February Update


Children receiving backpacks at Iglesia Nueva Visión (New Vision Church) in Las Delicias, Tijuana.

If you recall, at Christmas time we have been getting a large number of backpacks donated for children. These backpacks are full of school supplies, hygiene products, toys, sometimes clothing or shoes, and more. They have been such an awesome tool for evangelism! This year they were used for three different outreaches. Two of these outreaches were Christmas outreaches for children. There were games, crafts, a piñata, Bible lessons, and of course, the gospel presentation. Over a dozen children professed faith in Jesus Christ!!

Children who attended the outreach at Capilla Calvario (Calvary Chapel) Las Delicias in Tijuana.
Ministry team from Calvary Chapel Rosarito, serving at two different churches in Las Delicias, Tijuana.

The third outreach was led by a local pastor (Carlos) from our church, Calvary Chapel Rosarito. It was an outreach to the Honduran migrants living in Tijuana, trying to get over the border into the U.S. On top of the backpacks, we were able to give away almost 100 small bags of hygiene products to the families. Many people were blessed, prayed for, and heard the gospel message!

Third Floor Update

We are so excited about the expansion to Connections House! We had a team from Northgrove Calvary Chapel (Anaheim, CA) spend a day painting, running gas lines, rebuilding the firepit, and more. They were a huge blessing, and we now have a firepit that is rooftop-ready on a roof that has styrofoam inside of it. Almost all of our teams use the firepit when they stay with us, so we are super happy that it is usable again!

A donation was given for us to build the railings on the third floor. Construction of the railings began yesterday. This will make our stairs and third floor safer for people of all ages to use again. We are also working on other small projects around the property, like stuccoing the new bench wall next to the basketball court.

CCR Sanctuary Expansion

The sanctuary expansion at our church began around the same time as our third floor expansion. Needless to say, we have been very busy. Fortunately, Ron was able to set aside a lot of time these last couple of weeks to help out at the church. The expansion will allow for us to seat up to 260 more people, for a total of about 860. We have been averaging about 1,050 adults recently between our three weekend services. It is such a huge blessing for us to attend and be on staff at a church that continues to grow and seek the Lord’s will!

No More Electric Bills?

Something else happening here at Connections House is that we are hoping to eliminate our electric bill! We have found a really great deal on solar panels. The cost is $5500 for 20 panels. This number of solar panels should be enough to significantly reduce, if not eliminate, our electric bill. The panels have a 20-25 year life span and are expected to pay for themselves within 3-5 years. By faith we made the decision to deplete the Connections account in order to make this purchase, as we believe it will be very beneficial in the long run.

We Couldn’t Do This Without You!

It would be wonderful if we had the time to write individually or call to thank each of you that has supported our family and the ministry that the Lord has called us to here in Rosarito, Mexico. However, time doesn’t really allow for that. So we hope that you know how much you mean to us! Many of you have supported us since our arrival in Mexico, or earlier. We are truly blessed and humbled by your commitment and generosity, not to mention your heart for missions and serving the Lord. Thank you for your faithfulness!!

For those of you that have inquired or are praying about giving financially towards the third floor expansion project or solar panel purchase, checks may be made payable to “Calvary Chapel Rosarito”. Please write “Connections House” on the memo line and mail to: Calvary Chapel Rosarito, 511 E San Ysidro Blvd #6355, San Ysidro, CA 92173