Vincent Family- June 2010 Missions Update

Grace and Daniel’s Update!

Grace and Daniel with their mommy!

When Sarah and I moved as missionaries to Mexico in 2002 we did not come alone. We brought along with us two very important people. Those two people were our children Grace and Daniel who at that time were only two years and two weeks old respectively.

Grace and Daniel with their ever present animals!

Grace and Daniel have grown up in Mexico and it is the only home that they have ever known. We feel honored that Jesus has called us to be their parents and to have children that try to honor and respect God with their young lives.

Since our children are (and always have been) a very big part of our ministry here, we asked them to write about what goes on in their daily lives in order to give you a little perspective of a child’s life on the mission field.

Daniel at 1 years old at church with our friend Laura!

Daniel’s Update!

I like living in Mexico because I have a lot of friends here. We always play futbol (soccer) at the church after the service is finished. We play in the back of the church in the “parquecito”. (little park)  The people here talk really fast, but I can understand them because I speak Spanish.

Daniel with his friends!

I love animals. My bunny died this month. But I still have my best pets, my four chickens. Every morning I feed them and give them water and get their eggs.

Daniel holding two of his "pet" chickens!

I also play soccer on a team, and we win sometimes. I can do a “cabecita”, that’s what we call it when you hit the ball with your head.

I like living in Rosarito because we have a fun place for kids called Mundo Divertido. (fun world) I am going to go there for my birthday with some of my friends on June 6. Thank you for loving my family.

Grace at 2 years old when she first moved to Mexico!

Grace’s Update

Living in Mexico is pretty cool because I can speak TWO languages. Every time I go to the U.S.A. my friends say “please speak Spanish” or when they are introducing me to their friends they say “this is my friend. She lives in Mexico.”

Grace and mommy! Best friends forever!

In Mexico a LOT of pet stores sell weird animals. Monkeys are the weirdest. We have SEVEN animals.  We have four chickens (their names are Gunther, Carol, Spankey, and Squibly) one dog Jasmine, a cat named Kitty, and a bird named Prince Willis the third.  For my chores I feed Jasmin, Kitty, and Willis every morning.

Grace feeding Jasmine and Kitty!

I love going to church. I am also happy that I just got chosen for the new children’s band! I am a singer and the piano player!

Grace singing at church!

After I finish with my schoolwork I do two fun things in the after noon. First I do taekwondo, then after that I do gymnastics! I have tons of friends there.  And three people from my home school group go there too.

I love living in Mexico and I hope I live here for EVER.

One of the many reasons that Daniel loves Mexico so much!

In closing this update we want to once again thank you. Thank you for co-laboring with us and allowing us to serve the people and raise our two precious children on the mission field here in Mexico.

We love you!

Con amor de Mexico, (With love from Mexico)

Mike, Sarah, Grace, and Daniel

Prayer Requests:

  1. That God would give us His wisdom as the parents of Grace and Daniel, and help us to raise them up to love and follow Jesus with all of their hearts!
  2. That God would bless our Summer “church in the city” Outreach projects and that many people would come to salvation.
  3. That God would continue to provide support for our family, the church, and the families in the church during these difficult economic times.

Grace and Daniel (with Jasmine) in our Mexican Jacuzzi's!