Vincent Family/Calvary Chapel Rosarito May 2010 Missions Update!

Eight year anniversary update!

Calvary Chapel Rosarito on a Sunday Morning!

This summer we are approaching our family’s eight year anniversary of serving Jesus here in Mexico. And anniversary’s are a great time for us to reflect back to see God’s faithfulness to our family and ministry over that time.

We felt like this would be a great time to give you an update on where our church and ministry are after eight years of laboring with you together in God’s work.

The day before we permanently moved to Mexico! (2002)

Calvary Chapel Rosarito began in 2002 with a handful of adults, (7 at the first service), meeting in the living room of a friend’s house in Rosarito Mexico.  We remember those early days fondly. Without a doubt, those first few years of ministry were the hardest.

Calvary Chapel Rosarito in 2004.

But there was one constant through those difficult early years.  That was God’s faithfulness to us.  Little by little, the church began to grow. Over the next four years, the church made moves to three increasingly larger locations, with each move bringing it’s own unique batch of blessings and challenges.

Flash forward eight years to the present day. Our church now ministers to over 700 people every Sunday. This ministry is spread over three Sunday services. We are excited that we are now the largest Christian church in Rosarito. (A city of 110,000 people.)

Calvary Chapel Rosarito on a Sunday Morning!

Our present facility includes a sanctuary that holds over 200, and an over-flow room that holds 100, where families can watch our services live by video. We have six children’s ministry rooms and a large youth sanctuary. We also have church offices, apartments for staff on site, and a café that is open daily to serve our church and community.

We also recently built a playground park behind the church for the church children. We have future plans that include opening up this park to the community, along with a feeding, tutoring, and bible program.

The staff now includes 7 full time Pastors and ministry leaders, along with 6 full-time male interns that are training up for the ministry. We also have a Bible college that has 50 part time students, and a Men’s School of ministry that has 25 men enrolled that are all training up for full time ministry.

We were also thrilled to send out our first church planter last year to Southern Mexico.  We have plans to send out many more in the coming years.

Before the school project!

The Church in the City Project

After the school project was completed.

Lately we have been  challenging our church family to take their faith outside of the four walls of the church; out to their families, their neighbors, their schools, and the city.

To help that process, we have begun what we are calling our “Church in the City” project. I wanted to share a few details of this project with you.

Working during the church in the city project!

This outreach project is designed to get the church people out into the city, to impact and bless our neighbors with the love of Jesus shown practically through kindness and good deeds.

Projects already completed include a city trash pick up day and a children’s evangelistic crusade. In April, we adopted a graffiti covered, run- down elementary school in our city, and 70 of us spent the day cleaning and painting it, in the name of Jesus.

Grace and her friends blessing our city.

Our project will really fire into gear this summer as we plan to shut the doors of our church for four weekends and hold our main church services out in the city.

We will hold these services in the key population spots in our city (the beach, a park, a major street, and finish up at city hall).

Each event will include children’s games and activities, an evangelistic style church service, free food, and will conclude with a music concert. Please keep our church in the city project in your prayers.  And if you, or your church are interested in joining us and serving at one of these events, please contact us.

What does the future hold?

We love serving Jesus and the church here!

For our family, we believe that God has called us to stay in Rosarito and continue to lead the church, love the people, and preach the Gospel.

We want to become more of a sending church, where we can send out more missionaries and church planters to the mostly unreached areas in Southern Mexico.

After much discussion and prayer, our leadership team believes that the next step our church needs to take is to buy our facility. (We are presently still renting). We have faith-filled plans to build a new 600 seat sanctuary on the four empty lots behind the church.

We believe that we could get this process well on the way towards completion with $200,000.00. We also believe that in God’s perfect time, He will provide these funds in a miraculous way.  And we are excited to see Him do it.

Our whole ministry has been one miracle after another. How else could a church that has a pastor that doesn’t speak Spanish (None at the beginning… but decent today), flourish to become the largest church in a major Mexican city? From the beginning our church and ministry has been a work of God’s grace, and we know that it will continue to be so.  We wouldn’t want it any other way.

In closing this update we want to thank you. Thank you for caring, loving, giving, praying, and remembering us. It is an honor, and a blessing to co- labor with you in the great work that Jesus is doing here in Rosarito, Mexico.

We love you!

Con amor de Mexico, (With love from Mexico)

Mike & Sarah

Mike and Sarah, Grace and Daniel Vincent

Please pray for Mexico!

Prayer Requests:

  1. That God would bless our Church in the city Project, and that many people would come to salvation.
  2. That God would bless our church planters, Ricardo and Luci, in Teoloyucan, and that he would raise up and send out many more missionaries and church planters from our church.
  3. That God would continue to provide support for our family, the church, and the families in the church during these difficult economic times.