Being His Witness

“…and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” Acts 1:8

Friends and Family in Christ Jesus, Merry Christmas!We send love and greetings to all of you from Calvary Chapel Pakistan. It’s really exciting to see how amazingly God works in the lives of the believers, and teaches them in most wonderful ways to be his true and effective witness. Reading great books has been my passion and I thought that the source of gaining knowledge through books and wonderful teachers was powerful and sufficient training for a pastor to server effectively. But very soon it became clear that it takes much more than mere knowledge. Church Planting is very challenging but most wonderful and powerful experience for a pastor, the everyday challenges, obstacles, fears, uncertainty, disappointments, resistance and much more is part of the mission, but when he sees the result of God’s work through his life and ministry, that joy fills his whole world and there is nothing like that joy and satisfaction! When a simple person starts having clear understanding of the word of God after being taught by a pastor, it truly means much more than a blind to see the light of this world!

Calvary Chapel Pakistan started church planting project among those who are least of the society and ignored people in many ways. There were many confusions, reservations and fears at the start but God has been faithful as our shield, protection and provider. In this journey of leading a totally new group gave us better understanding of the ministries of Moses, Joshua, Nehemiah and Jeremiah. But what a joy that with His help and grace we have been able to be His steadfast witness among those we serve.

Brick Makers

This group never expected that anyone will come out of city to an abandoned place to encourage them, to be with them and lead them. We give our Lord glory that He made it possible, and through out these all years he has been enabling and encouraging us to reach these who are very precious to Him. And this small congregation of brick makers is thriving spiritually as they are being build on the sure and solid foundation of the word of God.

We Praise God that we were able to take care of many of their spiritual as well as material needs. And that has given them the real taste of our Lord’s love as we became our Lord’s true witness not only to them but many around them. Liaqat Masih a poor and weak guy was suffering from Tuberculosis, he was totally unable to make bricks and provide for his family. He was expecting his death as many of his relatives had been talking about it very often after seeing his physical condition. We are thankful to you for praying for us and Liaqat, his care and proper medication has finally saved his life, and he is happily living with his family. Though he still is very weak physically, but is getting well with every passing day and is very happy. His owner who is not Christian is really impressed by power of the true love and care of our Lord Jesus Christ through His servants. We praise Him and Give our Lord all glory!


It’s really encouraging for us to see that the church is growing, though we have just the land for the church bought in an area where people were hopeless of any such activity, people in that area are happy for the faithful ministry of the Word. Many more are joining, there is another group of more than 50 families in the neighborhood that is interested to have fellowship with us. We have just one meeting with them so far last Friday. We are open to reach and share the word of God with them. We are very hopeful that this new group will also come under Calvary Chapel Pakistan’s spiritual care. Please keep this group and our team in your prayers! We have submitted application for the permission to have Christmas and New Year services at the property of the church and we are hopeful that we will be granted this special permission for the celebration of Christmas and New Year! Now regarding the second church we’ve planted outside of our town, people there are very committed, a guy from the congregation has provided his yard to be used for Church services and activities as long as we need. We need some basic arrangements namely the roof, and we’ve decided to have iron roofing like the one you see in the photos bellow.

Besides this we are in need of some chairs, carpet and pulpit. We are praying for the provision and want to request you to come along our side through prayers and support.

The women ministry is also growing and working in awesome way, we are amazed to see how powerfully word of God works in the lives of people. All that we are doing is “sowing the seed” of the true word of God in the simplest way we can, and it is so powerfully transforming the lives of people. Your prayers and support for this ministry are always appreciated.

New Urdu Book

During couple of last years I’ve been struggling to manage time to complete a book that I always wanted to write. I felt burdened for many years to share what I’ve learned in order to help our current and next Christian generation. So finally my first Urdu Book titled “Christian Apologetics” [a really needed teaching for Pakistani Christians] is complete now. Some of my pastor friends are doing proof reading, and soon it will be ready for printing. The book consists of 350 pages, 12 chapters divided into 3 parts. This book is going to encourage the readers to study the Word of God in depth with better understanding, get clear understanding of “essential Christian doctrines” and be equipped to give reason for the Hope they have, in a better way. This book covers a lot of material and hopefully will be a powerful tool in the hands of Christians in Pakistan. We need to get this book printed and for that we need your prayers support. The printing cost per copy will be $2.5 and we need to get 1000 copies printed. We want to request you to please keep this need in your prayers, and if the Holy Spirit leads you to support financially, please do that, we will be very much thankful to you for that!

Our family, congregation and staff is doing great and send you love andblessings! We pray for you and always need your prayers! God Bless You!

In Christ Jesus

Pastor Nadeem Massey




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