Those who live in darkness…

 How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher? __Romans 10:14

Dear Friends and family,

Greetings from Calvary Chapel Pakistan! We are thankful to you for your prayers love and support. We are safe and fine and are whole heartedly serving the Lord. Our this update is about the following three things:

  • Brickmaker’s Church
  • Women’s Ministry
  • Outreach Evangelism


As you know CC Pak is reaching and teaching a group of Christian “Brickmakers” since 2013. These people are like those who live in the slums in the 3rd word. They are not considered part of the main society and are disadvantaged neglected people. They are deprived of the basic needs of day today life. They live the lives of slavery under

great debts that they cannot pay in their whole lives. This group is now permanent part of CC Pak and we have regular church service with them every Friday morning.

Just like last year we want to have a special Christmas Event with this group where we have great fellowship, praise and worship our Lord and CC Pakistan also blesses these poor people with some Christmas gifts like “food bags [food enough for each family for a

whole month], warm clothes, some medicine and vitamins. We praise God that a friend from World Missionary Press Indiana was in Asia, he got visa to come to Pakistan and he brought vitamins for the Brickmakers as he read about our need for Christmas Party with these brick Makers. There are so many other groups like these people who really live in the darkness as they are not being reached and taught by anyone. Please keep this particular group and their needs in prayers and please join us to bless these people with the love of Christ on this Christmas through our generous gifts mentioned above.

Woman Ministry

Women’s Ministry here is also of almost the very same nature as the ministry to Brickner’s is, because ministering to women, teaching them and arranging Bible studies for them is also highly neglected here. CC Pak Women’s ministry has a Sewing School to equip Christian Women of the villages with knitting and sewing skills, and it also has three Bible Study groups, two run and taught by my wife Farah and one by her assistant Monica. These women are really happy for this all and are thankful for arranging such fellowship and studies.

There are so many groups of women that can be reached and got engaged in Bible studies like this. We are thankful to you for the prayers and your support. Please continue to keep

lifting this ministry as well as the needs of the ministry. The CC Women’s group are praying to be able to go on a short trip [picnic] at some special place for a whole day. This is really rare thing in their lives, as they are living for years and years at the same places and don’t have some free and relaxed time. Please pray for us to be able to arrange such picnic for them in near future and pray for the finances that will be needed to arrange one.

Outreach Evangelism

There is vast opportunity to reach so many people in the some far and deep areas who really need to be reached. Few months before we had the opportunity to reach an area on 5 hours drive from our place, where we felt that people were literally 20-30 years behind in their living style.

Such groups are really needed to be reached and shared the word with them. God has blessed us with some important tools for evangelism like “Free Scriptural Booklets” provided by World Missionary Press Inc. and

now God has also blessed us with the gift of Audio Urdu Bibles provided totally free by “Faith Comes by Hearing”. We are prayerfully considering to go on once a month Outreach

Evangelism where we can teach and share Bible study tools with these people. Support of $200 can cover a whole day trip to the remote areas where CC Pak team reaches after traveling 5-6 hours. Please pray for Lord’s guidance and the provision of the needed funds for this particular “Mission Day”once a month.

Thank you very much once again for your love, care and support, we love you and pray for you here, God Bless You!

In Christ Jesus

Pastor Nadeem Massey


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