March 2010 Vincent Family/Calvary Chapel Rosarito Missions Update!

Five Short Stories-Many Changed Lives!

Life remains busy and blessed for our family here in Mexico. I wanted to share five short stories with you to give you a glimpse into what God is doing here through the ministry.

Missions Trip!

Our church began the month by taking a Missions trip to a little town five hours south of us called San Quintin. Of the 42 people that made the trip, many of them were families with children in tow. The amazing thing is that although it is common to have American church’s come and do ministry in Mexico, it is very rare for Mexican churches to do missions work to reach their own.

When our church arrived in San Quintin, the people in the church and the town were amazed that a Mexican church had come to visit them to do missions work. While there, our team shared the Gospel on the streets, held a youth outreach, did a building project, and hosted a marriage dinner. It is our hearts desire that these missions’ trips continue to stir up our church to be a mission’s minded sending church.

Valentines Day Wedding

We hope that you had a Valentines Day filled with friendship and love. We celebrated that Sunday with a Surprise Valentines Day Wedding! This was a normal wedding with one big exception, no one in the church knew who was getting married except the bride, groom, and our pastoral staff. It was hilarious to see all of the guessing going on regarding which one of our courting couples were secretly planning on tying the knot.

As Sunday arrived, our church was decked out top to bottom for the wedding. I even broke out my suit and wore it for all of our Sunday Services. After our third service, we invited everyone to stick around for the surprise wedding. The congregation didn’t find out who was getting married until the Bridal march began and the Bride and Groom walked down the aisle arm in arm. Please keep Felipe and Mari and their three children in your prayers.

Death in the Family

Weddings are a great time to enjoy the family that God has given us. But the Bible teaches us that not only does the Lord give but the Lord takes away. (Job 1:21)  In February, our church suffered a tragic loss as one of our members named Oscar, a 41 year old husband and father to five daughters lost a brief battle with cancer.

Oscar and his wife Sandra came to faith at the church last summer and were then baptized along with their oldest daughter in our final beach baptism in September. Shortly after that, Oscar was diagnosed with cancer which quickly ravaged his body. I recently had the opportunity to visit him at his house, and can vividly remember his Spirit filled smile as we talked and prayed together.

Oscar’s funeral was a time to celebrate the time that he had lived in Christ and to recognize that all of us as Christians will see him in heaven along with our Great Lord and Savior Jesus. Please pray for Oscar’s widow and her five daughters (ages 4 to 13)  as they adjust to life without their daddy.

Dennis Agajanian in Concert!

This month our church was happy to host Dennis Agajanian for an outreach worship concert. Dennis is famous for traveling the world doing crusades with Billy and Franklin Graham and Greg Laurie and recording 19 Christian albums. But what isn’t as well known is that when Dennis was in junior High School, his counselor at his Christian summer Camp was Mark Vincent… who happens to be my dad.

That family connection helped us to bring Dennis down to Rosarito for a rip-roarin-boot-stompin- yee-haw-shoutin good time as Dennis played his country favorites in both English and Spanish. The highlight of the evening came as Dennis presented the Gospel and 21 people responded in faith. Please join us in praying for these new believers.

Church Planting

We are so blessed to have recently sent out our first church planting family in Ricardo and Luci Vicencio. This past month we were blessed to have some future church planters training with us and we wanted to introduce them to you. Jason and Rebecca Villalobos and their four children live in the United States where Jason serves as an Assistant pastor. But they also have a house in Rosarito where they have joined us on and off over the past three years.

Jason and Rebekkah also have extended family that live in a large Southern Mexican City called Zacatecas. Last year they traveled as a family to Zacatecas in order to get acquainted with their family members living there. Sadly, they didn’t find much of a Christian witness or many Christian churches there.

After they returned and began to pray, God put a heavy burden on their hearts for Zacatecas and the many unreached people that live there. When Jason brought that to my attention, I invited them to pray about moving down and joining us for a month of intensive Ministry and church planting training.

The Villalobos family have now returned stateside where they have begun the long process of raising prayer and missions support with the goal of moving their family to Zacatecas. Please keep the Villalobos family in your prayers and that God opens the door in His perfect timing to move to Zacatecas and plant a church there.

Finally, we want to thank you once again for partnering with us in this ministry through your love, prayers, and financial support. We love you!

Con amor de Mexico, (With love from Mexico)

Mike, Sarah, Grace, and Daniel

Prayer Requests:

  1. That God would comfort Sandra and her five daughters through the loss of Oscar.
  2. That God would bless the Villalobos family and their planned church plant in Zacatecas.
  3. That God would continue to provide support for our family, the church, and the families in the church during these difficult economic times.