God is Faithful

Behold, I will do a new thing,
Now it shall spring forth;
Shall you not know it?
I will even make a road in the wilderness
And rivers in the desert.___Isaiah 43:19

Dear Friends and Family,

Warm Greetings and Love from Calvary Chapel Pakistan. We are always thankful to you for prayers and support and we always pray for you and your family! God is always good, we are serving under his care and protection and the word of God is reaching more and more people every day. As God enables us by His grace, we very humbly and steadfastly are laboring in the word of God.

The Village Church

We are very excited to share with you that Lord provided the need to build an iron-roofed shelter for our meetings and church services in the village where we have planted our second church. The very devoted people in this village did not have any particular place to gather and have church service, they would come together in different houses, and during the bad weather, cold, heat and rain it would become impossible for us to have meetings. A family has provided their yard to be used for a couple of years for church service and meetings. In the photo here

you can see our meeting with some of the leading people in that Chrisitan community. And as Lord has provided 80% work of building a shelter is complete now, and very soon this place is going to be used a church by Calvary Chapel Pakistan. People here are very excited, they are poor, work the whole day in fields, even when they are very tired in the evening, they come for the church service. Now as they have a proper place where they will not be affected by the weather severity, they will be able to get together, sit and listen to the Word of God peacefully. Thank you once again for the prayer and your generous support. Please continue to pray for this church and the church that we have planted in the town to keep growing.

Roman Catholic Group

A group of Roman Catholic families is being reached by CC Pak for last few months, we are studying Gospel according to Matthew verse by verse with them. They are very happy as the light of the word has started shining in their lives. This group is increasing day by day. The devil definitely is at work, someone in the neighborhood tried to frighten the house-owner and the group that their daily gathering for the study in that house is illegal, and it gives the message that they are trying to start a new church here without the permission of the government, therefore they can be arrested for this. some of the members got frightened, but we are telling them that there is nothing illegal to get together in any house for the prayer and study. The disturbance is almost over now and the routine study of 5 days a week in the evening has continued. As in Calvary Pakistan, we feel burdened by the obligation to share the true word of God in the simplest way to help people understand it. We really really rejoice to see these people grow in the deeper understanding of the word of God, their lives being transformed and their daily meetings being very fruitful. Please continue to keep this precious group in your prayers and pray for CC Pak team also to continue laboring in the Word steadfastly.

Building the Next Generation

CC Pakistan is spending the good quality time to equip some high school students we are

in contact with. Most of them have been confused since their childhood about so many things regarding their faith. Biblical education to the new generation is a very serious and important matter as most of you know. We are using technology, modern approach and apologetically involving them to research and know about their Chrisitan faith. We’ve been very successful in this so far. We praise God that this way we are inspiring these wonderful young people to study the word of God themselves with their open eyes and get the deeper understanding of it. We reach and teach this group every Saturday morning. During this last meeting, we were told by the vice principal that the student from the previous badge, who have completed their education at this school also want to join in this class. This really gave us the idea how helpful this class is for these high school students. We are very happy that we are able to invest our time and energy reaching these wonderful people whom we believe God will use in different mighty ways. Our this youth group is desirous to go for a “Youth Camp” where we can teach them on a particular subject. Teaching on “Missions” have always been on my heart. We need your prayers and financial support in order to make this Youth Camp possible. Please keep this group and the needs in your prayers.

Other Ministries

Besides these the other ministries of CC Pak are going smoothly, We are working on a translation project where we are translating Pastor David Guzik‘s Bible Commentary into Urdu. We are recording and editing 10 minutes Devotional messages on every chapter of Genesis. I praise God that I was able to join in International Mission Field of SGWM by teaching South Asian students few classes through Skype, and I am open to getting involved in this teaching ministry even more. The church service here in the town, the Sewing School (Woman Ministry) and Brick Maker’s Ministry is going well and smoothly. Thanks for your prayers and Support!Family Corner

My family, brother Joseph’s family, and our staff are fine by the grace of God. Our two older kids go to school, my son is in grade 6 and daughter is in grade 3. My wife has recently started studying in a seminary here. She had been taking some online classes on Biblical Counseling. She felt that she needs proper study in order to have the better understanding of Christian doctrines to be able to get involved in Biblical counseling ministry that Lord has laid on her heart. So the youngest son Jared stays with me until noon, so for me, it’s a very busy season till our son starts going to school after 8 months. Please continue to cover our families in your prayers! Thank you for faithfully and generously co-laboring with us in this ministry in Pakistan!

In Christ Jesus

Pastor Nadeem Massey

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