March 2015 – Transition complete

Thank you again for your support for our mission in Europe and transition back to America. It’s time to give a status update and share my joy about how we are concluding our transition home and should be all settled in by March 15, 2015.

brentenI am writing to let you know that just this week I received a promotion in Pebble Beach in the Audio Visual department, I am going from an on-call AV Technician without benefits to full time supervisor position with benefits and a pay raise. It will be a very challenging job to lead a team of AV techs to be positive and productive at night, but we believe the Lord is promoting me and it will be a good opportunity for me to grow personally and provide for my family. When I make it through a 90-day trial period, my whole family will receive full health insurance (medical, dental, vision) and I can continue  to work full time with more job security, but if it doesn’t work out, I can go back to being an on-call technician at a reduced wage and schedule. Please pray it works out, that God strengthens me and I grow in leadership ability. Praise God for providing this opportunity and for providing for my family.

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Since God is providing through my new career, we will close our account with Saving Grace world missions on May 15. It seems like with this promotion we don’t need any more financial support so if you want to stop giving now, we would be fine. However, if you feel led to give for a couple more weeks, it could help us with our move this month or for me to get a commuter vehicle. I have been borrowing my in-law’s pick up truck as my vehicle for the last 4 months.

Fullscreen capture 322015 81415 PM-001As far a ministry update, we have prayed and decided to make Lighthouse Fellowship of Pacific Grove our new home church. Pastor Dave Lucas and his family have become good friends and we feel right at home there with so many old friends (many of whom we have known from Calvary Chapel Monterey Bay before our missions to Ukraine, Latvia & Hungary). I also believe it’s time to end my weekly radio show production as I have had no response from listeners in quite some time and the time spent recording these broadcasts is being replaced by local church services and outreaches as the Lord leads.

So that is how the Lord is leading and providing for our transition home. We are very thankful for all the years that you supported our foreign missions! The bottom line is, we do not need continued financial support, so we will close our account with Saving Grace World Missions by March 15. 

Thank you and God bless you!

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