew 6! 

Jesus tells us not to worry about our life, He tells us to consider the birds of the air and consider the lilies.  The birds don’t worry about what they will eat because the Lord provides food for them, how much more He will provide food for us!  The lilies don’t worry about growing because the Lord grows them and clothes the grass of the field, how much more will He provide our every need!  Our Father considers us, and He considers our little Lily, we trust that He will take care of our family and will give us wisdom on how to care for our baby.

In Christ,

Aaron, Jena & Lily Garcia


Praise Reports:

  • The Lord has provided opportunities to share the gospel and be involved in ministry here in the States
  • God has kept our family healthy from the flu and even Covid — thank you to everyone who has been careful around our newborn!
  • God’s Word never returns back void and for your investment into lives like Pastor Ravi

Prayer Requests:

  • That the Lord would give opportunities to share the gospel with those that are wanting to receive Him.
  • That start of the new Bible College in S. Asia
  • For Ravi’s mom who has chronic illness
  • For the needs of the ministry and raising support for our national pastors/ministry workers
  • Continued good health and safety for our family