Vincent Family/ Calvary Chapel Rosarito April 2009 Missions Update

“Rejoice in the Lord always, again I say Rejoice!”Philippians 4:4 

Greetings from Rosarito Mexico!  We began the month with a bang as our worship team hosted a rocking worship concert. This particular concert was a special blessing for me as I didn’t have any part of it! Since the beginning of the church, Mike hasn’t only been a pastor but the main worship leader. And praise God, He has raised up two gifted and Godly assistant worship leaders to assist me in the worship ministry. So in this particular worship concert, these two Godly men (David and Hector) each led half of the worship concert, while Mike was freed up to sit and worship with the family and the church body! 

In March we also had another church baptism.  This day was extra special as fourteen new believers were baptized. That included four members of our rapidly growing youth group. Please keep these new believers in your prayers. I wanted to briefly share with you the story of one of these newly baptized believers. Mario (pictured) was visiting the church that Sunday for only the second time. We found out later, that the night before he had been in a fight and thought that he would be killed. (He came to church with a bloody cut on his head) That morning, Mario decided he needed help and hope, so he came to church alone. During the service he heard about a Jesus that died for him and loved him, a God that wanted to forgive and save him. So at the end of the service, Mario came forward and gave his life to Jesus. And that afternoon, Mario was baptized!  What an amazing testimony of God’s grace!

Coming up in April we have some large scale outreach events planned. First off, we are going to be having an Easter drama and choir concert outreach. Please pray that many visitors will come and enjoy the concert and drama, and respond to the message of salvation. As well, at the end of the month we are going to be hosting a church wide open house outreach event. This will be located on our church campus and will include free food, worship music, jumpies, games, and clowns for the children, and a message of hope. Please pray that God will use these special events to bring people to the church that we can help and serve and love and reach with the everlasting message of the Gospel!         

Recently the violence in Mexico has been prominently featured in the US news outlets like CNN and Fox news. Many of your have contacted us with concerns about our safety. Thank you so much for your prayers. We know that for us living in Mexico, we are in the center of God’s will, and because of that we feel safe. But please continue to pray for our safety, the safety of our church family, and for our cities!

On the family side of things, we have a hard time believing that our little daughter Grace is turning nine years old next week! Grace is transforming before our very eyes into a beautiful girl with a big heart for animals and for Jesus. Grace loves being a part of everything going on at the church. She sings in the church choir, reaches out to the new children in her class, and she put’s her artistic gifting to work in both our children’s art’s and crafts club, and our adults art class. (pictured with daddy and their artwork)  We are so proud of our little angel!

A continued blessing for the church has been the exploding children’s ministry. We minister to well over 200 children every Sunday, and Sarah as the children’s ministry director is constantly looking for new teachers to help in this very important ministry. Regarding this need, I wanted to introduce you to Sarah’s two newest teachers…. our children Grace and Daniel! Grace and Daniel each serve as Teachers assistants in the nursery during one of our Sunday services! They love serving and helping and loving (and playing with) these precious babies at the church. We are so blessed to have Grace and Daniel with their hearts ready and willing to serve.

Finally, if you aren’t already suffering from information overload with the Vincent family, there is another way you can keep in contact with us. FACEBOOK. Sarah and I both have facebook pages where we regularly post family and ministry updates and photos. If you happen to be on facebook, please search for Sarah and I and add us as your friends. We would love to be able to keep in contact with you through this online social network.        

Thanks again for partnering with us in this ministry through your love, prayers, and financial support. We love you!  Con amor de Mexico, (With love from Mexico)Mike, Sarah, Grace, and Daniel      

Prayer Requests:
1.  That the newly baptized believers would remain faithful to the Lord.

2.  That God would bless our upcoming outreach events in April.

3.  That God would keep our family, church family, and cities safe from all of the violence in Mexico.