Vincent Family April 2010 Ministry Update!

Our Active Family!

Our Active Children with their "cousin" Luisito!

We hope that you had a wonderful month! We wanted to begin this update by letting you know what our family has been up to recently! We are excited to announce that Grace, Daniel, and Mike have joined our always active wife and mother Sarah in getting in shape.

Daniel at Soccer Practice

Our son Daniel is finally old enough to join the local futbol (soccer) team and he loves it. The team practices twice a week, and even have games every Saturdays on the local dirt field. Even though their team hasn’t won a game yet, Daniel rises early every Saturday and he usually has his uniform and soccer cleats on by 7am. And only in Mexico would a 7 year olds soccer team have a beer sponser’s name (Tecate) prominently displayed on their uniforms!

Grace at Gymnastics Practice!

Our daughter Grace has joined a gymnastics club and she loves it! She practices twice a week, and is showing great promise as a gymnast.  (Mexico Olympic Gymnastics Team, Here we come!) There is nothing cuter than seeing our blond little girl surrounded by 20 of her Mexican friends, doing gymnastics in a run down gym in front of a giant Mexican flag. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Grace and Sarah on a bike ride!

Sarah continues to train for the upcoming Rosarito to Ensenada Bike Ride which will be held on Saturday April 17th. Sarah completed this 50 mile bike ride last year with some friends at church, and she had a wonderful time! If any of you would like to join Sarah on the ride this year, please give us a call.

Even daddy has caught the “Getting Active” bug, and in an effort to keep up with my athletic family, I have finally risen from the couch and am working out (semi) regularly in an effort to get into shape.

If you aren’t already overwhelmed by Vincent family information overload, we now have a family blog up and running on the internet. On this blog, you can read our monthly updates (along with reviewing past ones) and each family member has our own page where we update what’s going on with us personally, post photos, and sometimes even jokes! (That is Daniel’s favorite section!) You can access our newest updates each month right here on our blog.

Witnessing on the streets during our church in the city project!

Our Church in the City!

On the church side of things, we recently began a new four month project we are calling: “The Church in the City.”  The goal of this project is to bless our city and help our city meet Jesus. We are basing this project on the book of Nehemiah. Just as Nehemiah and his friends took on the great project of building up the broken walls of their city of Jerusalem; our church is taking on the great project of building up the broken down walls of our city!

In order to accomplish that, we have several special upcoming projects we will be doing throughout our city. We completed our first project in March as seventy of us went throughout our city walking the streets, picking up trash, and cleaning our city. We also offered a cool glass of lemonade, a hug, and a prayer to anyone that we encountered passing by.

Future events that we have planned include adopting a local run down public school which we will be painting, cleaning, and providing with some new school supplies. We are also going to have a special children’s crusade in May. Where we will be offering food, clothes, toys, love, and most importantly the Gospel of Jesus to the poorest children in our city.

Picking up trash during our church in the city project!

Our church in the city project will be completed this summer, as we are going to literally close the doors of our church, and take our church out into the city. For one month we are going to hold our normal church services at four key locations throughout our city. In the street, at a park, at the beach, and at city hall.

At these special events, our normal church service will be followed by a huge free BBQ and then an uplifting concert. Please join us in praying that God would bless these special services, and that we can bring the love and message of Jesus to the hurting people in our city!

Calvary Chapel Rosarito 2010 School of Worship!

Also in March, our church was excited to begin a new one year Bible School. The Calvary Chapel Rosarito School of Worship began with the goal of raising up worshippers and worship leaders for the glory of God! One of the passions of our church is to raise up missionaries and Pastors to send them out to plant churches all over Mexico. And to help those Church planters be more effective, we want to send out Worship leaders with them.

My favorite student in the School of Worship!

With that in mind, our School of Worship focuses on teaching both guitar and voice.  The goal being that each one of the students will be able to lead their families, a small group, or a church in worship. Please pray for the 30 students that have enrolled in the first year of this program. And especially for my favorite student of them all, my daughter Grace.

Finally, we hope that you were able to enjoy a hopeful Easter, as you remembered our Savior Jesus who is alive!   We love you all very very much!

Con amor de Mexico, (With love from Mexico)

Mike, Sarah, Grace, and Daniel

Prayer Requests:

  1. That God would bless our church in the city Project, and that many prople would come to salvation.
  2. That God would bless our church planters, Ricardo and Luci in Teoloyucan, and that he would raise up and send out many more missionaries and church planters from our church.
  3. That God would continue to provide support for our family, the church, and the families in the church during these difficult economic times.