People have Questions–God has All the Answers

We had a wonderful village Christmas Program!
Greetings from South Asia! I hope you had wonderful time celebrating the birth of our Lord as well as the New Year! By God’s grace, we have been given another year to do the work of the Gospel. Thank you everyone for keeping us in your prayers and for your financial help.
Living in the mountains during the winter season is very difficult. It gets very cold in the morning and in the evening. The road gets covered with frost, and it is very risky to drive our motorcycle as it gets very slippery. We have to drive our motorcycle to different villages to have fellowship with the believers and to share the gospel with non-believers. The Lord has protected me from any harm.
Teaching at the House Fellowship
In the villages, young boys and girls are very curious to know about Jesus. They are very smart and have lots of question regarding religious philosophies and so-called science. Sometimes it is very challenging to answer their questions, but I really enjoy spending time with them answering their questions. Their questions are really genuine-that shows that they are really serious about knowing the truth. Being presented with so many questions from the young boys and girls has led me to spend more time studying the Word, relying on the Holy Spirit so that I would be used by God to satisfy these thirsty souls. I am also spending more time studying apologetics.

Village Christmas Fellowship

This was the first Christmas that I have not been with my family, but I had a really good time here in the mountains as well. We had a Christmas program with the new believers. We called all the believers from nearby villages, and I got to encourage them from the Word that Christmas is not only for the Christians (as people here generally think) but that the birth of Christ is the good news for the whole of humanity. Then we had Christmas lunch together.

Every week, I lead a Bible Study

Please pray for –

1. The Lord to give me wisdom so that I am able to answer these young men and women.
2. These young men and women to surrender their lives to Jesus.
3. Our safety as we drive our motorcycle.
4. My financial needs.
5. Me, to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord.

Once again, thank you for your prayers and support!

God bless,
R.M (1)

Ministry Update

Happy New Year to you!!!!!! I am R.M. from South Asia. I surrendered my life to Jesus at the age of 14 and graduated from Calvary Chapel Bible College in Murrieta, California in December 2015. My father has been serving the Lord with Calvary Chapel Saving Grace and Saving Grace World Missions in South Asia. After completing my biblical studies I came back to South Asia and since then I have been serving the Lord along with my father.

I have been teaching in the School of Ministry. It is our goal to take the Gospel to the unreached areas of South Asia. We teach the Word of God in the School of Ministry to the local believers and train them to preach the gospel to their native people and start house fellowships. I have been enjoying teaching the young men of my age and encouraging them for the work of the Gospel. Since these students are my age I spend more time with them even after their class. This is the time when they open up and ask more personal questions. I have opportunity to give biblical counseling to them. I also help my father in other work of the School of Ministry and in the church ministry.







Occasionally I drive my motor cycle to the mission fields where our graduates have been serving the Lord in the Mountains. I spend a day or two with them seeing what the Lord has been doing through them and encouraging them to stand firm in faith and keep sharing the Gospel. The Holy Spirit has been using these graduates to touch the lives of youth. More and more youth are surrendering their lives to Jesus. Now we have house fellowships in a few villages where once no one had even heard the name of Jesus. We also take the SOM students to the mission fields for camping and to do outreach ministry with our graduates.

I would also request for you to forward this update to your friends and relatives who have a heart for the work of the Gospel. Thank you so much! God bless!


Co-laborer in Christ,