Vincent Family/CC Rosarito January 2010 Missions update

Christmas Celebrations

Our family hopes that you enjoyed a blessed Christmas and a very happy New Year! Here in Mexico we ended a busy 2009 looking towards even greater things in 2010! In December our family was blessed to have our parents come down and celebrate with us. On Christmas morning we began the day with Grace and Daniel reading the story of that very first Christmas morning found in Luke Chapter 20.

Our children were so excited as they got “the gift that they had always wanted!” (A Christian computer guitar game called “Guitar Praise!)  Unfortunately, dad spent over an hour unsuccessfully trying to get the game to work until finally realizing that the computer game disc was broken. Through the disappointment (since remedied with a new disc) we were reminded that Jesus is THE gift of Christmas.

On the church side of things, CCR hosted a number of wonderful Christmas events and community outreaches. Our church choir and drama team once again amazed us with a beautiful evening of Christmas music and a message to remind us of the true reason for the season.

Our church staff and their families also took a trip in the church bus to visit the neediest families in our congregation. At each house we surprised the family, sung to them, and let each child enter into the Decorated Christmas Bus to pick out a special toy! Even though those toys were the only ones that these children would receive at Christmas, the joy in their hearts and smiles on their faces are something that we will never forget.

The street children that we pick up each week for church were blessed as we had some American friends come down and host a “Happy Birthday Jesus” for them. Even though these children suffer through horrendous and abusive home lives, we pick them up every week and bring them to church to learn about Jesus. And they love the church! These children were made to feel extra special as they enjoyed a Christmas feast, birthday cake, and each one of them received a personalized Christmas present with their name on it.

Bible College Graduation Ceremony

This past December we celebrated our third Bible College Graduation Ceremony. This year we had over 40 students enrolled in our Bible College and 12 of them graduated from the two year program.

We also hosted our first Our Men’s and Women’s School of Ministry graduation Ceremony. These advanced classes are open to those graduates of our Bible College that desire more ministry training. This year we had 16 men and women graduate in the first year of this advanced program. Please pray for these graduates as several of them are praying about future church planting opportunities.

Tragedy Strikes

As we reflect back on the past year one of our greatest blessings is witnessing all of the new believers that have joined the church in the past year. In October, we had a lady visit our church where she heard the Gospel message for the first time and then gave her life to Jesus and was baptized at our most recent (November) baptism.

After becoming a Christian her number one desire was that her husband would join her at church. This man watched his wife’s changed life for six weeks before finally joining her at church for the first time at one of our Wednesday evening service.  The following Friday night he went to a church party where he talked at length with a friend about his new found faith in Jesus! By Saturday morning he was dead of a heart attack.

As I was driving over to visit his shocked wife early Saturday morning I was praying and asking God… “Why Now?” Why would you take this man a few days after he finally came to church and gave his life to Jesus?” And the Lord whispered to my heart… “I took him now as opposed to earlier so he could be with me in heaven for eternity!” I was able to share that with his grieving wife and church family at his memorial service a few days later. Please pray for comfort for this widow and that God will provide for her needs.

Looking Towards the Future!

Finally, we are so blessed to reflect back at the great things that God has done in the ministry over the past year. So many lives have been changed, so many families have been healed, so many souls have been saved and we give all the glory and honor to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

But as we reflect back on 2009 we can’t but help to think of you, our beloved friends and co-laborers with us in the ministry. Once again we want to tell you thank you for your love, prayers, and support. We could not do this work without you.

Praying for even greater things in 2010!

With much love from Mexico,|
Mike, Sarah, Grace, and Daniel

Prayer Requests:

1. That God would comfort the grieving wife of our departed friend.
2. That the new ministries we are beginning in 2010 will bring much spiritual fruit.
3. That God would continue to provide support for our family, the church, and the families in the church.