Dear friends and family, summer is stretching its last hot days, here in the south of France.

Mitch participated again this July in the IBC bilingual kids camp at Saint Paul de Vence which hosted 80 + children, (usually 50), 4 to 12 years old.

Mitch and Amy doing science experiments

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SHGjK6uXY2c&feature=youtu.be  A great opportunity for children of the area to be exposed to the Bible and Jesus during the numerous fun activities. This camp has a quality not often seen in France and for many families it is a wonderful first encounter with a local church. French people are still very reluctant to even visit a church

Schloss Heroldeck, Calvary Chapel conference center

service. Mitch also went for the week long Calvary Chapel conference in Austria along with Pierre (pastor of Calvary Chapel Nice) and Enrico. He saw many old friends and made many new friends. A short time but, the promise of eternity helps to ease the good-byes. Christine has suffered for a long time with back problems and infections in the jaw and kidneys. Pastor Pierre came and anointed her with oil. The pain and infections which had lasted many months despite medical treatments, vanished the next day! God is faithful and His promises are sure. In James 5:14-15 it tells us, as believers, we have a provision for the healing of our ailments. We went to visit our niece Guylène and Benoît her companion with their two young children. He owns and operates an organic dairy farm. She delivers mail and has a huge garden with chickens also. Our time with them was wonderful! This young couple is searching and reading the Bible. With Mitch

Mitch and Benoît
Guylène and Christine

there this time, Benoît took advantage of his visit to do a lot of guy things and they bonded well. We shared spiritual issues and encouraged them to continue pursuing the true and living God. They are now reading the New Testament together, discovering for the first time who is the Savior of the world! We are following closely on their walk and praising the Lord

Jacque and Marie-France

for the honesty and seriousness of these two young people! Christine spent a few days recently in Montélimar to visit some long time friends. They all had a wonderful time encouraging and blessing one another. We started recently, under God’s direction, a 2 month intercession group to pray for family members who are not saved. Every 3 days we pray for 4 different people who are loved ones to the 16 members of this group. It is a strong encouragement for all of us as unsaved family members are often a wrenching burden on the heart of Christians. Praises to our faithful Father for the healing of Christine’s kidneys and other ailments, for His provision for our dental work, and how He continues to use us to encourage many. A couple of closing thoughts. Every single person on earth, saved or not, experiences the blessings and presence of God. Yes, there are many circumstances where you could question that statement, but the reality is, that God created a perfect world and because of the fall, we see pain and suffering. Count your blessings and thank the One who gave you breath. Secondly, have you ever tried to drive on a newly paved road, before they paint the lines? No matter how good of a driver you think you are, you always seem to drift a little one way or the other. Lines are good. The Ten Commandments are good. They are not here to restrict us, they are here to protect us. Also, they are here to show us our sin and that they are impossible to keep. That’s why Jesus came. To fulfill the Law that we couldn’t. Psalm 19:7. By His sacrifice, we can be saved. That being said, and with the importance of knowing the Ten Commandments, how many of you can recite the commandments? Front to back. Back to front. Center to either end. It gives us a good sense of the Holiness of God. And so, to help you and your children in that memorization process: http://www.livingwaters.com/downloads/print/ten-commandments-learning-aids/viewdownload

God bless you as you serve Him,   Mitch and Christine                                                                                                                                                                  Our prayer requests:  Pray for renewed love and compassion for a lost and dying world.

Pray that our lives and marriage will be a witness.

Pray for divine appointments.

Pray for revival in the churches, our neighborhood, our city, and the country of France.


A busy start of the year 2017 for both of us with diverse involvements between evangelism in villages, church activities, helping the brethren with practical projects, prayers, encouragements, one on one, and the joy also to visit our families, trying our best to be a light wherever the Lord is sending us. There is always so many needs to address here in France and it is with pleasure that we serve our God through all these different opportunities.

Some health issues has forced us to slow down a little and be more and more in tune with what God is expecting from us. A vertical whip lash in a local bus has impaired Christine’s strength for the last 3 months and the need for regular rest is now necessary. But this did not prevent her from an incredible 3 week visit to her family, in France, another kind of mission trip where the Lord revealed His amazing work: Beautiful encounters with those she saw

finally after many years, a visit which is encouraging her greatly as much love was shared from both sides. Many of her nieces, nephew, cousins, aunt are reaching out to her now and her heart is totally filled with gratefulness. Mitch is also visiting his own loved ones in California and Texas, blessing his parents, children, grand children, siblings, aunts, uncles, and cousins, and should be back in France towards the end of May. We covet your prayers as this season in France has many challenges. Never anything to be worried about, but just to be informed for the direction of your prayers. We serve a mighty God who has all of our lives in His hands. Thank you for your continued prayer support.

God bless you as you serve Him,

Mitch and Christine

Pray for our health that we can be strong in the ministry.

Pray that we will be sensitive to know God’s will and be obedient.

Pray for revival in the churches in France.

Pray for divine appointments to share the Gospel.

Pray for an openness with the muslim people that their hearts are open.

P.S. Here is a link for a very good way to memorize the 10 Commandments



           Dear friends and family, another year has come and gone. It seems time is flying by. A portion of a poem goes, Only one life, ’twill soon be past, Only what’s done for Christ will last. How true it is that we are hard-pressed to comprehend the eternal. And yet, that is everyone’s destiny. Our physical lives will end one day, and we will all go into Eternity. Some to eternal life, some to perish. A sobering thought. Our only hope is in Christ! As the verse says, there is a time to weep, when loved ones die. When our lives seem turned upside down. When it seems nothing is going right. When we try hard but it feels like we’re just spinning our wheels. At those times we need to get God’s perspective and see our lives through the lens of the Bible. Who we are in Christ, or if you’re not a true believer, your need for a Savior. Everybody likes to laugh. The Bible says that laughter is like medicine. It’s interesting that when you weep with somebody or you laugh with somebody, it creates a special bond with that person. I think the verses in Ecclesiastes 3 are speaking of our experiences in life that allow us to empathize with others. Help where we can, weep and laugh when the need arises. Sometimes I have to laugh at how foolish I have been that I was weeping over something that didn’t warrant that kind of emotion. Our main purpose on earth is to Worship God and bring other people to do the same.

We have had a full year with many blessings and times of weeping also. We were able to go to England for a time to help a friend do some repairs on a house which in turn helped with our financial provision. We went to a church there in Bournemouth and met another part of the body of Christ across the channel. Christine met an Iranian man at that church visiting for a few weeks himself and arranged for him to get a Bible

in his own language. We didn’t really do any serious street witnessing while there but we did hand out tracts wherever we could. Like every time we bought something for the house or food or whatever. We used the million dollar tract with Donald and Hillary on it(not to actually pay). Everybody has the right to their own political opinion, but I was amazed at some of the comments people made without really checking the facts. Mainstream media is very powerful and influential, and dare I say it, not always truthful. Anyway, it was a great conversation starter and then we’d move over to the spiritual. We were given a car! Very good condition, older model but with low kilometers. It will allow us to go to different villages to hand out tracts and evangelize and visit family. We also attended the first European Ambassadors Academy. Very good info on many different levels and subjects. Religion, atheism, evolution, logic, philosophy, etc. One week of intense evangelistic training.                The teachers were as excited as we were to teach and for us to learn. They couldn’t believe we wanted more and more, sometimes staying past midnight. At the end of our training we all went out to “put feet on our faith” on the streets in Cannes. Some of us did Open Air Preaching for the first time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oORa-ff_ZzI&list=PLAGs9RqLp2xpUV9DAAUy255Txf6M7z4Ag   Christine is teaching French to some German girls that are involved with a ministry to Muslims. We participated in the Christmas choir again this year. I have not purposely avoided the Promenade where the terrorist attack happened, but recently went back. There are still memorials all around on the walkway from people that have been affected in some way. Evil is always present but we overcome evil with good by the strength of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.                                             Jesus didn’t say this life would be easy, but it is worth it.                                      God bless you as you serve Him,                                                                                     Mitch and Christine                                                                                                     Prayer requests: That we will continue to be directed clearly and powerfully in this ministry. That we would anguish over the city, country, and world that is without hope. That we will have the Love and Compassion that God has for this generation. That our lives and marriage will be a witness to many people. That we will continue to trust and rely on God’s provision in every area of our lives.

The Lord is still on His Throne


Hello dear family and friends,

Summer brought back a sweet VBS bilingual kids camp which we finished     20160715_141257despite the tragedy that hit our city (Nice) few minutes after the French national day’s fireworks ended.

The famous Promenade des Anglais, a large sidewalk running close to the beach for miles was packed to the max. A young Muslim man arrived in the dark, at the wheel of a big truck, full speed and zigzagging on that sidewalk with the intention of killing a maximum of people. 85 persons, including children were killed in the matter of few minutes, more than 200 seriously and awfully wounded. This has been a big shock for the local population and the many tourists always present here. And the wave of horror rippled toward every corner of France.

An emergency Canadian team, linked with Samaritan Purse came for 2 weeks to bring emotional and spiritual support and training to many churches of Nice. Mitch was present at the site during the terrorist attack and we need to continue to pray for him even though the Lord spared him miraculously, and for all those who were there, for the many families who lost loved ones and those who will be maimed for life.20160721_193022

The chasm in France between the French Caucasian population and those of Arabic descent is getting bigger. There is some fear mainly among the Caucasian group and lots of anger.

Regarding evangelism in the streets, we have been there at the beginning mainly to listen to people and pray for them. They appreciate though still suspicious of anything that carries the name of God. They are getting very tired of bad news. So we have been giving them papers with 3 verses of the Bible: John 3:16, Matthew 11:28-30 and Jeremiah 29:13 as the majority does not have a relationship with their Creator. All kind of reactions to the verses. I think confusion, lassitude and anger is prevalent. We continue to share about the Truth of who God is and His love for all.

In many villages behind Nice Elisabeth and Christine filled up the mailboxes with Gospel tracts and tried to speak to all they met in the narrow streets. Same reactions there.


Mitch goes regularly with Manuel to share in Cannes. They enjoy very much working together.

Thank you for praying for us to always have a servant heart to our King and to the population of different ethnic groups in France.

Thank you for praying also for more workers in the field.

For us to be more and more a blessing from the Lord to all our brothers and sisters and to each person the Lord place on our path.

For our provision.

For our protection and the protection of our churches.

Also for wisdom and protection of our Paul and Elisabeth and those who work with them in their ministry among Muslims. A ministry in which Christine is involved as a French teacher to 4 young foreign Christian ladies who will be participating for the next year with Muslim children (in a heavily populated Muslim quarter of Nice). The school year started already at the end of August.


Heaping up treasures for Heaven

Dear friends and family,

Summer is definitively here with its very warm days and a greater affluence of tourists.

We have been enjoying serving here in the south of France the believers and non yet believers attending the church of Calvary Chapel Nice and those attending IBC St Paul de Vence and IBC Nice. Helping wherever we can with practical help, with repairs or maintenance, children ministries, prayers meetings, visits with brothers or sisters to pray and encourage, taking care of children to allow parents to go to a Christian conference, regular translations and of course evangelism in Nice and its surrounding.

Another year of teaching French just ended with my sweet, sweet Germans young ladies and they left taking again a part of my heart away with them.


Last week we got involved in serious preparation for one of the big yearly event with IBC church: The bilingual kids camp which lasts a week (starting actually today until Friday). This VBS camp for children 4 to 12 will welcome 50 + children, most of them never went to church, their parents neither, and some come even from Muslim families, and other faiths.

Year after year I am always amazed in front of the creativity and quality of the craftsmanship involved in the whole event. The French families never saw anything like it and they are very impressed. The message of the Gospel will be presented in different ways and we desire for the Lord to be highly glorified and for every child and every parent attending the last afternoon show to be touched for life with the wonderful Gospel.

Sharing with the French population of all different kind of beliefs and ethnic backgrounds is still the highlight of our life here. It is a most amazing and noble call and an incredible privilege to bring the Good News to a nation which never really heard the real Biblical Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The churches attendance are small though God has provided excellent solid Bible teachers in both the churches we attend. If people do not come to church in France, then we have to go to them wherever they are.

We can still announce Jesus freely throughout the land of France. But for how long? Russia just passed some laws preventing Christians to share their faith to anyone who is not yet part of their group.

Would you pray on our behalf:

  • For wisdom to always be in the center of God’s will and to be empowered by the Holy Spirit for the ministry He has entrusted us with
  • That we can share more and more effectively to all here about our wonderful Savior
  • For the church in France to understand the seriousness of the spiritual situation for all those who never heard about Him, who never repented and placed their faith on the work of the cross? So few Christians are sharing their faith regularly
  • For a great move of the Holy Spirit in the hearts of all who are attending the VBS camp this week and with the people we share regularly
  • For more financial regular supporters
  • Extra finances so we can visit our French family here. They are all spread all over the country of France (our last visit was 3 years ago) and so we would have a beautiful blessed time with all. Most of them are unbelievers.
  • For spiritual protection

Once again, thank you from the bottom of our heart for all your love, your prayers, your financial provisions and your encouragements of all kinds.May the Lord bless you richly and prompt us all to serve Him better and better as we are getting closer to His presence with each passing day!


Putting our hands to the plow.

Dear family and friends,

Spring is finally starting here in the south of France bringing longer days and warmer temperatures. Mitch came back after staying longer in California to help his parents with a few repairs on their house. Much appreciated there, he is now very appreciated here by his wife and by all the dear brothers and sisters in Nice.

Carnival Nice.
Carnival Nice. Huge opportunity for evangelism.

We continue to help wherever we can at Calvary Chapel Nice and IBC(International Baptist Church) in St Paul and Nice.

Doing puppets for kids at Easter
Doing puppets for kids at Easter

Christine has started to use puppets to tell the Bible story to the 3 to 6years old. Those puppets were also a nice surprise during the last Easter event organized by IBC. Occasionally, Christine teaches women’s Bible study with IBC and is helping with translation from English to French at IBC and French to English at Calvary Chapel.9781500837525 She is also translating a book from Rich Chaffin, “Faithful Service”.

Mitch is very much needed for his talents in fixing things that needs repairs and is an encouragement to those around him.

Place Massena, Nice. One of our regular fishing holes
Place Massena, Nice. One of our regular fishing holes

We are also involved in regular outreaches in the streets of Nice and in the villages around Nice. La Colle sur Loup has been the village chosen where we have visited almost every house! (To be continued). Now we can pray every time we pass next or through the village for all who, at least got a Gospel tract to be touched in depth by the Holy Spirit.

La Colle sur Loup
La Colle sur Loup

Many brothers and sisters in the States and in France are very encouraged by these outreaches. Christine sends regular reports of what happens during these very special times, about specific people and how we can all pray for them. If you do not receive these updates and you would be interested in receiving them, please let us know.

We are facing some financial surprises from the French government which is called local habitation taxes. There was no warning to this and our initial inquiry was that we are not in the French system and did not need to pay as we pay our regular taxes in the States. Our situation is not described in the categories of the French Tax Department and they consider us as people living in a secondary residence.

Anyway, after the initial shock, came the word of our Lord inviting us to trust Him, one more time. Our prayer is, “Thank you Lord for giving us another opportunity to trust in your provision.”

We know God is the Faithful One and will come through in ways which will truly glorify His Name.

Please do pray that we will do only what He wants us to do regarding this situation and for His provision. That none of that will shake us and prevent us to continue to serve with zeal our God and the people of this land.

Thank you for your interest and your love.

Mitch and Christine

Our prayer requests:

Please pray for our marriage as satan loves to destroy marriage.

Pray for the ministry that God has given to us to do evangelism to the best of our abilities.

Pray that we will be an encouragement and a witness in our lives, our marriage, and our ministry.

Pray that there will be Revival in the church and that evangelism will become a passion to many.

Pray for our provision spiritually and financially.

Coming back to France – Retour en France

Dear family and friends, We are very grateful for our furlough spent in California, being reunited again with family members. Mitch’s mom and dad, his children and grandchildren and 12360011_1007755575938596_1040801551949569127_nalso aunts, uncles and cousins! We were able to spend the holidays with family and then head north to visit more friends and family. The kindness of everyone during our trip has been so refreshing. We have no words to express the encouragement your love and TLC represents to us! After our time in California, Mitch has remained behind to work on his mom and dads house that is in need of repairs, returning at the end of March while Christine goes back to Nice, and back to the streets and beach boardwalks in the south of France to hand out Gospel tracts. About 9 months ago, we went to scout out another location of Nice. unnamed1It’s very different from our usual area. More immigrants living there and not too many people in the streets. Lots of families residing in tall buildings. How do we reach all of them? unnamedIn France it is legal to put tracts in the mailboxes so, hundreds and hundreds of mailboxes filled with the Gospel message! Christine was able to fill up about 1400 with the seed of Life! Though the front doors are locked for security, the Lord allowed at least one person every time to open the main entrance doors. Many of the families that received a tract in their mailbox had an Arabic name and were probably Muslims. With many prayers, God will use these great tracts. 3938061.1a3b926b.640There were also many tracts given in Cagnes sur Mer, a town next to Nice. Many mature couples walking on the promenade sidewalk along the Mediterranean sea, despite the cold wind, happy to have a leisure walk in the sun. I would estimate that 95% of these couples, 55 and older, took the Gospel tracts. One Muslim man stopped and we had a very pleasant talk about the Gospel. Another little group of believers (a mother and her two teen daughters) were so surprised to see me sharing the Gospel freely in the streets. Beside this, there were no other dialogues. I was kind of disappointed until the Lord reminded me that 270 of the 300 tracts were taken by the kind of people who usually refuse to take anything! Before I had gone out that day, I really wanted to have divine appointments. And the Lord gave it to me! All of the older 10457543_10152829789259669_3528060801321918720_nFrench couples took the flyers! Would you join us in prayer for these people, and all of the people who receive and read the tracts. As we often ask, we need prayers for these lost souls that God desires to save. Let us all pray for God’s love to enter into all these homes and people. As we continue on our journey in France, we ask our precious Lord to give us all a fresh vision of our service to Him and His Kingdom! “I keep my eyes always on the LORD. With him at my right hand, I will not be shaken. Therefore my heart is glad and my tongue rejoices; my body also will rest secure. Psalm 16:8 Thank you for all you do for God’s Kingdom!                                                                                                                                                                               Mitch and Christine

Prayer requests:

For our sensitivity to hear and know God’s will and then to be obedient.

For all tracts that we hand out to be anointed and touch the hearts of the people.

That we will be an encouragement to the body of Christ.

That our lives and our marriage will be a witness.

For our confidence in God’s provision in every area.

For Mitch to reach the French language level needed for spiritual discussions.

And the grace of our Lord was exceeding abundant with faith and love which is in Christ Jesus. 1 Tim 1:14

Dear family and friends,

As I’m sure you have already heard, there was a great tragedy here in France last Friday. We are about the same distance from San Francisco to San Diego, as we are to Paris, so, don’t worry. Many people were killed and our hearts and prayers go out to those families that lost loved ones. Our prayers also go out to a nation that has a difficult future ahead of it. There are many emotions going on here, as in the States I’m sure. Anger, sadness, vengeance, frustration, hopelessness…. But, what would Jesus have us do? How would Jesus have us react? 11224095_542160759271450_4884614668581432250_nThe times that we are living in should not have caught us by surprise. The Bible is full of passages speaking of increasing evil in the last days. Here, as in the States, we have an immigration problem. I heard an Egyptian Calvary Chapel pastor from Long Beach CA comment on this issue. He was saying that, God is bringing these people to our doors. People coming from countries that we could probably never visit. We might not like how they got here, the evil things that have been done, or even the strain it puts on the economy, but what is our purpose here on earth? To Worship God, and bring other people to the knowledge of our Savior Jesus Christ. John 3:30 says, “He must increase, but I must decrease.” Part of our Sanctification process is to know the Bible well enough so that we can share the Gospel in a clear concise way. Simply, effectively, and non offensively. Like http://www.wayofthemaster.com/ And do all things in Love. So, in all of this, what should we do? Pray, Pray, Pray!

As the seasons come and go, we keep busy in beautiful France serving the Lord, and His people in different ways. Giving a hand to a family, encouraging others, continuing in our different ways of teaching and learning, working on translation and subtitles of the movie “Audacity” from The Way of the Master. https://youtu.be/tbPu2rtmDbY

Calvary Chapel retreat in the Alps.
Calvary Chapel retreat in the Alps.

Week end conferences and retreats with Calvary or with IBC, enjoying so much the fellowship with the brothers and sisters here. Slowly but surely we are reaching some goals like the last part of our Bible School program. More preparations and opportunities of teaching others, from kindergarten to adults, are opening.

Christine teaching Haitian women in Paris
Christine teaching Haitian women in Paris

Christine just participated in a conference for women in Paris (before the violence) with other women from IBC where she taught one session about personal testimony and evangelism. A wonderful experience among Haitian sisters! Mitch has been asked to teach on Sunday for IBC in St. Paul de Vence and in Nice. We both are so thankful to be able to grow and participate in the discipleship training for ourselves and also to others. 11993278_10153106997207724_8930052492313061641_nWe are also maturing in our relationships, not only as husband and wife but with all the precious people God is placing on our path and with our Heavenly Father. Christmas is around the corner and we will be singing again in the choir along with 15 other Texans on a short term mission, who will come to reinforce our international group here in Nice. We will have the opportunity to sing in one of the largest Catholic churches in Nice on the 4th of December. Pray that we will fill up the 900 pews with local people as we will 10863872_5001058121022_1862073448400915802_opresent the Gospel during this event. Tracts are on the way and we will be back on the streets again. There are many things to praise God for, but we realize more and more that this is a spiritual battle and there are casualties. We need to keep our guards up constantly. The enemy doesn’t sleep. Pray for our protection. We are looking forward to seeing most of you in California and enjoying both family and friends there. To finish we want to tell of our immense gratitude to our Lord who has sustained us during these almost 4 years we have been here in France. We also want to express our gratitude to all of you who have been encouraging us in one form or another. May you be richly blessed for all you do to make His wonderful Name be known! May we fervently pray for one another and encourage each other in the different calls God has given us so we can serve Him and others with all excellency! God bless you as you serve Him,

Mitch and Christine

Please pray for:

Our time in California, that it will be productive

That our time there will be a blessing to many people

Continued provision for the ministry

For our marriage and health

For Mitch to get a level of French to preach the Gospel


The Never Ending Story

Dear friends and family,  As a Christian, for any length of time, we still sometimes ask the questions that we asked before we were believers. Who am I, What’s the meaning of Life, and Where am I going? To the not yet saved, these can be daunting questions, with a myriad of supposed answers and with equal amounts of confusion. The trouble is, before Christ, the things that we’d cling to, trust in, and believe, never seemed quite right. There was always that nagging sense that there was something else, something more. Like a dream you just can’t quite remember. 11241026_1592378304347343_8152976574386297875_nFortunately, in the Light of Scripture, we can know the Truth, know what is real, know what to believe. God tells us right in the beginning that we are created in His image. No self-esteem problem there. The difficulty as believers is that we do need to be reminded of this basic but very important truth. When we look at our lives through the lens of God’s perspective, we get it right. The Bible tells us that we do have a purpose, and that purpose is to Worship God, and bring other people to do the same. If you have taken that step of Repenting, and Trusting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, then the next step is Sanctification. It’s a big word that means what we do in this life. To be Sanctified, is to be set apart for God’s use. To be daily cleansed by His Word. To become intimate with 11220929_1485307845120795_7411425568528709927_nour Creator. To know His will and be obedient to it. Jesus didn’t die to give us a better life. 11329837_1112488382099628_6169148760532816204_nHe died to save us from 11222537_857213834357335_4592003450455249834_nGod’s wrath. The Never Ending Story is for every single person born, past, present, and future. We all have an eternal spirit. We all have an eternal destiny. 10906253_640679909365955_1303869060513420370_nWhere we spend eternity is determined by the choices we make in this life, and there are only two choices. You will never find a perfect Christian, just as you will never find a perfect church. But the One who is Perfect, calls us individually, “Come now, let us reason together, says the LORD, though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.” Isaiah 1:18. 11407096_10205535093049635_8908856813386451223_nAs I get older and start seeing more 11722273_10207681153412849_252766293967110723_oand more of my friends passing away, I am reminded that this life is just a smoke and a vapor. None if us is promised another hour. At the end of my life, or when Jesus comes back, it will be the beginning of the book. This life is a preamble to the real story, “For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.”         1 Corinthians 13:12. We have had a busy summer with Kids camp, outreaches, serving in the church, and by the Grace of God, living a life pleasing to Him. We are not “specially called” to ministry just because we’re in another country. We are all called to service. Your part is to find out what your calling is and be faithful to it. You find out what God’s will is for your life by finding God, in His Word. God bless you as you serve Him. Mitch and Christine                                    Our prayer requests:                                                                                                         Pray for France.                                                                                                                         Pray for the people we come in contact with in divine appointments.                 Pray for all the tracts that we hand out.                                                                      Pray that we may be a witness in our lives and our marriage.                               Pray for our financial support.

What a Difference a Day Makes, or Prayer, or Reading, or Repentance, or…

Dear friends and family,

During the time of our last update, we have had some interesting challenges. Let me preface the following that, in all of our walk with God, He is Faithful. Our Hope is in Him. Our Provision is in Him.

Passion flower. There's a story behind it, look it up.
Passion flowers. There’s a story behind it, look it up.

Early on in my Christian walk when I was just starting to read the Bible, I read where Jesus said Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. Matt. 18:3. So I prayed to have that childlike Faith. One area it shows up in is my dependence on God to supply all of my needs. Phil. 4:19. Of course I complain and worry sometimes, but I know it will be done, even if there’s some difficulties in the process.

Previously we had posted that we needed to find a new apartment. Seems like a simple task and basically it is. A bit of culture shock, things aren’t always what they seem, even in France. I guess that goes for almost anywhere though.

Long story short, we left our first flat April 15, knowing we would be staying with a friend for ten days while waiting for our new place to become vacant. We assumed things were going as planned. But you know how that goes. We were waiting for word from the bank that things were on schedule. The active word being wait. A friend told us that we needed to go down to the bank the next day, without an appointment, and find out what’s going on. God’s timing is perfect. If we had waited just a few hours longer, we would not be in this beautiful apartment today. It’s a fine line it seems between waiting patiently or moving quickly.

Looking out the south towards the sea. Kinda strange for a west coaster.
Looking south towards the sea. Kinda strange for a west coaster.

So here we are. Larger, cheaper, very light and airy, nice views. Right across from the sea, (it’s also right across from the airport, and they refuse to let us walk across the runway, so it’s a ten minute walk to the plage). Another plus is that the Promenade is right across the street so tract distribution gets a bit of head start.

Making our new flat a home (my part).
Making our new flat a home (my part).

We’ve had to do some upgrades though, as this apt. had very little compared to the last one. Building closets and shelves and a desk to work at, but we were provided with a new frigo, (refrigerator) clothes washer, and some kitchen cabinets.

Spending time with friends.
Spending time with friends.

4We had friends from CA. visiting us for a week, which almost didn’t happen because of communication breakdown.  Our flat is now visitor friendly.

Praying before we hit the streets in Cannes.
Praying before we hit the streets in Cannes.
On la Croisette.
On la Croisette.
The Canadian group witnessing in Nice.
The Canadian group witnessing in Nice.

There was a group from CC Montreal that came to Nice to do outreach while the other part of that group went to Paris. We had a great time handing out tracts and witnessing to people in Nice and Cannes.

The Cannes Film Festival was going on at that time so there were literally thousands of people in the streets. There were eight of us that went out in different directions and we all had stories to tell of people that were open to receive tracts and hear the Gospel.

On the tapis rouge. (red carpet Cannes Film Festival
On the tapis rouge. (red carpet Cannes Film Festival

The festival is for two weeks, and one day, when we had planned to hand out tracts, it happened that there were some extra tickets to go to the Festival. What a surprise and treat! Good thing I had my formal shorts on. Actually, we really did have to have formal wear. I was loaned a tux, and Christine an evening gown. Who da thunk? We had a great time, but also very sad seeing the value the world puts on money and celebrity.

About evangelism, a lot of people think that somebody won’t come to Jesus unless they’re down and out, having life problems, health problems, addictions and so on. As a true believer, we know EVERYONE needs the Saviour, regardless of status or seemingly lack of problems. We know, and they know, that everyone has told a lie, everyone has stolen, regardless of value, everyone has broken the 10 Commandments, in thought, word, or deed. The Bible says, For whosoever shall keep the whole law, and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all. James 2:10. We are all guilty but for the Grace of God.

Christine's home study group.
Christine’s home study group.

Christine and I have both been taking a class which  is equivalent to a   seminary class. Very rich.  Christine is leading a study for some women.

Anniversary dinner. All you can eat Asian.
Anniversary dinner. All you can eat Asian.

We had our twenty year anniversary and celebrated at an all you can eat Asian restaurant. I’m still waddling!


Life is good, and challenging, (sometimes translated as, I don’t like this anymore. Why did I come here? When are things, or you, going to change for the better?) just like your life. Where we live and do ministry is beautiful, just like where you live and do ministry. God’s creation is amazingly beautiful no matter where you are in the world and, if you are a true believer, you are in ministry. Find out what your calling and gift is and serve the Lord with gladness. God bless you as you serve Him!

Mitch and Christine

Prayer requests:

For our neighbors, our neighborhood, our city, this nation.

That we would get to know our neighbors and be able to share the Gospel.

That this home will be used for God’s glory and will be a peaceful retreat.

For our marriage and our health.

That we would have many divine appointments.

That Mitch would learn French at the philosophical/religious level.