February 2017

“My sheep wandered through all the mountains, and upon every high hill…

and none did search or seek after them.”

Ezekiel 34:6

Scattered Sheep Brought to the Lord

Looking across the Himalayan mountains eight years ago, Ezekiel 34:6 screamed out to us that God was calling us to this place in India, literally named “the land of all the evil spirits.”

After spending two years telling the villagers about Jesus on the steep mountainsides, we were blessed to have some of the first Christians running up to us!  They cried as they clung to us, begging, “Please tell us more about Jesus–we desperately need someone to help us learn more!”

Later, our hearts were torn when tropical diseases kept us from returning to India. Would the new Christians be strong in spite of persecution? How were they going to continue to grow in the Lord? Would anyone keep reaching out to the mountain villages?

     Soon after we returned home, we received a phone call…  God certainly did not forget the new believers! They had not fallen away. Instead, the Christians multiplied and the first village church had started–using a turned over trash can as a pulpit!

     Now, God has given us the opportunity to continue to reach out to these same mountain villages, disciple the new believers, and encourage the new pastors, from right here in Indiana!

We are absolutely shocked and thrilled at the amazing ways God lead us to transfer from Pioneers to Saving Grace World Missions, and Pioneers has transferred our funds. Jana and Joni are now working as administrators for Saving Grace, and Paul is eagerly volunteering his help and expertise.  We are working to form a support network for Indian ministries, in the very same mountains with the very same villages! We are so excited and encouraged to see how God will use us in this ministry!

Brand New Ministry with Cherished Old Friends

While we were in India, we were so encouraged and inspired to watch how everyone we met with Saving Grace World Missions, including the president, were fruitful evangelists, on fire for the Lord.   We wanted to be part of their ministry. Now, God has given us this rare opportunity to come alongside our dear friends in India!

Some of our best friends in India already partner with Saving Grace.  These native Indian missionaries are risking their lives every day to share Jesus with more and more villages.  They often travel on foot for miles–with insufficient funds.  Persecution has drastically increased, and Saving Grace helps them with desperately needed spiritual training and ministry supplies.

Part of our responsibilities with Saving Grace will be regularly talking with Indian missionaries to learn their specific needs and to share their stories.  We will also be creating sponsorships for new pastors and the Bible training center.  Our knowledge of the language and culture will immensely help us in this ministry.  We are eager to see how God will work through our partnership with them! Praise the Lord!

With love,

Joni Houser,

Paul and Jana Sandbulte

thank you so much for your continual support and encouragement through the years!
we are in awe of you–many of you have supported us, prayed with us and for us, strengthened and uplifted us with your words and actions, rejoiced with us in our joys and sympathized with us in our sorrows.
we have experienced God’s faithfulness through you!