Vincent Family/CCRosarito August 2009 Missions Update

Greetings from Rosarito Mexico!

In response to God’s growing of our ministry, this month we completed our church’s move to three Sunday services. We celebrated what God has done by hosting a “Three Service Celebration” which included, “The Worlds Longest Burrito!” By the end of the day, 555 feet of delicious burrito were chowed down. Unfortunately, we did fall short of the world record burrito of over 4000 feet… but never-the-less… everyone was blessed and stuffed. The best part of the busy Sunday was the many new faces that showed up and some of those visitors placed their faith in Jesus Christ for the first time. (Thank you for praying for this special event!

This month Sarah and other ladies at the church hosted an all day teacher training conference. The church provided lunch and a small gift as a way of expressing how grateful we are to our faithful teachers. Approximately 50 teachers and assistants attended the all day conference which focused on topics such as effective ways to teach the bible, games that teach the Bible and memory verses, creative crafts, and children’s worship. It was so exciting to see the teachers that began in the ministry 5 years ago, teaching some of the workshops at the conference to the beginning teachers. The teachers are presently preparing for next months Vacation Bible School. We are so thankful to our many volunteers for all they do to help us and the church- but they continually remind us that they are serving for Jesus!

Also in July, our church was blessed to have two guest speakers. First off, our friends and missionaries Ed and Kelli Compean visited us from their church in Githurai Kenya! When I traveled to Kenya last year, I was able to visit and teach at their church in the slums outside of Nairobi Kenya. The Compean’s returned that favor by taking some time out from their Furlough in the United States to share with our church about what God is doing over on the continent of Africa. They also encouraged and challenged our church to consider missions. On this topic of missions, we do have some really good news. One of the families in our church (graduates of our Bible College) are planning on moving to the South of Mexico in November to plant a church. They would be the first missionaries being sent out of our church. We will be sharing much more about this situation in the coming months and please keep this family in your prayers.

Also this past month our friend Steve Welch (from the Apologetics ministry “Defending the Faith”) came down and instructed our church on several non Christian sects and cults. The cults are everywhere here in Mexico, and the Bible has called each of us as believers to be able to defend our faith. The Bible put’s it this way in 1 Peter 3:15, “but sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts, always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you, yet with gentleness and reverence.” So with Steve’s help, our church is becoming better equipped to share truth and the love of Christ to our city.

On the family side of things, our family was blessed to take a short vacation to Santa Barbara where we visited our friends from one of our supporting churches, Calvary Chapel Santa Barbara. This has become an annual trip as each summer we travel North to visit beautiful Santa Barbara for a BBQ and a time of rest and fellowship. We also squeezed in two educational visits to Museums on the trip! We are so thankful for the many churches and individuals that have partnered with us in the ministry. Thank you!

We are now moving on to our 4th  year of homeschooling. We were praying about joining a homeschool group- for accountability, testing, and filing purposes for the coming year. Unfortunately, homeschooling is not common in Mexico and there aren’t any groups like you would find in the U.S., much less an organization which provides paperwork for grading and accrediting for the school year. We assumed we would have to go through a U.S. homeschool program. A friend from church commented that she new of a U.S. organization that wanted to begin a Tijuana branch homeschool group. Sarah contacted the school in San Diego and was informed that they were looking for a Mexican church facility to use for their class days. Needless to say, they came and saw our facilities and wanted to use our church for their school. So we are excited to announce that Tijuana’s first official homeschool organization is beginning this year at our church. At least 15 other Mexican families are already enrolled. The class days will be conducted in Spanish and will offer classes in cooking, P.E., science, art, and many others for grades K to 12. This will give Mexican families that are dissatisfied with the public schools in Mexico an alternative to educate their children in a safe environment with Christian values. We are also so happy that our children will have more opportunities to have friends and an opportunity to have a Christian school like environment.

Finally, we would like to once again thank you for partnering with us in this ministry through your love, prayers, and financial support. We love you!

Con amor de Mexico, (With love from Mexico)
Mike, Sarah, Grace, and Daniel

 Prayer Requests
1-Continued safety for our family, church, and city!
2.-That God would add daily to the church, just as He did in the book of Acts!
3-That God would bless Grace and Daniel’s upcoming homeschooling year.