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“How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach, except they be sent? As it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!”

Romans 10:14-15


Meet the Director

Pastor P. M. & V. M.


Current Need: $100/month


Pastor P. M. and V.M. are the director and wife of the School of ministry. In faith, P. M. and V. M. answered God’s call and moved far from their comfortable home, family, and church. P. M. tirelessly and fervently preached the Gospel until he led the very first believers to Jesus in an entire geographical area. An urgent need for godly training for the new believers jumped out at P. M. and V. M. Together with SGWM, P.M. and V. M. started the school of ministry to train pastors and evangelists. In the last few years, God has blessed the ministry abundantly and many churches have been started, where Jesus’ name had never before been spoken!

God has mightily used them to raise up new believers to become totally sold out to the Lord- to strive to live every breath for Him. We can’t imagine a more equipped couple to be leading the School of Ministry!




Meet the Administrator

Pastor R. M.(1)

Current Need: Fully Supported

R. M. was U.S.-trained at the Calvary Chapel Bible College in Murrietta, CA. He is the son of Senior Pastor P.M., the Director of the School of Ministry. He has done an outstanding job of following in his father’s footsteps in serving Jesus Christ with his life.

R.M. is well-equipped to be the administrator and a daily teacher for the School of Ministry, as well as helping with pastoring a Calvary Chapel church in South Asia. Because of his exceptional English abilities, he is also a wonderful and much needed translator. Pastor R.M. lovingly leads his students in evangelistic outreach to villages and takes them to visit and encourage the Saving Grace church planters. He is especially favored by his students because of his enthusiasm





Meet Our Calvary Chapel Church Planters

Pastor R. K.

Rakesh Profile

Current Need: $40/month

R.K. was one of the four very first Christians in his entire language group. Soon after he became a Christian, R.K. began sharing the Gospel with almost everyone he met. R.K. attended and graduated from the School of Ministry, and armed with a strong knowledge of God’s Word, he returned to his home village to continue spreading the Gospel. God has amazingly blessed his ministry! R.K. now travels from morning till late evening to pastor churches he started in 4 different villages.



Pastor P. K.


Current Need: $30/month

Pastor P.K. accepted Jesus as his Savior while visiting the School of Ministry with some friends. Eager to learn more about God, he quickly decided to leave the path he was on to a prestigious career and instead joined the School of Ministry! P.K. is now a great and highly enthusiastic evangelist and strong leader. He has started a church that is standing firm in their faith in spite of heavy physical persecution. This exceptional young man is very sacrificially serving Jesus and is leading his congregation to do the same.



Pastor R. M.(2)

Rajendra Profile

Current Need: Fully Supported

An exceptionally hard worker, R.M. was accepted at a nursing program that is nearly impossible to get into. However, R.M. knew that God was calling him to share the wonderful news of Jesus Christ where it had never yet been spoken. In obedience, he joined the School if Ministry. After graduation, armed with a powerful knowledge of God’s Word, he set out to share Jesus’ love in an extremely unreached state in South Asia. He is faithful to reach areas that are willing to listen, but has also been kicked out of many villages as people reject the Gospel. In spite of this resistance, R.M. successfully started, and continues to preach in, churches in twelve different villages.


Pastor S. K.


Current Need: Fully Supported

S.K. is the only Christian in his family. He desperately wanted to learn more about God’s Word and how to share his faith with others, so he attended the School of Ministry. There was a small group of believers in S.K.’s village. S.K. returned to start a church and continues to pastor this church and has seen some growth. There are many others to be reached in his village, and many more villages in the surrounding region that need the Gospel. S.K. tirelessly shares the Gospel with those he meets. He is seeking to plant churches in unreached and hard to reach areas.



 Pastor D.K.

Current Need: $170/month

When D.K. accepted Jesus as his Savior, he was excommunicated from his family, village, and tribe. He has now been a fruitful evangelist serving the Lord for several years. He has recently graduated from the School of Ministry, and is tremendously dedicated to continue spreading the good news of Jesus. His ministry will be in an area that is under the bondage of evil witch doctors; where the average person is very superstitious, underprivileged, and anti-Christian. Pastor D.K.’s dearly-loved wife and unborn child passed away last June, but D.K., while caring for his 3 year- old son,  continues to be unwaveringly devoted to the cause of Christ. This devoted young man has the vision to see many more come to know the Lord and churches started.

Pastor R.K. (2)

Current Need: $150/month

R.K. was raised in a Christian home. As a teenager, he turned away from his faith making bad decisions. But as a young man he gave his life fully to serve Jesus knowing that the world had nothing to offer him. He heard about Calvary Chapel Bible College from a friend and with a hunger to know God’s Word he was accepted and graduated from the two-year degree program.
His heart was burdened to return to his home country in South Asia to reach his own people with the Gospel and to equip others in the Word of God as he had been. R.K. is part of the Calvary Chapel Bible College South Asia staff where he is involved in teaching, discipling, and planning outreaches for the students to prepare them to plant churches throughout Asia. R.K. is a dedicated servant of the Lord, musician, and gifted in administration which makes him such a vital part of the ministry team.  



Pastor J.E.

Current need $150/month

Sadly, Christianity in J.E.’s home country has veered far away from the truths of God’s Word. 2-5% of the population claim to be Christians–far fewer real believers exist. Pastor J.E. was raised in a Christianized family who follows traditions but not the Scriptures.

J.E. feels called by God to teach Truth to his people in partnership with Calvary Chapel: book by book, chapter by chapter and verse by verse. In the city he lives in, Christians, Hindus, and Muslims all coexist speaking a mixture of three different languages. Because J.E. understands personally what it’s like to be raised religious, and not have a personal relationship with Jesus, he has a burning passion to lead people away from vain cultural traditions and into a real relationship with Christ. His hopes are to preach the Truth, teach the Word and equip believers to understand how to live out a biblical lifestyle.

J.E. is most thankful for God’s grace to deliver him out of religion and doctrines of man. Please pray for Pastor J.E. and his team to continue to love God and love people through his fellowship and ministry in South Asia.

Pastor L.B.

Pastor L.B. has been in minister for over 40 years as a missionary, pastor, teacher and servant of Jesus throughout his home country in South Asia. He has been a part of establishing Bible training centers, raising up leaders, and caring for the affairs of several ministries throughout the years. This past year, he stepped away from ministering in the Northern area of his home country to join SGWM in establishing a new ministry campus and Calvary Chapel Bible College in the South. His heart remains focused on reaching the unreached with the Gospel and training others to do the same. L.B. is married and has three children and two grandchildren.










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