Pastor and Wife Arrested on False Charges

Update on Pastor K!

Please continue to pray for my friend Pastor K.! Hindu anti-Christian groups have been beating believers from Pastor K.’s church and trying to force them to lie against Pastor K. in court. They want the believers to lie against the pastor and his wife and say, “Pastor K. gave me lots of money, that is why I have accepted Jesus.” or “Pastor K. forced me to convert from Hinduism to Christianity.” and many more lies. Pastor K.’s wife and two of her sisters were also imprisoned.

Praise the Lord, on May 14th Pastor K.’s wife and her two sisters were released on bail!

*New Update: Praise the Lord! Thanks for your prayers! Today Pastor K was allowed to be bailed out of jail and has come out from jail after 1 month! Praise God!

Current Ministry Update

Showing the Jesus Film in Unreached Villages

Thanks for your prayers! Yesterday my dad and I went to a village and showed the Jesus Movie. Praise God! Two people accepted Jesus as their Savior! Thanking God for His protection!

Carrying the Generator to Show the Jesus Film

Please pray for us, as we are planning to go to more new unreached villages and show the Jesus Movie. Many villages have no electricity so we have to carry a generator on the bike with us, and the roads are difficult to travel on. Please pray for God’s protection for us while driving the motorcycle and that He would also protect us from anti-Christian groups.

Thank you so very much for your prayers and partnership in this ministry! God bless you!
Pastor R.M.

Villagers Gather to Watch the Jesus Film