Daily Archives: December 2, 2016

I get approached by people all the time who want to go to the mission field and my first question to them is always, “what ministries are you involved in right now?” The answer to this question will tell me a LOT. Most people will rattle off all the ministries […]

The Need for Training & Preparation

There are no quick fixes when it comes to support raising. I could end this post here but I won’t. There is no magic pill. I get asked all the time by missionaries – “how long does it take to raise support?” Well, that is an extremely hard question to […]

No Quick Fix

There is no such thing as a quick path to support raising. Often times missionaries think that it is about sending out one support letter and sitting back to watch the check flood in. They are always sorely disappointed. If God is calling your to become a full-time missionary you […]

Obstacles to Support Raising

“Don’t ask people to give money; just ask them to pray.” I have encountered many missionaries that deploy this method of support raising. I respect their convictions, assuming they are from the Lord and not from some other reason, and would never seek to persuade them otherwise. However, I get […]

The Osmosis Method of Fundraising

A missions support dinnerĀ is a great tool for new and veteran missionaries. If you are a new missionary you might want to schedule a few smaller events at some friends houses or one large event in your churches fellowship hall to gather people together so that you can present (see […]

Missions Support Dinner