God’s Way is Perfect

Merry Christmas!  The Lord has brought us all to the end of the year. May the Lord bless you in this Christmas season. 

Sharing God’s Word

I thank God for His grace and faithfulness in my life. The Lord has been opening doors for me to share the Gospel. A family in another village asked me to pray for their family.  While I was sharing the Gospel with the family, some Christians from the same village also came there to hear me preach. These people sat and listened to God’s Word and when I finished praying they asked me to come to their village every week to teach them the Word. They are Christians but they do not know God’s Word.  

Visiting People in the Village

I told them that I could come, but I would need to talk to their pastor first. Please pray that, if it is God’s will, I would go there and teach the Word to the Christian families in that village as well as share the Gospel to the others in the village.

There is another village where I often go and share the Gospel.  When I went to the village, as I usually do, I was informed that a young girl was sick. Her family wanted me to come see the girl and pray for her.

Praying for the Sick

When I went to visit the family, only the females of the family were at home. I was told that during the Hindu festival Diwali she got a small sore on her leg. She saw many doctors and she was also taken to sorcerers (witch doctors) but was not cured- instead she became sicker. When she is taken to the witch doctor, something like rice grains come out of her sore. I praise the Lord that He gave me the opportunity to share the Gospel with this family and pray for their daughter.  Please pray that this family may know the Lord and also for the girl’s physical healing.

Threshing the Crops

The village people have harvested their rice and now are busy threshing.  We still thresh rice the traditional way. Please pray that I would be able to build relationships with the people and share the Gospel.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

In Christ,

S.K (2)

Sowing the Seed

Working in the Rice Fields

People in my area are mostly farmers. They still do traditional farming, using old implements. We grow rice in our fields. Rice fields are now ready for harvest. The farmers will be busy harvesting and threshing the rice for the next few weeks. Although it is not easy to share the Gospel with non-Christians, the Lord still opens the door to reach out to the people with the Gospel. I have to go to the people at their work place, to their fields, and as I spend time with them they begin to share their problems with me. That gives me an opportunity to share the Good News with them and pray for them.

Sometimes, the Lord brings people to me. A week ago, a woman came to me. She was weeping; her husband is addicted to alcohol, and he beats her. She is ill, but her husband does not care for her. Instead, he tells her to go away and die. I talked to her from the Word and shared the Gospel with her and prayed for her.

I met another man at my relatives’ house. He had come from another village to see a witch doctor here. He had a problem, and he thought that it was due to an evil spirit. I met this man for the first time that day.

When he came to know that I am a Christian, he said to me, “I have heard that by prayers people are healed–Is it true?”

I said, “Yes.”

I had nice time with this man, sharing so much from the Word and sharing the Cross. Then, I prayed for him.

Women Working in the Rice Fields

Please pray:

  • For me, that I will grow in the Word and in the knowledge of the Lord and be His bold witness. 
  • That the Lord will open the hearts of the people whom I have shared the Gospel with.
  • For my church’s growth, that more and more people will be saved and be added to the church.
  • For God’s wisdom and strength to do the work of the Gospel.
  • For my family members to grow in the Word.

Thank you once again for your prayers and support!

In Him,

Pastor S.K.

God Opens Doors and Hearts

Ten to Fifteen Attend Our New House Church

Greetings! I thank the Lord for keeping me safe and using me for His service. I also want to thank you for your prayers and support. I have been doing well and growing in the Lord. I have been teaching from the book of James in my church. I am enjoying learning the practical lessons from this book.

Although preaching the Gospel publicly in my area is not allowed, the Lord gives me opportunities to share the Gospel to Hindu friends. One day, I left my house to go somewhere. Near our house, there is a bridge. Two men who I knew were sitting on the bridge. I stopped there and began to talk with them, and by God’s grace I was able to share the Gospel with them. I invited them to our church. They would like to come, but they are afraid of their community. I have been meeting with them and continue to share the Word with them. Please pray that the Lord will help them overcome their fear and surrender their lives to Him.

Mostly New Believers Come

I have begun Sunday Services this year for the first time. Ten to fifteen people attend the services. All of them are from non-Christian families. Most of those who attend are women. I talk with their husbands, but they make excuses that they have to go work. Please pray that whole families will come for services. There was a woman in our area who was very ill. She was taken to many witch doctors, but she was not cured. One day, her family members shared with me about her problem, and they told me that they had taken her to many witch doctors, but she was still ill. I shared the Gospel with them and prayed for the woman. I asked them to bring her to church. They began coming to church, and the Lord heard our prayers. The woman started getting better and was fully healed. But after she was completely healed, the whole family stopped coming to church. I have been visiting the family and trying to persuade them to keep coming to church. Please pray for this family.

Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for me, that I will be able to present the Gospel to the Hindus in such a way that they can understand it.
  • Pray for the believers of our church, that they will be strong in their faith.
  • Pray that more and more people will be saved and added to the church.

Thank you once again for your prayers and support!

In Him,

Pastor S.K. (2)