Vincent Family/CCR July 2009 Missions Update!

“And the Lord added to the church daily those who were being saved.” Acts 2:47

Greetings from Rosarito! The weather has been hot here in Mexico and that is a reminder that the summer is upon us! And we couldn’t think of a better way to kick of the summer at our church than to host an after church beach baptism and bbq! So early in June, God gave us some great weather and 15 new believers were baptized. I wanted to briefly share with you the story of one of these men that were baptized.

Two years ago Victor was deported from the United States and moved to Rosarito to live with a family member who attends our church. While living here, Victor began attending our church and professed faith in Jesus. After some time, Victor fell away from the Lord and crossed back into the United States illegally where he was once again arrested, served time, and then deported. Victor returned to live in Rosarito and came back to the church with a changed attitude and a changed heart. He realized that God had allowed all of this to happen for a reason, and Victor now plans to stay in Rosarito for as long as God has him here. Victor was baptized in June, and now has a job, is serving at the church, and enrolled in our Bible College. Please keep Victor and these other 14 newly baptized converts in your prayers.

Also in June, our new puppy, “Tito” (whose photo appeared in our May update with Grace and Daniel) suddenly caught a disease and died. Tito had been Grace’s 9 year old birthday present and admittedly she was torn up about her new puppy’s death. To ease her pain, we went out and bought her a baby duck, and since Grace has her brother Daniel and “cousin” Luis living out back, we couldn’t get just one ducky but three. After a week, our children informed us that their ducky’s were lonely, and so by the end of the day the ducks were joined by three baby chickens too! (Praise God baby animals are very cheap in Mexico!)

We eventually realized that we had a mini farm brewing in our back yard. And so the two dads got the children together and came up with a plan to build a “barn” for the animals!  Fathers and children spent an entire day swinging hammers, pounding nails, laughing together, and running back and forth to the hardware store. But all of our labors proved to be well worth it as our animals slept soundly in their new chicken coup that night. Grace and Daniel now rise up early each morning and go outside to care for their farm animals.

Speaking of Grace and Daniel, in June they completed a great school year. Both of them excelled academically in their homeschooling courses. Of course in dad’s unbiased opinion they had the best and most beautiful teacher in the world… their mom, Sarah! We are so amazed that our little blessings will be starting 2nd and 4th grade next year.

On the church side of things, it seemed that the focus for June was our men’s ministry! Our men began the month by traveling over to Calvary Chapel Tijuana to join men from other local churches for a day long Men’s conference. Our men were encouraged and challenged by the many excellent speakers that shared God’s word with us. Also in June our church hosted our first Overnight men’s retreat. More than 50 guys traveled south for the weekend where they spent their time praying, fellowshipping , and learning… as well as doing plenty of eating!

For me, the highlight of the month was our special Father’s Day Luncheon. The wives of our church cooked, prepared, and served the Father’s a very special Sunday feast. And this luncheon came complete with an incredible musical program. Grace and some of the other children sang some special songs, and then we had some talented musical guests! This “very famous” musical group turned out to be Sarah and four of her girlfriends from the church who dressed up as Mariachi’s. They “played” their gold covered cardboard instruments, and “sang” (lip sinced) to some hilarious Mariachi songs about fatherhood and love! All of the fathers and grandfathers present had a great time.

We do have some exciting new news about the church. We have been delighted to see what God has done with the church, and how He has been faithful to add to the church daily, just as He did to the early church in the book of Acts. Recently, we have been forced to close our sanctuary during some of our Sunday services due to overcrowding and send the latecomers downstairs to our over flow room. After praying over this issue, we have decided that the best way to help and minister to all of the new people that God is bringing to the church is by adding a new Sunday service. That means that beginning in August, we are going to be going to three Sunday services.

We realize that this is a short term solution to this problem, as we believe that eventually God is going to provide for us a sanctuary that is larger then our present one which can hold 220 people. We love the location of our church, and the good news is that our church campus has some large empty lots located next to our facility that would be perfect for a large sanctuary. The problem is that we would need to purchase our facility (presently we are still renting) and the vacant lots in order to begin building. Please pray with us that God would do a miracle in our building owners heart, and provide the finances for us to purchase this great facility!

Finally, we would like to once again thank you for partnering with us in this ministry through your love, prayers, and financial support. We love you!

Con amor de Mexico, (With love from Mexico)
Mike, Sarah, Grace, and Daniel

Prayer Requests:
Continued safety for our family, church, and city! (Things have been much quieter praise the Lord!)

God’s provision to purchase our church facility and build a new sanctuary!
That God would bless our church’s upcoming move to three Sunday services!