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Current Need: $100/month

Pastor P.M. & V.M.

When P. M. led the very first believers to Jesus in an entire geographical area, an urgent need for Godly training for them jumped out at P. M. and V. M. Together with SGWM, P.M. and V. M. started the Pastors School.



Current Need: Fully Supported

Pastor R. M.(1)

U.S.-trained at the Calvary Chapel Bible College in Murrietta, CA; R.M. is well-equipped to be the administrator, a daily teacher, and a much-needed translator for a Pastors School. Pastor R.M. enthusiastically leads his students in evangelistic outreach to villages.




Rakesh Profile

Current Need: $65/month

Pastor R. K.

One of the four very first Christians in his entire language group, R.K. soon began sharing the Gospel with almost everyone he met. God has amazingly blessed his ministry! R.K. now travels from morning till late evening to pastor churches he started in 3 different villages.



Current Need: $30/month

Pastor P. K.

P.K. accepted Jesus as his Savior while visiting the Pastors School with some friends. He is now a highly enthusiastic evangelist and strong leader, who has started a church that is standing firm in their faith in spite of heavy physical persecution.



Rajendra Profile

Current Need: Fully Supported

Pastor R. M.(2)

R.M. knew that God was calling him to share the wonderful news of Jesus Christ where it had never yet been spoken. He is faithful to reach areas that are willing to listen, but has also been kicked out of many villages as people reject the Gospel. In spite of this resistance, R.M. successfully started churches in twelve different villages.



Pastor S.K.

S.K. is the only Christian in his family. S.K. returned to his home village to start a church. He continues to pastor in this church and has seen some growth. S.K. tirelessly shares the Gospel with those he meets. He is seeking to plant churches in unreached and hard to reach areas.


Current Need $140/month

Pastor D.K.

When D.K. accepted Jesus as his Savior, he was excommunicated from his family, village, and tribe. He has now been a fruitful evangelist and pastor serving the Lord for several years.



Current Need: $150/month

Pastor R.K. (2)

R.K.’s heart is burdened to reach his own people with the Gospel and to equip others in the Word of God. R.K. is part of the Calvary Chapel Bible College South Asia staff where he is involved in teaching, discipling, and planning outreaches for the students.



Current need $250/month

Pastor J.E.

J.E. understands personally what it’s like to be raised religious, but not have a personal relationship with Jesus. He has a burning passion to lead people away from vain cultural traditions and into a real relationship with Christ. His hopes are to preach the Truth, and equip believers.


Current Need: $300/month

Pastor L.B.

Pastor L.B. has ministered for over 40 years, helping establish Bible training centers and raise up leaders. L.B. has now joined SGWM in establishing a new Bible College. His heart is focused on reaching the unreached with the Gospel and training others to do the same.



Current Need: Fully Supported

Pastor W.J.

W.J. studied to be an Aeronautical Engineer; but from the very day the Lord spoke to him, W.J. has been in fulltime ministry. W.J. completed his bachelor’s in Theology at CCBCE in Hungary. His heart’s desire is to glorify God and serve Him till his last breath. W.J. is currently a professor at a CCBC in South Asia.



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