Flooding Update

Please pray for the flooding in Cambodia. So far 247 people have died and 13% of the rice crop has been destroyed. To buy supplies or go to the pharmacy Darryl has to wade through flood waters. We are concerned about the flooding in our backyard because it could eventually get into our house.

Downtown Kampong Chhnang-Flooded
National Road 5
Our backyard, now a pond.

September Ministry Update

Our friend, Jun, tries out a Cambodian bicycle powered water pump.

“He who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.” John 7:38 NKJV

Since the visit of the prayer team from Japan the end of August, we have experienced greater spiritual protection. September, could have been a very difficult month because of the attacks that came, but through prayer, the fiery darts continue to be deflected.  For example, Benjamin was sick twice this month for around 10 days each time.  The first time, around Sept. 8 he spiked a fever of 104.5 F.  It was evening and we were in Kampong Chhnang so it was just too late to safely drive the hour and a half to the hospital.  All we could do was pray and ask for prayer.  By the next morning his fever dropped to 101 and he recovered from there.  Kayo and Darryl had food poisoning as well.  But, these illnesses did not become nearly as severe as they have in the past, so there was minimal disruption to our lives.  At the beginning of October, we are actually more refreshed than before the trials.

Reasons for Faith Book Update

As of September 30, Darryl and Doug finished collecting feedback from their editors.  In October, they will make final adjustments and revisions to the manuscript.  Lord willing, Darryl will be able to start sending the first chapters to Fount of Wisdom’s translator by the end of October.  This book started as an idea in 2009 and, Lord willing, in 2012 it will be published.

  • Please pray for special wisdom in making the final edits to this manuscript.
  • Please pray for the translators and translation process.

Trinity Institute of Cambodia Update

The first of many steps toward developing a Christian university in Cambodia took place in September.  Darryl’s work during the month was to write the MOU to make TIC an official subsidiary of Tabitha Services, a Cambodia based organization.  He also began researching accreditation standards and started writing the constitution and other administrative work.

The decisions that are made during this stage are very important to the future of the Christian university.  The challenge is to achieve high quality education without compromising the Christian values.  For example, Harvard University was started by Rev. John Harvard, “to advance learning, and perpetuate it in prosperity; dreading to leave an illiterate ministry, when our present ministers shall lie in the dust (What If Jesus Had Never Been Born, 53).” Sadly Harvard, Princeton, and many other “ivy league” universities have abandoned and rejected their Christian heritage.

Providentially, Trinity Institute of Cambodia is starting just as Cambodia is emerging from the shadow of war and destruction. We have an opportunity to raise up a new generation of Cambodians who will be prepared lead their churches and transform their nation

  • Please pray for wisdom for the board and administrators of TIC as we set the course and lay firm foundations.
  • Pray for wisdom and provision for the finances necessary to start this university.

Anchors For Faith Radio Program Update

Darryl has written 10 scripts for the Truth segment of the Anchors for Faith: Truth, Relationships, and Experience radio program.  The staff at FEBC family FM 99.5 so far have been able to produce 8 programs.  We are thankful for the progress and we are looking forward to the time when we will have enough programs recorded to begin broadcasting on the radio station and distributing recordings to places where the signal does not yet reach.

Darryl will be meeting with the FEBC staff on October 13 to discuss the future plans for the radio program.

  • Please pray for continued wisdom and guidance for all those involved in the production of this radio program.
  • Please pray for financial provision for FEBC 99.5 FM so that they can resume 7 day a week broadcasting, they recently have had to  go off the air on Saturdays.

Toul Ksaich Church Update

The local church in Kampong Chhnang seems to be going through a time of deepening their relationship with Christ.  It seems that after a season of storms and refining that the overall health of the churches in the area are also improving.

Pastor Kita (Japan) praying with Pastor Moen, wife, and head elder at Toul Ksaich Church.

Darryl will continue to speak there monthly until December, when we move to Phnom Penh, and may return periodically to preach in the future.  Now that he has completed his apologetics series to help the church understand that God’s Word is true, he is moving on into encouraging the church to learn the “whole counsel of God.”  In August, the Japan Prayer Team gave the pastor a Bible Handbook and Commentary Set in Khmer language.  In October Darryl wants to give the church members a one-year bible reading plan and will continue to encourage the church to move more toward a more systematic pattern of bible teaching instead of random topical sermons.

  • Please pray that this church will become a church that is truly well- grounded in the Word.
  • Please pray for protection and discernment for the Pastor and other leaders so that they will not look at situations from the outward appearance, but truly see the heart conditions of the people in the church and to have the courage to apply the Word.

International Fishers: Christian Evidence Ministry Update

We’ve closed down our website www.wwnet.org and transferred most of the apologetics articles to www.sgwm.com/record/if.  In the future, Darryl will post new articles here.  This is more efficient than trying to maintain two websites.

Family Update

Benjamin discovers basketball

We have agreed to rent a house for five years in Phnom Penh starting on December 6.  We are blessed that the house is owned by a Singaporean Christian family, is in a great location, is very clean, and is in a safe neighborhood.  In addition to being a safe haven where we can work and live, we will also have enough extra room to host our missionary-friends who work in the countryside but must come to Phnom Penh.   If/when short term teams come to visit us, we will also be better prepared to host them.

  • Please pray for our continued physical health and protection.
  • Please pray that we will be able to “finish strong,” in Kampong Chhnang.
  • Please pray for special wisdom and provision as we prepare our 2012 budget to meet expanding ministry and family needs (Benjamin’s education etc.).
  • Please pray for healing for Darryl’s mother.

August Ministry Update: Part 1

Jesus looked at them intently and said, “Humanly speaking, it is impossible. But with God everything is possible.”  Matthew 19:26 NLT

We have had three very intense weeks in Cambodia since returning.  We’ve experience heavy rains and floorboard deep floods, daily blackouts, mechanical and computer problems, and illnesses.  We’ve also had great blessings and breakthroughs in our ministry.

Out of our weakness, trials, and spiritual warfare God has been growing some amazing fruit!

University Project Update:  Trinity Institute of Cambodia

University Planning Committee

The university planning committee has finished its work.  We now have a mission statement, a vision statement, a name, a board, a CEO, and a COO.  The name for now will be Trinity Institute of Cambodia (TIC), Lord willing, it will eventually grow to become Trinity University of Cambodia.

The mission statement is:  To actively equip and mentor our students to discover their identity and purpose and to actualize their potential. This means that we want the students to discover who they are as special creations of God, along with how this identity influences all other identities; national, cultural, and personal.  We want them to discover the purpose that Jesus Christ has in their lives and to reach their fullest potential through the power of the Holy Spirit.

The vision statement is: Renew Minds Transform Lives.

The board will be made up of Rev. Heng Cheng (General Secretary of the Evangelical Fellowship of Cambodia), Dr. Andrew Kwong, Dr. Kevin Lowe, Mr. Uon Seila, and Darryl

Dr. Kwong will be the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and Darryl will be the COO (Chief Operations Officer).  Please pray for special grace and wisdom for all those involved in the leadership of this new venture.  At this point, we have no funds, so all administrators and board members are purely volunteers.

As COO, Darryl will have to draw on his political science background to develop the policies and structure for the organization.    This will be a part-time position so that Darryl will be able to have time for his other ministries.

August Ministry Update: Part 2

Update: Anchors of Faith: Truth, Relationships, and Experience Radio Program, FEBC 99.5 FM

Darryl, Benjamin, "Nimol" and "Udom"

So far the FEBC radio station staff has been able to produce more than 5 half-hour radio programs.  Darryl has written and had translated scripts for 8 programs.  In September, he will continue writing more scripts for the Truth segment.  During a recent visit to the station, Darryl was able to meet Meng and Ally the voice actor and actress who play the roles of Udom and Nimol.

August Ministry Update: Part 3

Mission and Prayer Team from Japan August 25-30: The Ordinary is the foundation for the Extraordinary

Japanese Team Praying For Cambodians

On the surface, they were very quiet, polite, and very Japanese.  Pastor Kita from Kayo’s home church, Tokyo Chapel, accompanied a team of six church members from Tokyo Grace Church, which was made up of a two university students, two corporate workers, a language teacher, and a pastor’s wife. Even though they were with us for only five days, we can honestly say it was an EXTRAORDINARY time!

What made the time so extraordinary was that this team was very committed to prayer.  They started each day with devotions and intensive prayer.  Everywhere they visited they prayed intensely.  After meeting the team and taking them to meet and pray for Precious Women Ministry, which helps Cambodian women escape from prostitution, Kayo returned to the guesthouse and told Darryl, “When they prayed, I sensed that the demons flinched and ran away.”

We took them to Kampong Chhnang, a place where we have experienced a lot of spiritual warfare and oppression.  Everywhere they prayed, Darryl sensed the darkness lifting, even though he could not understand their prayers.

The team hosted a special meeting in our house in which they shared their testimonies and encouraged the Cambodian Christians not to compromise their faith despite the pressure from their families and culture.  They also went from place to place in Kampong Chhnang praying for the Bible School, The English and Computer School, and the local Church as well as praying at the Pastor’s, Elders’,  and a Church Members’ home.  They prayed for healing for the sick and steadfastness for the Christian leaders.

We believe that God really used their prayers to make a breakthrough in many of the areas of our life and ministry.  They were able to raise funds to build a room and bathroom for a young church family whose 27 year old husband and father has total kidney failure and is only surviving because of donations for dialysis.  They also led worship, gave testimonies, and Pastor Kita gave the message with the help of Darryl’s former student Seila, who could translate from Japanese to Cambodian.  Seila was Darryl’s English student back in 2001.  She accepted Christ in a student Bible study he was leading.  Later, she won a scholarship and earned a BA and MA in Japan and became fluent in Japanese.  It was very encouraging for us to see the seeds planted ten years ago, bearing fruit in Seila’s life and testimony.

While we praise God for the team’s service, we believe that their ministry of prayer was even more important.  Sometimes short-term teams come to Cambodia so consumed with service that they overlook the importance and power of prayer.  The “work” of ministry can always be done by the long term missionaries but we need the spiritual breakthroughs and cover that only intensive prayer can bring.

On the Field in Cambodia

We arrived in Phnom Penh on August 12. It is good to be back on the field in Cambodia. We are in the midst of the rainy seasons which bring with it the adventures of flash floods. On Sunday evening, the street in front of our guesthouse was so flooded that the water was above the floorboards of our car. Thank God it didn’t leak.

Today we will make our way home to Kampong Chhnang Cambodia a 1.5-2 hour trip over a narrow highway with every possible challenge from speeding buses to meandering ox carts.

We are looking forward to resuming our work and ministry.

Update 8/2011 Radio Program

"Udom" and "Nimol" recording the Truth dialogue

Anchors For Faith: Truth, Relationships, and Experience

Radio Program

In March, Far East Broadcasting’s Cambodia FM 99.5 station was able to record the first 30-minute radio program.  Darryl was very happy and pleased that even though he originated the radio program’s concept and the original script for the truth segment, the final product sounded completely Cambodian.  For the Truth segment, Darryl writes dialogue scripts for conversations between two Cambodian university students “Nimol” and “Udom.”  In this script, “Udom” and “Nimol,” discuss the evidence that helps them overcome their own doubts and the objections of others about the truth of Christianity.  For the Relationships section, FEBC staff members prepare a dialogue about how Christians should relate to other believers and offer practical advice about how Cambodian Christians can maintain their witness and testimony with their non-Christian family and friends.  The Experience segment was based on the testimony of Pastor Sok Em, our close friend, the founding director of Tahas Bible Institute.

Sadly, Phearun who played the role of “Udom” in the Truth dialogue was killed in a traffic accident in Phnom Penh.  Despite their sorrow over the loss of their co-worker, the staff at FM 99.5 found another young man to become the second “Udom.”  Since then, they have re-recorded program #1 and are on schedule to record 2 episodes each month until they far enough ahead to begin broadcasting on the radio station which has a potential audience of 7 million of Cambodia’s 13 million population.

A New Chapter of Ministry in Cambodia

Darryl, Kayo, and Benjamin

We are excited about this new chapter of ministry in Cambodia with Saving Grace World Mission.  Darryl served in Cambodia from 2000-2003 and we have been working in Cambodia since 2007 as a family with different missions organizations.  We will return to Cambodia on August 11 to continue our ministry there.

Please pray for us as we make the transition to SGWM, including learning how to manage this new blog and website.

Suitcases and Eternal Life

Today, our family made our bi-annual shopping (2009, 2011, 2013) trip to IKEA.  IKEA is an amazing store full of high quality, stylish furniture, housewares, towels, bedding, and more at reasonable prices.  We kept saying, “I wish they had this in Cambodia.”  Then, we reminded ourselves of the airline luggage allowance and we ended up purchasing the things that we really needed that actually would fit in our suitcases.  If we had forgotten about the airline luggage limits, we might have created a scene at the airport as we tried to bring a futon or chair as carry-on luggage.

Just like the airline luggage allowance, heaven also has a luggage limits.  We can’t bring our houses, cars, clothes, or other physical things.  Physical things will not fit into our “spiritual suitcases.”  Just like an airline, we need a ticket and our personal relationship with Jesus Christ is that ticket. We didn’t buy that ticket ourselves.  It was purchased for with Jesus’ blood.  Once we have a ticket, we are given a spiritual luggage allowance.  We want to make sure that we pack our luggage full with all of the spiritual things for heaven (worship, prayer, ministry, etc.).

Of course life is like a trip to IKEA, we need to constantly remind ourselves of Heaven’s Luggage Allowance.  With that in mind, we can prioritize the spiritual things that we can take with us.  We can also enjoy the physical things that we will leave behind.

Actually, I am kind of relieved that I don’t have to try to carry a chest of drawers through the airport.  I am also looking forward to leaving the sickness, sorrow, and pain of this world behind and getting the new things in heaven.  I am also glad that in Heaven, everything that I really need will be waiting for me.  There will be no need for my relatives to burn little paper replicas of cars, houses, or money as many Buddhists feel they must do. There are plenty of seats left on the flight to heaven, so I want to invite my friends and loved ones to join me.

Eternal life-It’s the only way to fly.