Vincent Family October 2017 Missionary Update

Dear ministry partners!

Last month, I was blessed to travel with some friends and take what we call, a church planting vision tour! This is a missions trip that I take with a future church planter and his ministry team to visit the city that they are planning their future church plant in!  In September, I was blessed to visit the amazing city of Monterey Mexico.

As the capital of an Eastern state called Nuevo Leon, this bustling city has 5.5 million people and is the third largest city in Mexico. The city is packed with commerce,  business, and hi-rises, and is considered one of the richest cities in Mexico.

Two of our staff members and their wives plan on moving to Monterrey early next year to plant a church there. My friend Misael Cazarez (a native of Monterrey) serves as an intern at our church and is planning on getting married in the next few months before he is sent out. My good friend Pedro Velasquez is going to be the Senior Pastor, and he has an amazing testimony that I would like to briefly share with you.

Pedro was a US gang member that was deported many years ago to the state where he was born! (Michoacan)  Pedro quickly got involved in the local drug trade and rose up to become a cartel hit man! After an amazing conversion experience where Jesus saved him, Pedro met with the drug kingpin expecting to be killed. (Very rarely does someone get out of the drug cartel business alive!) But God did a miracle, and Pedro left the state and arrived up in Northern Baja to begin training for the ministry.

Through a series of miraculous events, God had Pedro pastoring a small Pentecostal church and then brought him over to our church to enroll in our school of church planting! Over the past couple years, Pedro has not only been a blessing while serving on staff, but we ordained him and he now serves as one of my key assistant Pastors.

On our vision trip to Monterrey,  we searched out locations for their church plant and for a place for Pedro’s family (wife and 5 children) to live. We were able to spend time in prayer and studying the scriptures to discern God’s heart for this wonderful city.

We also had the opportunity to share the Gospel and spread the word to the locals about this upcoming church. We are planning on sending out Pedro and his ministry team to church plant in January of 2017! Please keep them in your prayers!


Once again I want to thank you for partnering prayerfully and financially with our family! As you do that, our fruit is your fruit! Not only here in our local church in Rosarito, but also through the 17 church plants we have been privileged to send out over the past 10 years! We are honored and blessed that you have chosen to support us! We love you and appreciate you!

Con mucho amor de Mexico, (with much love from Mexico)

Mike,  Sarah, Grace, and Daniel

Prayer Requests:

#1-   Pray for this future church plant in Monterrey.

#2- Pray that God will continue to provide for the financial needs of our family!

#3- Pray that God will help us finalize our building purchase this month!

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