Extreme Dedication

Thanks be to God who has been doing wonderful things through us! Thank you, too, for your prayers and partnering with us through your financial gifts!

Our Bible Study

We are doing well by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord has kept us safe in this extreme hot weather where the temperature has been about 113 degrees. He is our refuge and strength.

   We are excited to see the Lord opening new doors of ministry!  We have begun Bible studies on Friday nights.  We have been studying the first epistle of John.  I (P. M.) have been enjoying teaching the book.  The number of participants in the Bible Study are increasing.  Last Friday, 19 people attended! Praise the Lord for the hunger for the Word that His people have!  I have been using PowerPoint to teach. This is a new experience for me, too.

About 200 People Came to the Evening Meetings

I (P. M.) had an opportunity to preach and teach the Word in a three-day convention at a village in another state in our country.  This village is a six-hour drive from my home town. It is a small village in a remote place, but more than fifty percent of the people are believers in the Lord Jesus.  The ministry there began with one family.  The young man of the family is the pastor of the church. The people in this region are not well civilized.  Only two or three families in the village have a television. We stayed in a room that had no fan and no air conditioner, and it was about 115 degrees Fahrenheit.  At night, we slept in the open, under the blue sky. But I had a very blessed time. In the mornings, we had Bible study, and in the evenings, we had church meetings. There were about 200 people in the evening meetings. The evening meetings were attended by the believers from other villages in the area, too.  These believers walked more than 6 miles to get to the meetings, and then walked more than 6 miles home again, at 11PM. They walked through the jungle, where there are wild animals such as leopards and bears. I was so blessed to see the hunger and thirst in these believers for the Word. In many places, Christians have bicycles, motorcycles or cars, but still don’t come for Christian meetings.

We are also busy in translating some Bible study materials for the Pastors School students.  We have completed a translation of a commentary on Philippians, and we are now translating the Old Testament Survey and the New Testament Survey. This semester, we will have more students, so we are making more beds and other arrangements for them.

   We are planning and seeking God’s guidance in beginning a Sunday Service in the town that we live in. In order to start a Sunday Service here, we would need a hall/building to hold the meetings in. Please pray for this matter. 
   Thank you so much for your faithful prayers and support. We are excited about the things God is doing!
Co-workers in Christ,

P.M. and V.M. 

Having Food Together at the Gospel Meetings
A Girl Draws Water From a Well where We had Gospel Meetings
Praising God Together
Sharing God’s Word
Removing Husk From Rice
Mill to Grind Flour

Rejoicing in God’s Blessing

Our Bible College Students

   Thank you so much for your prayers! Praise the Lord! He has opened the door for me to visit Israel! I am going to Israel on March 28 for two weeks. I am so thankful to SGWM for sponsoring me on this trip. I am so blessed to be able to go! I will be joining a group from the United States in Israel. I have always desired to visit Israel at least once in my lifetime. Praise God! He fulfills the desires of our heart.  I am so excited to see the places where our Lord walked and taught the crowds. I believe that this trip will be a blessing to me and helpful in my teaching of the Word. Please pray for my trip.

A Student Preaching

   The Lord has been faithful in using us for His glory here. We are at the end of the second semester. The students were mostly new believers this semester. Some of them accepted the Lord here in the Pastors School! Praise the Lord! They have grown in their love and knowledge of the Lord and His Word. We take the students to Christian families for cottage meetings, and they have the opportunity to share the Word there. The Christian families are blessed by the Word shared by these students. People are astonished at the way the students expound on the Word. The students are also given the opportunity to share the Word in Sunday Services in some churches.

Women’s Bible Study

We rejoice in the Lord for using these students in such a powerful way. We are so thankful to you for your continued prayers for them. Please continue to pray for them, that they will bring many souls into the kingdom of God. Pray that the Lord will use them in a mighty way during their semester break, while they go home.  Some of their parents are not believers; they are still Hindus. Please pray that these students will be blessings for winning their families.   Please pray for our financial needs.  Our monthly support has been decreasing.  

  Thank you so much for your prayers and financial support.  God bless!

A Bible College Student Preaching

Co-workers in Christ,

P.M. and V.M.

Women’s Bible Study

God Blessed Our Christmas Outreach!

 Happy New Year to you!!!!!!

We pray that the Lord would lead you, keep you, and be everything for you this year.

Our Christmas Program Play

300 People Came to the Christmas Program!

Thank you for praying for our Christmas outreach program. The weather was very bad for three or four days and it rained for the whole day two days before our program–but we had perfect weather on the 20th! (We had our Christmas program that day.) It was a very cold night–but about three hundred people came to see the program!

The Lord blessed us and used us to share the Gospel through drama, songs and a message. The head of the village, who is anti-Christian, accepted the invitation and attended the program! We gave him a copy of the NT and a small gift. We also prepared Christmas dinner for 125 people. We had a wonderful time sitting around the fire and having dinner and sharing. Everyone was blessed. Since the Hindus became anti-Christian in this state, this was the first time that such a Christmas outreach program was organized in the open in this village.

Thank you for helping finance the program and supplies!

We want to thank you and SGWM for taking care of the financial needs for the Christmas outreach.

Please pray for the people who have heard the Gospel and for the village head leader and ex-village head leader (she has also been given a copy of the NT and a gift)–that they would put their faith in Christ.

        Thank you so much for your prayers and financial support!

P.M. Sharing the Gospel at the Christmas Program

God bless,

Co-workers in Christ,

P.M. and V.M.

Students Sharing the Gospel through Song

We all Worked Together on the Christmas Program

Giving Each Moment to Furthering God’s Kingdom

First of all, we would like to ask your pardon for writing to you after a couple of months time.  There are two reasons for this; the first one is that we have the same routine every day, going to the Bible School and teaching the Word, so not much different is happening. The second reason is that we leave home at 8 a.m. and come back home around 7 p.m., or sometimes 8 or 9 p.m. There is so much to do at home, and we are busy until late at night, so we don’t have much time to write.

V. M. shared at 2 women’s conferences!

Something new happened last month that I would like to share with you.  We had a one-day youth retreat in two villages.  Our Pastors School is located in one of these villages. Participating in this retreat was a new experience for our Pastors School students. Some of the students had never attended such a program before.  They loved being involved in the retreat. The Lord used me in this retreat to bring four men to Himself by the preaching of the Word!

     I could not go to the second village youth retreat because the meeting was held on Friday, and we had classes in our Pastors School. V.M. went with our youth group (we teach this group on Saturdays). Since the schools were closed due to a Hindu festival, many young people came for the retreat. V.M. had the opportunity to share the Word in two women’s meetings. In one meeting, there were about 300 women. New doors to serve the Lord are being opened.

P.M. Baptizing 3 men!

Last month, we baptized three men!  Two of them are from Hindu families.

     Continue to pray for us and the ministry here.  Pray that the Lord would raise up a new government in our State. We had an election this month, and the results will be out on December 11th. In 2019, we will elect the government officials over the whole country.  We know that the Lord is in control; therefore, we are not worried about who will win, but we pray that the Lord’s will be done and that He will give us boldness to preach the Gospel.
Thank you so much for your prayers and financial support!

Co-workers in Christ,

P.M. and V.M.

V. M. was able to share the Word with 300 women!

V.M. Ministering

P.M. Baptizing 3 Men!



God is Blessing the Pastors School in spite of the Persecution Surrounding Us

Pastors School Group

Praise the Lord for His faithfulness! He gave us strength to work hard to make all the necessary arrangements for the Pastors School to be able to house more students this year!

Sharing at a Church Service and recruiting Pastors School Students

In  May and June we visited some churches on Sundays. P.M. was given opportunity to teach the Word in the Sunday Services and also to share about the Pastors School. This helped us recruit students.  Thank you so much for your prayers for the new students as we start this new school year!

We accepted both men and women to the Bible/Pastors School this year. The Lord has provided a free place for the women to stay. This house (which is only two minutes walking distance from the Bible/Pastors School) belongs to V.M.’s distant relative. No one was living in this house, so we talked to the landlord about paying to rent it for Bible/Pastors School students to stay in. Instead, he let us use it for free! Our God knows our needs and provides for us in miraculous ways!



Worship with the New Students


There is a total of 17 students–11 men and 6 women.  Most of these students are new believers.  Some of them are the only believers in their family.  They have amazing testimonies!  It is not easy to become Christian here. You must take up your cross and follow the Lord.

One of the student’s parents cultivated sugarcane in a field they rented. (They do not have their own field. People in this area, who do not own land, rent others land to farm for a year or two.) After they accepted Jesus, their sugarcane field was set on fire. This happened in February. The family had borrowed money from the bank to be able to farm. So, now they are in a great financial crisis. But, they are standing firm in their faith.

Please pray for these students and their parents as they suffer

Having Class

for their faith.

Thanks for your prayers and financial support.

God bless,

Co-workers in Christ,

P.M. and V.M.



Having Class



Youth Meeting


Students Game Time

Having Class

Girl Students Game Time


Plunging Into Planting, Watering, and Harvesting

Teaching the Youth

Praise the Lord! We have started the City Prayer Fellowship. Every Friday, we meet at our home to pray for our city. People from different churches come together to pray. We believe that the Lord is going to do mighty things in this city. Thank you so much for your prayers. This is an answer to your prayers.

We are enjoying teaching the Word to the youth. Last week, we watched a movie called “Letters to God”. We are so blessed to interact with the youth, answering their questions. These young men and women are from different churches. The youth are neglected in churches. The youth do not get any spiritual guidance or teaching by their pastors. We praise God that He has given this opportunity to us to minister to them. Please pray that more and more youth will join the group.

Teaching the Word at a Sunday Service

We are going to start the new session of the Pastors Training School on July 2. We are praying that the Lord will give us students who have hearts for Him. We are visiting pastors and churches to get students. Last month we were invited to a church to teach the Word in Sunday Service. This church has gone through tremendous persecution for many years. Many of the church members were in prison. But now their situation is changed! The village people who persecuted them have asked for their forgiveness and have given them freedom to worship. We were blessed to worship the Lord with them.

Our Youth Ministry

Persecution is frequent here. Last week, a family in a nearby village was persecuted. This family belongs to one of my friend’s churches. There was a big mob armed and ready to attack the pastor and Christians who planned to visit the village. The mob was waiting for the pastor and the Christians to come to the village, but the news of this came to the pastor, and no one went there. The family of believers living in the village continues to be persecuted. For the first time, this news was broadcasted on TV in the local news. The news was in favor of the Christians! Please pray for the family and the pastor.

Thank you so much for partnering with us in spreading the Gospel in South Asia, through your prayers and financial support.

Co-workers in Christ,

Prayer Group

Pastor P.M. and V.M.

Showing a Christian Movie to the Youth

God is Opening More Doors for Ministry

Pastors School Students

Thank you so much for your prayers and financial support! First of all,
we want to apologize for not being able to send the update earlier.
But we are sure that you did not stop praying for us and the ministry
in South Asia.

By the grace of our Lord Jesus, we were able to complete the first year of Pastors Training School here in South Asia. We enjoyed learning the Word of God through the Pastors from the States via Skype. When we started the school we had five students. In the middle of the year one man left the school due to illness. Please pray that these students will be used by the Lord to win souls.

Pastors School Classes



This year we are hoping to have 10 to 15 students. Praise the Lord! God has opened the heart of a Christian family to allow us to use their house to board the students. This house was vacant for some time and V.M. was praying that we could use it, so that we could also take some girls into the Pastors School. We don’t have to pay any rent for this house. We need your prayers and support for the Pastors School.

There are many teenage Christian boys and girls in the town. The Lord has given us the opportunity to hold a Bible study for these young men and women on Saturdays. We need your prayers for these youth. Please pray that more and more youth may join the group.

When we were here in our home town, before moving North, we had started “City Prayer Fellowship” to pray for the leaders of the town and for the leaders of the country. When we moved to the North, in 2005, it stopped. Since we are back we are praying and thinking of restarting that prayer group. Please pray that we would be able to do so.

This state in South Asia where I live is very hostile to Christians. It is one of the most persecuted regions of the country. We need much prayer that the Lord would prepare the hearts of the people for the Gospel, and that He would raise up the Christians and give them boldness to reach out to them with the Gospel. We believe that the

Lord is going to do His work. The tough land is the most fertile land for the Gospel, I believe. We beg your prayers, too.

V.M. in the Hospital



We are praying that the Lord open the door for us to start Sunday Service. We need a place. People are not willing to rent out their homes for Christian Services, but we are hopeful that the Lord would provide for us. We continue to pray that God would provide a way for us to purchase land for the Bible School and to have church. I have seen land in a few places.

Translating for American Pastors Teaching on Skype

I need a co-worker who would help me in our Pastors Training School. I can not leave, even if I have an emergency, because I don’t have anyone to translate [for Skype classes]. Last month, V.M. was sick and I needed to take her to the doctor, but I left her sick at home and went to the Pastors Training School for the morning class. After the class, I came back home and took her to the doctor. She was immediately admitted into the hospital. Please pray for a co-worker.

Thank you for your prayers for our health. I am doing good and V.M.
is getting better.

Pastors School Class


Co-workers in Christ,
P.M. and V.M.

Good Times in Ministry and a Visit with Our Son

P.M. Preached at this Christmas Program among New Believers


Praise the Lord! He has given us another year to take the Gospel to the lost souls. The Lord was so faithful to see us through, throughout the year 2017. One month of this New Year has passed, and we all are experiencing God’s grace each day.

I was invited to preach in two churches for Christmas. I chose to go to a small church where all the believers are first generation believers. I was asked to teach the Word for two hours. It was so surprising that they all sat quietly to learn the Word. I taught for one and a half hours. Even though Christian workers and believers are persecuted here now and then, people are still yielding their lives to Jesus. We enjoyed worshipping the Lord with these brothers and sisters.


Our son, R. M.’s Birthday

Our Son’s Birthday Cake

R.M., our son, came for a month to help in the Pastors Training School. One day V.M. was sick, and I had to take her to the doctor. Because of this, R.M. went to the PTS alone. In the evening, while he was driving back home, he was in an accident. He banged the car against the concrete wall (a one and a half foot high concrete wall made in the middle of the road to divide it). While you are driving in South Asia, you come across so many surprises (a huge hole in the middle of the road, a motorcycle coming from nowhere, cows andand many other obstacles without any warning). He was not familiar with the road and could not see the wall as very bright lights from another car coming toward him blinded him. The car was badly damaged, but he was safe. Praise God! He kept R.M. safe in this car accident.

Chicken Coop we helped build at our fellow workers house

In our co-worker D.K.’s house, we have made a chicken coop to help him financially. We bought 34 baby chicks. Now two months later, they have grown up and next month they will be ready to be sold. None of them are hens; they are all roosters. We would like to do this on a larger scale to raise support. Domestic chicken eggs are sold for 20 to 30 rupees per egg (31 to 47 cents per egg). We are praying about buying land to start a poultry and dairy farm along with the Bible school and church.

Teaching School with American SGWM pastors on Skype

Thank you so much for your prayers for our health! V.M. has been receiving treatment and is getting better! I am doing well, but sometimes I have breathing problems. The Lord is giving us strength to do the work of the ministry. We enjoy teaching the men to equip them for the ministry and also learning the Word through the pastors from the States via Skype.


We need your prayers to do the ministry in this hostile region of the country. Please pray that God would give us wisdom and courage to share the Gospel.

Thank you so much for your prayers and financial support!

Pastor P.M. and V.M.


Last month we had some tough times. One Sunday V.M. and Pastor R.M. visited Pastor P.K. to meet him and believers of his fellowship. While they were having fellowship suddenly a man, the father of two believer women, entered the room and stated beating his younger daughter with his sandal. Then he dragged her out of the room and beat her badly. Every one in room was so afraid and could not understand what was happening. The older daughter (who is also a believer and was there) of the man and V.M. came out and then the man started beating the older one too. V.M. asked these women to go home. It was an awkward situation and nobody knew what to do. If the man had called the police and said that these people are converting my daughters then V.M., Pastor R.M. and Pastor P.K. could have been in danger of imprisonment. The police do not listen to Christians on this mater, they listen to the Hindus and arrest the Christians. But he did not call the police. This was the second time that he beat his younger daughter. Please pray for the new believers that they would stand firm in their faith in the mist of persecution. Also pray for God’s protection over His people.

Just about ten days after this incidence Pastor P.K. met an accident in the city. He and his brother had come to the city to do some purchasing. Pastor P.K. dropped his brother at a shop and came to pick up Pastor S.D. to hep them in buying a mobile phone. Pastor S.D. was waiting for him by the road side and when Pastor P.K. reached there he did not notice that a mini truck was coming behind him , he turned his motorcycle to go to Pastor S.D. and got hit by the truck. He and his motorcycle got caught beneath the truck. The Lord protected him and saved his life. The truck stopped there it self, otherwise front tyre (wheel) would have run over his legs. Pastor S.D. with the help of some men pulled Pastor P.K. and his motorcycle out. The motorcycle got damaged badly but he got some minor scratches on his left leg.

Our last year graduate Pastor H.A. has been serving the Lord in a very remote area. His parents are first generation Christians. They had two donkeys (mules) that was the means of their livelihood. In the mountains people hire donkeys to carry their goods. Last month one of the donkeys fell on the ground and died. The village people are accusing them saying that it has happened because they have changed their religion. Harpal’s parents and rest of the family members are so upset about it. They are not in position to buy another donkey as it cost lots of money. Please pray that they would not listen to the village people and get depressed but stand firm in their faith. The Lord would give them wisdom the answer those villages. Pray that God would help them to buy another donkey.

V.M. has been not doing well. She has been taking medicines for the urine infections. Now she has pains in her knees. She has been seeing many doctors. She is fade up with taking so much medicines. Doctors say that she has developed an arthritis. She has been doing some exercises. Please pray for her that the Lord would heal her. She gets depressed.

We had some good times too, learning the Word from our guest pastors from the State. Pastor M. and Pastor D. J. were here we learnt the Word from them. Our graduates were also here during that time. We had good time with them too. Present SOM students are ready to graduate this month. Please keep the up-coming graduation ceremony in your prayers. On 28 April our SOM students would graduate and go back to their home town to preach the gospel and plant churches. Pray that these graduates would be used for the extension of His kingdom. God would give them wisdom, words and boldness to share the gospel.

Thanks for your prayers and financial supports.

Co-workers in Christ,

Pastor P.M. and V.M.

March 2017

It was our joy and privilege to attend Rahul’s wedding and to give him and his bride ride in our car to the wedding place and back home. When the Lord brought us to the North India in 2005 we met his parents, brother Rajendra and his wife Sunita, who were Hindus at that time. Rahul and his older sister Kiran were 13 and 14 years old. We were used to lead this family to the Lord after a year of continued sharing of the gospel. After his schooling Rahul went to a Bible College for two years. Last month he got married to his wife Pooja who is the only believer in her family. Her parents are Hindus, they wanted her to get married with a Hindu man, but she stood for the Lord. The Lord brought Rahul and his wife Pooja together and changed her parents heart to do the Christian wedding. In the wedding ceremony most of the people were Hindus. Please pray that Rahul and Pooja would be blessings to their Hindu relatives.

Our graduates who are serving the Lord, they too need to get married. We need your prayers for them that they should also get believer wives. They face pressure from family to marry Hindu girls as their parents are not believers. These graduates are doing great in the ministry. They are being used to bring young men and women to the Lord. Once a month we meet with them to pray with them and to hear from them what the Lord has been doing through them.

We are doing well in our walk with the Lord. He has been teaching us to trust Him for every thing. We are learning so much teaching the SOM students. Each book of the Bible that we go through with these students we are blessed and grow stronger in our faith and in knowledge of Him. Teaching in the som has two fold blessing first of all we have more time to study the Word for ourselves and give more time to the Lord and secondly we are equipping these men for the work of the gospel.

Physically we are not doing too good. V.M. has been suffering from urine infection since we came back from traveling to another state in India. She has been suffering so much of pain. Two weeks back she had cystoscopy. After this therapy she had pain for about a week and now she is feeling better. She needs to take medicine for two months.

My son, Pastor R.M., has been teaching ‘Prison Epistles‘ and I have been teaching Romans. The SOM students are now involved more in practical ministry. Each week two of them get opportunity to teach the Word, one student teaches in Tuesday house fellowship and one in Sunday Service for ten minutes. We are happy about the progress they are showing in their learning and teaching the Word. It is our prayer that the Lord would use them mightily for His glory.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support.

God bless!

Co-workers in Christ,

Pastor P.M. and V.M.