LET’S GO! Missions Support Update

I’m writing to update the blog on LET’SGO! missions and to raise more monthly support. As you know, LET’SGO stands for Local Evangelism Training & Strategic Global Outreach. Here’s what’s we are doing and how you can help.

  • Riga, Latvia – February 4-14, 2017 (Local Evangelism Training) Praise God for a fruitful trip to Latvia in February. I was blessed to revisit those who I discipled and see how God is using them up as fruitful laborers in the harvest. I also met several new believers and pastors who are like-minded and not ashamed of the gospel. I led 2 outreaches during my 10 day trip, gave out lots of tracts, had dozens of good conversations and got to pray with a few individuals whose hearts were opening to Jesus. The main reason I went was to participate in a missions conference and lead a workshop called “Preparation for Local and Global Evangelism” in which I poured into about 20 believers, sharing how God prepares us emotionally, mentally, spiritually and practically to intentionally and effectively proclaim the gospel for salvation to more people. Thank you to those who supported this strategic trip to Latvia! God exceeded my expectations.
  • UGANDA MISSION TRIP – JULY 2017. (Strategic Global Outreach) I am excited to share that 4 of the Latvians who attended the missions conference in February are now preparing to go on a mission trip to Uganda in July to serve and share the gospel. They need to raise 2,000 Euro each for the trip and will be serving alongside a long-term missionary.  Here’s the video of them sharing about the vision for this trip: https://youtu.be/vIbHeSKPEiA Sorry, it’s not translated from Latvian to English but at least you can see the team, where they are going, and pray for them and their outreach. Paldies! (Thanks!) I’m not able to join them, but I would like to invest 20% of all the donations I receive in the next 3 months to support Martin Zeltin for his outreaches in Latvia and Uganda. Martin is a faithful brother who I had the privilege of leading to Jesus on May 9, 2009 and discipling over the years. Martin now leads a ministry called “Cilvēku Zvejnieki” (Fishers of Men). If you’d like to give directly to any Uganda team member, you can get their info at www.ej.uz/misijauganda.
  • PACIFIC GROVE – APRIL 2017. Members of Lighthouse Fellowship participated in a local festival that draws 50,000 people called Good Old Days. Like last year, our church gave out free watermelon, chocolate pie and gospel tracts. I led the evangelism team and was blessed to see God use us to shine the love and light of Jesus over the 2 days out on the street. Three teenage boys prayed to receive Jesus after hearing the gospel from Nick. I’m looking forward to having Nick and his wife Joanna go with me on future outreaches and to encourage them as I see God has called them to be missionaries. Please pray for their discipleship and vision for where God would have them prepare to go.
  • MONTEREY BAY – MAY 2017 – This month, I’m leading my family to different churches for the purposes of broadening our vision of what God is doing in our area and to see how we may expand LET’S GO! We’ve visited Calvary Monterey, Refuge Salinas, West Hills Church in Morgan Hill and we are praying about visiting Calvary affiliates in the counties of Monterey, Santa Cruz, San Benito and Santa Clara. As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. We are willing to go where he leads us and we want to keep growing in His word and in our faith.
  • FINANCIAL SUPPORT – Where God guides, God provides. We received sufficient one-time gifts for my trip to Latvia in February and outreach in Pacific Grove in April. Monthly gifts are coming in from 1 person and 1 church at $150 total. My desire is to raise $1000 per month so that I can commit to a weekly local outreach, broadcast gospel-centered media online (podcast and videos) and save up for future mission trips, My vision is for both evangelism and discipleship, for local and global missions. I am continuing to work odd jobs to provide for my family, but my hearts desire is to spend less time driving for Uber, servicing restaurant fire systems and working as an Audio Visual technician, and spend more time proclaiming Jesus to the world. If you would like to support me and the work of spreading the gospel, please consider becoming a financial partner through monthly giving.

Thank you for reading, praying and giving. May God be glorified, disciples equipped and people saved through hearing the everlasting gospel of Jesus!

Missionary Bio

Today,  I’d like to tell you my story about our missionary journeys. You can read a shorter bio at http://sgwm.com/blog/missionaries/brenten-powers/ but this blog post is for those who want to know more about our lives and missions!

After serving as missionaries in Europe for 11 years,  Lena and I (and our children Caleb, Lily and Samuel) are living and serving in Northern California where I’m leading “LET’S GO!” Missions.

Lena and I started our missionary journey together when we were engaged college students.  In Spring 1999, we went to Austria to study at Calvary Chapel Bible College Europe (CCBCE) and learned from the teachers who were missionaries.As we prayed for God to send out laborers into the harvest, God called us to go! Instead of spring break, we had “Outreach Week” and God lead us and other students to Romania. We learned how God could use us to help a local church and spread the love and truth of Jesus and knew we were called to missions. I spent the next summer evangelizing in Germany and graduated from CCBCE in Fall 1999. Lena graduated from UC Davis in Spring 2000 and we got married July 1 at Calvary Monterey. As newly weds we served in the college/career ministry, a home fellowship and in worship services on Sundays for a couple years. In 2001, we visited missionaries in Ukraine and in 2002, we were sent to Ukraine join a church planting team Nizhyn, Ukraine. In 2005, we returned to Calvary Monterey and after Lily was born, we felt called to Latvia, So we visited in 2006 and we were sent to plant Calvary Latvia where Brenten served as pastor for 6 years. Then we were invited to serve at CCBCE in Hungary for 2013-2014. I was the Audio Visual overseer and taught several classes including Evangelism & Discipleship, Genesis and Joshua. It was a joy to see the fruit of our labors and lead students on short outreaches to Austria, Romania, Israel, Ukraine and Latvia where the gospel was preached, people became believers, and churches were established. Since then some of our students have become missionaries and are now serving around the world. We saw God use us to raise up laborers for the harvest at CC Bible College Europe. 

When we returned California at the end of 2014, we saw the need to help local Calvary Chapels and church plants to win, equip and send believers with the gospel. So in 2015-2017 I taught on missions at Lighthouse Fellowship (a Calvary Chapel in Pacific Grove, CA) and started “LET’S GO!” as Lighthouse Evangelism Training School and Gospel Outreach which changed in 2017 to “Local Evangelism Training & Strategic Global Outreach”. We believe the Lord wants us to continue to equip believers to preach the gospel and make disciples through Bible studies, local outreaches and international mission trips. In February 2017, with the help of Saving Grace World Missions, we started financial support, blogging and submitting prayer requests.

I am seeking to come alongside local churches and equip believers and raise up missionaries to reach the nations (including the USA) with the gospel for the glory of God through LET’S GO. So we look forward to seeing how God will answer prayer to send us as laborers and to send more laborers through your support at Saving Grace World Missions.

Can you help us? We are looking for a team of people who want to partner with us, stay informed, pray for us regularly and support us financially.  Please go to http://sgwm.com/blog/missionaries/brenten-powers/  where you can click to “Become a financial partner” or “Sign up for Email updates” or  “Visit Missionary Blog” at (sgwm.com/powers).

Another way to give is by check payable to Saving Grace World Missions, 17451 Bastanchury Rd., Suite 203, Yorba Linda, CA 92886-1873. Just write “LET’SGO! Powers” on the memo line.

Thank you and may God be glorified!

LET’S GO! Powers returning to SGWM

Please watch this video update about our return to Saving Grace World Missions to establish a new ministry called “LET’S GO!” which stands for Local Evangelism Training & Strategic Global Outreach.

LET'S GO launches in 1 week!

Posted by Brenten Powers on Tuesday, January 31, 2017

If you feel led to support this new work, as of today, you can donate through our blog www.sgwm.com/powers and click “become a financial partner”.

Thanks for watching, praying, giving and signing up for prayer and blog updates!

March 2015 – Transition complete

Thank you again for your support for our mission in Europe and transition back to America. It’s time to give a status update and share my joy about how we are concluding our transition home and should be all settled in by March 15, 2015.

brentenI am writing to let you know that just this week I received a promotion in Pebble Beach in the Audio Visual department, I am going from an on-call AV Technician without benefits to full time supervisor position with benefits and a pay raise. It will be a very challenging job to lead a team of AV techs to be positive and productive at night, but we believe the Lord is promoting me and it will be a good opportunity for me to grow personally and provide for my family. When I make it through a 90-day trial period, my whole family will receive full health insurance (medical, dental, vision) and I can continue  to work full time with more job security, but if it doesn’t work out, I can go back to being an on-call technician at a reduced wage and schedule. Please pray it works out, that God strengthens me and I grow in leadership ability. Praise God for providing this opportunity and for providing for my family.

Fullscreen capture 322015 71916 PM.bmp

Since God is providing through my new career, we will close our account with Saving Grace world missions on May 15. It seems like with this promotion we don’t need any more financial support so if you want to stop giving now, we would be fine. However, if you feel led to give for a couple more weeks, it could help us with our move this month or for me to get a commuter vehicle. I have been borrowing my in-law’s pick up truck as my vehicle for the last 4 months.

Fullscreen capture 322015 81415 PM-001As far a ministry update, we have prayed and decided to make Lighthouse Fellowship of Pacific Grove our new home church. Pastor Dave Lucas and his family have become good friends and we feel right at home there with so many old friends (many of whom we have known from Calvary Chapel Monterey Bay before our missions to Ukraine, Latvia & Hungary). I also believe it’s time to end my weekly radio show production as I have had no response from listeners in quite some time and the time spent recording these broadcasts is being replaced by local church services and outreaches as the Lord leads.

So that is how the Lord is leading and providing for our transition home. We are very thankful for all the years that you supported our foreign missions! The bottom line is, we do not need continued financial support, so we will close our account with Saving Grace World Missions by March 15. 

Thank you and God bless you!

January 2015 update

Happy New Year!

Fullscreen capture 322015 71916 PM.bmpDear missions partners,

Lena and I thank you for supporting our mission in Europe with your prayers and financial giving so that we in could bear as much fruit as we did. We want you to know that we accomplished what the Lord sent us to do in the last 8 years and have returned to California on November 4, 2014 and we are now in the midst of a transition from full-time foreign missions to part-time ministry at home. . . .   Fullscreen capture 322015 71922 PM.bmp Fullscreen capture 322015 71938 PM.bmp Fullscreen capture 322015 71957 PM.bmp
Fullscreen capture 322015 72108 PM.bmp

(To see the entire newsletter including pictures click here

or copy this address into your browser:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Hrm09p5cMSQBacM7bMugPaKe3N9y47IlWOiz4-f1DTE/edit?usp=sharing)  Fullscreen capture 322015 72046 PM.bmp


Coming Home

Dear friends, family, partners in the gospel,

What’s new? After 11 years of missions in Europe, Lena and I believe it’s time to come home to America for a year or more.

Why? It’s God’s will. We are grateful for the opportunities God gave us to plant churches in Ukraine and Latvia, and to teach at Calvary Chapel Bible College Europe in Hungary, but God showed us recently that we are just in transition and He is sending us out again.

When? Where? At this time our plan is to go back to the place where we are from: Monterey, California on November 4th, 2014 which allows me to complete one more 10-day outreach with students from CCBCE.

What will we do there? I don’t know exactly. I am looking for work to support my family and praying for ministry opportunities. We will reconnect with our family, friends and church. We look forward to meeting new relatives (our kids have twin cousins now), making new friends, and new believers.

Are you going to continue teaching/preaching? Yes. Location changes but our gifts or callings do not. We still have a mission to preach the gospel and make disciples. One thing I have learned in 20 years of ministry is that Jesus doesn’t change. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. And He wants me to preach his everlasting gospel wherever I live.  It is still good news and the world needs it now more than ever. America needs Jesus too.

Do you need financial support? Yes, as we complete our mission in Hungary with trips to Latvia and Ukraine. We will also need help with moving back to the States. Saving Grace World Missions will continue to receive donations for us for a limited time and part of this covers medical insurance for medical care while in the States.

Will you return to Europe in the future? We hope so, but we are not sure where or when or for how long. There are some church planting teams I would like to visit in the near future and we will see how the Lord leads.

How can we find out more? Contact us on facebook, skype or email us. Now that I got this blog working again (it was not working since spring) I hope to write monthly updates here. But please write or call if you have any more questions, or just to pray with us.

How can we pray for you? Pray as the Lord leads. Our requests are simple, pray for God’s provision, peace and plan to be realized as we transition from full time missions in Europe to _________ in California.

5 simple prayer requests

Could you please pray for us (the Powers at CCBCE Hungary)?

Resurrection Day (easter)
Resurrection Celebration Day at CCBCE

1. Praise God for a fruitful spring semester (it’s half over already), we are blessed to share our gifts and experiences here.
2. Pray for Brenten’s students who are preparing their own gospel presentations on youtube, for boldness to clearly preach it.
3. Pray for enough finances for personal family needs and ministry outreach expenses. Expenses are 50% more than expected.
4. Pray for Lena’s health and wisdom, she needs to see a doctor and get the right medicine… or just be healed if it’s His will.
5. Pray for Brenten’s 10-day outreach to Israel, he’s helping to lead 20 CCBC students there to see and to serve. Acts 1:8.
Thank you for keeping us up in prayer!
Brenten and Lena Powers

Hello from CCBCE in Hungary!

Welcome to the Powers Family’s new blog. Here we will share monthly updates with praise reports and prayer requests. You will also be able to donate to our cause. We are so excited to be serving the Lord in Hungary and can’t wait to tell you all about it… well, when we find time. We are kept busy with doing our part at Calvary Chapel Bible College Europe at at the moment we need to get some rest. But please subscribe for updates because we want to keep you informed and inspired to go serve King Jesus.

Brenten, Lena, Caleb, Lily and Samuel Powers