Village Home Churches

Every village has around 20 to 30 Christian families living among the Muslim community. Calvary Chapel has 4 home churches at different villages where verse by verse Bible study of the each book of the Bible is started.

These villagers are poor, disadvantaged and un-reached. God has used these CC Pak to reach, teach, strengthen and equip the Christians of these villages, who though being born into Christian families did not know much about their Christian faith. During last two years, a wonderful positive change and spiritual growth is observed in the lives of these people which is great encouragement. One of these small churches consists of twelve socially disassociated families of the brick makers who are leading their lives in slavery. We are encouraged to see two young men of one village willing to go to Calvary Chapel Nepal in future to study and then serve in Calvary Chapel Pakistan.

Counter-cult Ministry

Pakistani church is under great attack of Cults like Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Oneness Pentecostalism, Branhamism and many others. Christians here don’t have many educational Christian resources, and because a large majority is unaware about the essential doctrines of Christianity, they are not able to know the difference between the Biblical and Cultic teachings.

Calvary Chapel Pakistan has been working for years now to bring awareness in Pakistan about the dangerous cults and their destructive teachings. We have been translating and printing material and organizing seminars to educate people about the essential doctrines of true Christianity and help them to save themselves and their families from dangerous cults. Calvary Chapel Pakistan is also cooperating and supporting in one special effort to develop first Counter-Cult Urdu Website:, for Pakistani Christians.

Urdu Bibles for Un-reached Villagers

There are thousands of Christians (who were born into Christian faith and profess to believe in Christ) who don’t have even a Bible with them. They say that they are Christians but don’t know about their own belief. Calvary Chapel has been providing thousands of free Urdu Bibles to these unreached Christian villagers and this project continues as we always have so many requests for the Urdu Bibles from very remote areas. We always request our friends and family to support this cause and help us provide Urdu Bibles to those people who don’t have the Word of God.

Women Ministry

Calvary Chapel has established one “Sewing Center” in a village where poor Christian women come to learn the sewing skill. We use this Sewing center as a platform to share the word of God with these Christian women of the village to encourage and build them as true and strong Christians. Most of the Christian women work in the fields and lead a tough life, we believe that their life can be better and easy after they learn the sewing skills and also when they grow more in their faith.

We are praying to start more sewing centers at some other places, and as Lord will provide we will be reaching other villages also. Right now one Sewing Center and two Bible Study groups at different villages.

Children Ministry

Calvary Chapel has established Sunday Schools in 25 villages. Joseph Arif visits those Sunday Schools on regular basis, and we have been providing them booklets printed and provided by World Missionary Press Inc. We don’t have any particular Sunday School Course to provide to these children, we are praying to be able to develop one someday!

We request you to kindly keep Calvary Chapel Pakistan in your prayers and if Lord leads you for the financial support please CLICK HERE