Unreached Loved Ones

“So then faith Comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.”
__Romans 10:17

Dear Friends and family, 

Greetings, we praise God for His grace, love and protection, we hope and pray for all of you to be fine. I am very sorry for a late update, my wife Farah is studying in a seminary here and this is her final year. She often needs my help and guidance with all the research work she is doing for her paper, and while she is busy with those things, I many times need to help with many other things also that she used to take of before. The kids are going to school now, and the life is coming back to normal routine. 

Reaching the “Unreached”

The life is really tough and the situation for so many people is truly

cruel. So many times it breaks our hearts to see how miserable lives people are leading at such distant places where they live like slaves, they do not experience the love of our Lord, they don’t have access to the word of God, and they don’t have hope for their future. Though we cannot do much for their life’s situation, but we at least are reaching them with the Word and love of our Lord Jesus Christ.

At these places children are forced into working with the parents and so many times some horrible accidents take place, here is one young boy who got his left hand cut while helping his father to prepare food for the cattle of their landlord. He is student of 5th grade. Though the life is very tough, he has little time to give to his studies, but he has great passion to study. Please keep him in your prayers!

We praise God that we are able to reach such people in the very far and remote areas (particularly near the desert). We are always thankful to you for the prayers and care. We praise God that our team is very active and they have such a compassion for the people to reach them, encourage them in the Lord, pray with/for them and share the word of God with them. The outreach mission fiend of Calvary Chapel Pakistan is increasing. We need your constant prayers for us all while we serve

here. The word of God is being taken to some of former Hindu tribes. God is really doing amazing work in their lives as they listen to the word of God and grow spiritually. We are more focused on the new generation. Please keep this all in your prayers!

Online Teaching Classes

This has been amazing experience for us to start online classes in different towns with the help of some pastor friends in those areas. We started with two classes in two cities with around 40

students in each city. More students are joining us and there are many more interested to

join in these classes after hearing from their friends. Bimonthly meetings with these online students have really been very encouraging for us. This is really amazing to see how powerfully the word of God touches and transforms the lives of the believers. Please continue to pray for this ministry as well. 

Recording Ministry

God really amazingly made this possible for to produces teaching in Video form with all teaching notes professionally added to the videos. The current project that we are working on is 35 episodes/lectures on the “Introduction to the Bible”. We have experienced during 12 years of ministry that most of the people don’t have the basic understanding of the word of God which makes it difficult for them to study and understand it. God willing this project of recording is going to be very helpful for us to reach thousands of people out their. Our focus is to present the most important information in the simplest way way, and we follow the same idea that Calvary Chapel is mainly focused on “Simply Teaching the Word Simply”.

We are always thankful to you for the love, care, support and prayers that we receive from you. We love you all, and we pray for you!
In Christ Jesus
Pastor Nadeem Massey


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