Vámonos a México

Hi everybody!

We would like to formally announce that we are moving to Mexico! Crazy, right? Some of you, maybe more than some of you, already knew about this and if that’s the case, thank you for allowing us to share with you. If you have not yet heard, we are honored to be able to share this with you now.

We have been taking short term mission trips to the north Baja region of Mexico, for the past four years. The first three years Aaron took McKenna and Mia by themselves. Then, this past year the entire family was able to take several trips down together. The past few family trips have catapulted us toward the missionary field.

In September 2017, we began feeling the Lord nudging us to sell our house. This was defiantly a bit nerve-racking but we continued to pray and seek God’s direction and as we talked through it we felt a lot of peace and the hand of God on us to move forward. At this point, we only knew we were to sell the house and didn’t know the plan on what would come afterward. So, we started to take some steps of faith. We listed the house in November. We had 9 offers within 5 days! Through God’s grace, the final offer we accepted allowed our family to stay in the house until July, 2018, at no cost! The new owner of the house has been nothing but a blessing and so supportive of our family. We asked God, very specifically, to make it clear to us if we were on the right track and He did!

We were of course wondering where we would be living come July. In December 2017, we took the annual mission trip to Rosarito and met with Pastor Mike from CC Rosarito, to discuss ministry opportunities. During this discussion Pastor Mike mentioned a Spanish immersion school located in Oaxaca (Wa-ha-ka), Mexico. At the mention of this school we both felt this could be the direction we were headed. After many weeks prayer, discussion and research, we felt that the Roca Blanca Spanish Language School was where we were supposed go! We took a trip down in February, to lay eyes on it and see if indeed God would confirm this. He did! God, to this day has continued to faithfully come along side us and confirm this direction for our family.

We believe the Spanish School will help us to be better prepared to minister to the people of Mexico and also allow us to communicate the Gospel in English and Spanish, giving us more opportunity no matter where we go! Our three-year plan, is to attend the language school for 10 months and then return to Rosarito, where we will take part in a church planting program, with the ultimate goal of planting a church! We are still amazed at the thought of being a part of planting a church.

This April, we partnered with Saving Grace World Missions (SGWM).  SGWM provides missionary support and the framework needed for successful sending of missionaries. SGWM staff has been so encouraging and helpful. Through Saving Grace, we have our own website and will be posting updates and photos monthly so you can follow our journey.

Through the SGWM website, anyone can partner with us in spreading the Gospel and give a tax-deductible donation to support our ministry. Our heart is to see the furtherance of the Gospel and bring encouragement to the saints. William Carey, a missionary to India, once told his good friend Andrew Fuller “I will go down the pit, if you will hold the ropes.”  We all need Andrew Fuller’s in our lives. People that are willing to hold the ropes for us, support us, and pray for us. William Carey went on to become one of the greatest missionaries of all time due in part to his faithful friend who never let go of the ropes. Carey also wrote “expect great things and attempt great things for God.” And those two things are our goals. We will go down to Mexico and attempt great things for God if you will hold the ropes!

We ask that you would pray for us and our family as we make the final preparations to leave. Our current date of departure is July 12, but as the time draws closer exact dates may shift. Please pray for our kids as they feel the impending change. This is a bitter sweet time for us. We are so fired up to see what God has ahead for us and His church and yet so sad to say goodbye. Our prayer for you is that you would know Him more and more as you take faithful steps in your own journey. This is our journey and we hope it stands as a testimony of faith and as an encouragement to others. To God be the glory!


Follow our story by signing up for monthly updates at: http://sgwm.com/mosley/







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