Laboring in the Word

Therefore I testify to you this day that I am innocent of the blood of all men.  For I have not shunned to declare to you the whole counsel of God.___Acts 20:26-27

Dear Friends and family,

Greetings! We praise God that Calvary Chapel Pakistan is working effectively and the ministry has always been fruitful. We are thankful to you for the faithful prayer support and your love through encouraging in every possible way. The month of July has was really amazing time for us in this mission field and we praise God that He blessed our service in His vineyard. 

The Sad Situation and outreach

Calvary Chapel Pakistan distributes scriptural book and booklets also printed by “World Missionary Press” in whole Pakistan. Through this we are connected with so many people and churches in the whole country. In the month of May we received a call from an area named Jaranwala to visit them as they wanted to learn from the Word with us. We planned a mission trip, we set out early in the morning and reached the area by 9:00 am after travelling for four hours. People in that area are very poor, we felt that we were at least 15 years back in the history. They work in different factories or in the fields of Muslim landlords. They have spiritual hunger and thirst but they are deceived by Televangelists that they watch daily on TV. I was so sad to know that even if they sell a goat, they travel difficult and long ways in order to give some of the money to those televangelists in other cities, as this is what they hear them teach everyday with many threats if they don’t follow their instructions. People place water, oil and prayer requests on paper before TV, for healing and other needs. They are told on TV that they have to travel to the cities to give their testimonies and offering otherwise they may suffer. It was very sad for us to see that they didn’t even have proper understanding about the person of our Lord Jesus Christ and His finished work on the cross, rather they have placed their faith in Televangelists who are always teaching them about health, wealth and prosperity, and at the same time robbing them of their hard earned little money. Lord laid on our hearts to teach them about the person of Jesus Christ. We reached different small groups in the different villages and taught about the person of Jesus Christ in detail. This was really helpful for them to know Jesus and have a personal relationship with Him. They whole day we taught them from the Word about true Christian faith, we used multimedia in order to help them understand better. We praise God that our message was well received and we still received very encouraing updates from the areas. Some of people from the village informed a pastor in the city area about us and he also invited us to his church in the evening. Taking the advantage of the opportunity we went to that church. The church members were very vibrant, they welcomed us warmly and I taught there for two hours Apologetically about the person of Jesus Christ, about all the non biblical biblical activities going around and tried to help them study The Word properly for their guidance.. And I am very happy to tell you that

the message was well received there also, and it pointed people to study the Bible properly and know the Truth themselves presented in the pages of the Word. It’s on our heart to continue doing some outreach evangelism even on monthly basis in such areas where they don’t have faithful Bible teachers but a TV that mostly keeps on misleading them. We want you to please keep this in your prayers. We need $200 for a trip like this in those far areas, If Lord leads you to help us reach with the Good News of salvation through the Shed Blood of Jesus Christ, Please Support this Outreach Mission of Calvary Chapel Pakistan to the unreached areas. 

Feed My Lambs

Our Church in the town is doing really great, we praise God that people love the Word of God as we are teaching them verse by verse and book by book. It is amazing experience for these people and for us as well. In our second church in the village we felt that people were having some hard time understanding the message every Sunday Evening. We prayed

about it, sought the guidance and will of the Lord and we planned to teach them like little children, using visual aid through multimedia. We spend one hour and 20 minutes on learning together from the Word this way, I teach them one chapter every sunday and we have seen amazing growth in this village church now. People are very thankful, they say that the way they are learning the Word now is going to remain in their hearts and minds forever. We praise God for wisdom and faithfulness to His word. Calvary Chapel Pakistan is always committed to feed the sheep and lambs of the Lord on the pure spiritual food the Bible. We praise Him for strengthening us and always helping, guiding and protecting us. We are thankful to you for all prayer and financial support. The efforts to promote the diligent study of the word by CC Pak is affecting lives in very positive ways. Only the Word of God can open the eyes of all those people who are blinded because of many false teachings around. We are prayerfully leading these small groups to the cross of our Lord by teaching them the Word of God faithfully. We want to request you to please keep Calvary Chapel Pakistan always in your prayers. Your faithful prayers and support encourages and enables us to continue serving in this mission field.

Women Ministry

This is one of the very important ministries of Calvary Chapel Pakistan through which Farah and her helper in the ministry Monica Gill reach Christian women in the villages with the Word of God.

CC Pak has established a Sewing Center in the village where Christian girls and women come to learn Sewing Skills and are taught Bible By Monica and Farah. This is a very important ministry as it directly affects very positively Christian families through mothers, sisters and daughters. We’ve been facing some challenges regarding this ministry’s needs as the support for this is real low. We are thankful to all those who faithfully contribute generously to help this ministry go on. We want to request you to please keep this ministry and all the women being reached in your prayers. Please pray for the support to set up more Sewing Centers at different places.

Thank you very much once again for co-laboring with us through your prayers and support. We love you and pray for you and your families!

In Christ Jesus

Pastor Nadeem Massey

Calvary Chapel Pakistan

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