Coming Home

Dear friends, family, partners in the gospel,

What’s new? After 11 years of missions in Europe, Lena and I believe it’s time to come home to America for a year or more.

Why? It’s God’s will. We are grateful for the opportunities God gave us to plant churches in Ukraine and Latvia, and to teach at Calvary Chapel Bible College Europe in Hungary, but God showed us recently that we are just in transition and He is sending us out again.

When? Where? At this time our plan is to go back to the place where we are from: Monterey, California on November 4th, 2014 which allows me to complete one more 10-day outreach with students from CCBCE.

What will we do there? I don’t know exactly. I am looking for work to support my family and praying for ministry opportunities. We will reconnect with our family, friends and church. We look forward to meeting new relatives (our kids have twin cousins now), making new friends, and new believers.

Are you going to continue teaching/preaching? Yes. Location changes but our gifts or callings do not. We still have a mission to preach the gospel and make disciples. One thing I have learned in 20 years of ministry is that Jesus doesn’t change. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. And He wants me to preach his everlasting gospel wherever I live.  It is still good news and the world needs it now more than ever. America needs Jesus too.

Do you need financial support? Yes, as we complete our mission in Hungary with trips to Latvia and Ukraine. We will also need help with moving back to the States. Saving Grace World Missions will continue to receive donations for us for a limited time and part of this covers medical insurance for medical care while in the States.

Will you return to Europe in the future? We hope so, but we are not sure where or when or for how long. There are some church planting teams I would like to visit in the near future and we will see how the Lord leads.

How can we find out more? Contact us on facebook, skype or email us. Now that I got this blog working again (it was not working since spring) I hope to write monthly updates here. But please write or call if you have any more questions, or just to pray with us.

How can we pray for you? Pray as the Lord leads. Our requests are simple, pray for God’s provision, peace and plan to be realized as we transition from full time missions in Europe to _________ in California.

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