April 2008

April 2008

Dear Family and Friends,

Hope this newsletter finds you doing well and abiding in the Lord Jesus Christ.

In Kenya, the signing of the coalition government agreement was marked by great jubilation in February this year but this past month the new government almost got dissolved as both parties couldn’t agree on ministers for the Parliament and this caused a lot of tension in the country and Kenya was again making headlines in the media all over the world. However because of our God’s great mercy’s, they were able to come to an agreement and form the new parliament after a month of talks. Praise the Lord!

There is a Kenyan rebel sect called the “Mungiki” who have been terrorizing various parts of the country, killing people and destroying property. This sect is known to be involved with demonic rituals and cannibalism. Please pray that the Lord would stop these Mungiki and they would come to the saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. (Photo: We were very honored and blessed to Install two Assistant Pastors last month. Pastor Arie and Pastor Eric)

This month our children’s ministry teachers went to the Kibera slums & had a Children ministry workshop, 50 children’s ministry teachers from various churches in that area attended the workshop. Also some of our children’s ministry teachers evangelized at an open market in the Kibera slums and about 20 people came to the Lord! Praise the Lord! (Photo: We had yet another wedding at our CC Nairobi, this was the 2nd wedding Dave has done, he married Charles and Celestine Otieno. It was a beautiful wedding)

Pastor James Olal and his wife Helen Olal from CC Nimule, Sudan were in Nairobi this month for medical care and Twinkle referred Helen to a Gynecologist who was able to perform surgery on Helen and relieve her of 10 years of Chronic pain. Praise the Lord!

Also this month, our little Bianca started attending kindergarten three times a week and she enjoys it. Please pray that the Lord Jesus would protect her while she is at school. Little Sophia is doing good and sleeping for longer periods of time at night, which is such a blessing for us, her parents. She is a very content and chubby baby.

Prayer Requests:
• Please pray for Bianca’s protection while she attends kindergarten.
• Please pray for peace in Kenya
• Please pray for the Swartz family as they come here on vision tour this month & also for CC High Desert team that is coming here in May.
• Please pray that Lord willing the Ramirez family would raise sufficient support to return back to Kenya.
• Please pray that the Lord would provide sufficient finances for our family

Thank you so much for your prayers for us & for your financial support. Please do write to us & let us know of your prayer requests, we would love to pray for you!

~ IN Christ,

Dave, Twinkle, Bianca & Sophia Zavala.